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  1. A few observations on the situation. 1. If LGBTQ+ are so often victims of violence in public, why was it left to the patrons to take this guy down? You would think since they are constantly the victims of "right wing hate" they would have a high vigilance and a security team which could handle the threat. 2. They are pretty quick out of the gate to call this "right wing hate" when we don't even know what the suspect's motivation was at all. Given the fact that the Pulse nightclub shooter was a closeted gay man they really need to pay attention to this angle. 3. The guy had been arrested for threatening to bomb a home and was found to be in possession of firearms but no bomb making materials. This was in 2021 and Colorado has a "red flag law" so his weapons should have been seized. And if the red flag laws actually work, how did he get another gun? 4. The media is full force pushing this as right wing hate without evidence. That in itself should be very suspect. Whatever the truth is, it will be suppressed. My guess is that the guy was abused by a gay relative or was gay himself and had issues of hating himself for being that way. Of course, I am operating on the same knowledge as the media is calling him a right wing extremist on so we could both be wrong but only they have the power to cover up the facts along with the authorities in the FBI.
  2. The B52 is a good bomb truck if the airspace is dominated. In contested airspace it is a sitting duck. The B1 doesn't have the range of the B52. The B2 has a much smaller bomb load. The B21 is supposed to be smaller than the B2 but with longer range with nearly the same payload. I don't think dropping bombs on a near peer enemy from a plane is ever going to be a reality in a future war. It hasn't happened since 1945 so the chance of it coming back is remote. The only purpose of a multi billion dollar plane program at this point is to push more money into the military industrial complex which has become little more than a kickback machine for politicians.
  3. It is also a term for the person who choreographs the airshow and who is in control of every aircraft in the airshow area. The air boss doesn't have to be a credentialed ATC. They are assigned by the airshow who has to get an Area ATC waiver. The waiver results in a Temporary Flight Restriction for the show area which means the aircraft in the show area are not under ATC but listening to the airboss. ATC still monitors the TFR but only to make sure no aircraft enter the TFR area who are not under the control of the air boss. What happens in the TFR area is of no importance to them if it is show aircraft. The TFR's for airshows are typically from the surface to space. Only show aircraft are allowed in the area.
  4. There was no ATC operating. They were closed for traffic due to the airshow. The air boss was on the show line calling the shots and he wanted a good show. Well, that didn't work out too well as he ended up with 2 planes occupying the same airspace at the same time and that is never good. And the pilot of the P63 should have pulled up and out of the formation when he lost sight of the B17. We will never know why he didn't though but we can guess he was trying to put on a good show too. Get some speed up, go buzzing down the show line and thrill the crowd. The entire setup was unsafe and the fact they have gotten away without any crashes this long is simple dumb luck.
  5. It will drive down consumption and thus "be good for the planet". It isn't the filthy rich that are causing the bulk of the problem in their minds because they are the filthy rich. They use LED bulbs in their 5 homes they take a private jet around to. It is the millions of people flying big planes that are causing the problems. They shouldn't need to fly so much, they only have 1 home. Now they will be lucky to be able to afford a home and food too. They will have to make some tough choices. With any luck they will realize that it doesn't really matter if they are using natural fiber rope or synthetic fiber rope around the the necks of the politicians selling them out to china.
  6. I watched a video today which included the instructions from the "air boss" who told the P63 to pull ahead of the B17 and come alongside the P51. The pilot of the P63 lost sight of the B17 in his turn but continued to close on the P51. This like every air show disaster will be a learning experience and hopefully lead to safer air show practices in the future. The CAF is the only airshow organizer that does a "parade of planes" which puts multiple aircraft types into parallel paths at different speeds at the same altitude along reciprocal headings running along the show line. I'd expect before this is done they will change their plan to have planes flying one direction along the show line, put everyone at the same speed or get different altitudes if flying at different speeds. Because doing it the way they did with planes being marshalled about the formation at different speeds, different flight paths and the same altitudes is a recipe for this same thing happening again. None of the involved were rookies, they were all high hour pilots with millions of combined miles of safe flight. Doing it the way the air show wanted it was bound to happen sooner or later.
  7. A big part of "the science" in this case is anything counter to the narrative is suppressed viciously. And not every study gets published, just the ones supporting the agenda. Real science, everything gets put out there and is tested to failure or success and then published. Otherwise you end up with garbage like "97%" of scientists agree but then they never tell you what the 3% who disagree think. It is no different than a North Korean election. The country "unanimously" elects Kim every time because those who vote for anyone else go off to the work camps and are never seen again. That is how science is run these days. I am afraid the only solution is to get government money completely out of "the science".
  8. You don't have to do that. The thugs have been walking around on the far side of the river and even shooting at the guard across the river. 1 well aimed shot at the dude with the AK and the whole idea that it is going to be easy to cross goes right out the window. Seriously, you wouldn't have to machine gun anyone. Little geysers erupting in the river in front of crossers would change their direction of travel permanently. Could we make it look like Omaha beach on D-Day? Sure, but it wouldn't take that to achieve the desired results of them staying on their own side of the border.
  9. You don't make arrests to end an invasion. You plant invaders until they stop invading. Send the guard to the border with live ammo and this shat show stops in a day.
  10. It wasn't politically expedient to turn loose the dogs of war, there was an election to win.
  11. 2017 Liberals: Trump is going to get us into world war 3. 2022 Liberals when biden actually gets us into world war 3: World Wars aren't so bad, nuclear winter could end global warming and bring the human population down to sustainable levels. He is saving the Earth!!! Retards.
  12. By the university police. Even back 25 years ago I had to sign a contract with the university saying I wouldn't bring any guns on campus except for long guns intended for hunting that were checked into the dorm gun room by the university police. Violating the policy was grounds for dismissal. And you had to report any crimes you were arrested for off campus. Don't report and the university finds out, they will toss you out. There is no tolerance for Rights at the university, you sign them away or you don't attend.
  13. They will keep control of the house as well. All of the continuing "vote counting" will fall to the democrats. Even here in Illinois they haven't declared that the voters rejected the "Workers' Rights Amendment". It has to pass by 60% of the voters voting for it. The stats on it have been stuck at >95% of votes cast since last Tuesday night but they have to allow all of the mail in votes that arrive postmarked on or before election day 2 weeks to arrive at the various counties and be counted. My prediction? They will find just enough votes to give the amendment the 60% it needs to pass and be a part of the state Constitution. And I mean just enough. We no longer have a Constitutional Republic, we have a democracy with is tainted by one side cheating any way they can to stay in power forever. We are somewhere in the neighborhood of russia, china and north korea as far as elections actually reflecting the will of the People. Now they just reflect the will of the party that can stuff as many ballots as possible into the boxes.
  14. I am sick to death of "standing" to file a lawsuit. It is a Constitutional question, any Citizen should have standing to have the executive order questioned. Otherwise we aren't really Citizens, we are subjects and the elected are monarchs with limited reign.
  15. I guess "see something, say something" only applies to people and not universities.
  16. Now that the midterms are over the inflation rate will likely be corrected meaning the increase recipients get next year will actually be a decrease in real dollars. There is no reason for there to be 65 million people on social security. It needs to be means tested and not just a hand out to everyone over a certain age. And realistically, it just needs to go away for the most part. If you are old and can't afford to live without others paying for it, go hold up a bank and go to prison, the accommodations are better than a nursing home and healthcare costs nothing. While the food is still shatty, it will support life and be served daily 3 times.
  17. If the people were allowed to carry, they could cut the crime rate in half or more. Hell, allow lethal force to prevent all felonies and it could go even lower. We don't need criminals running loose and locking the People up in a prison with no walls won't change that.
  18. They will get 6 seats at best. The fix is in because they are the ones counting the votes. The whole election was fubar. The fact that we have 23 elections still undecided this far past election day is criminal.
  19. What do you do when you don't have a crisis to not let go to waste? You create one and then leave it in place forever.
  20. I've watched a bunch of different videos of it now and one from the opposite side shows it best. From that angle you can't see the P63 at all and then the B17 just comes apart right at the rear of the wing. If you didn't know the other plane was involved you wouldn't be able to tell that it was there because you can never see it until the impact. He either never saw it because of visibility issues from the turn or he did it on purpose. I know that sounds crazy but he was turning into it. Apparently the planes were from the same place. I wonder if there was bad blood between the pilot of the P63 and anyone on the bomber crew. Like someone on the plane was banging his old lady or his daughter? That is going to have to be looked at and I am sure it will be.
  21. There is no path, the fix is in. She will lose by just enough for it to be clear she lost. There is precisely zero chance there will be a win for her. ZERO!
  22. They are actually both turning but the King Cobra is going faster, turning harder and banked in a way that would restrict his view with his view of the B17 being obstructed by the nose of his aircraft. One or the other was out of position. From the looks of it and the way the other planes before were going, I think it was the P63 that was out of position but I could be wrong.
  23. They will come up with just enough ballots for the other guy to not only give him the win, but preclude a recount being necessary. If you don't believe it just ask Laxalt in Arizona. On the day after the election, Laxalt was ahead with 84k votes left to be counted. His opponent would have to receive 63% of those votes to come close to winning. Guess how many votes the democrat got? 63%. It isn't a coincidence the democrats running the vote counting came up with exactly the number of votes to close the gap. And there are still ballots to count. Including ballots that the machines rejected for some reason. Like they didn't recognize the vote for the republican candidates and had to be sequestered and be counted by hand. They ended up mixed in with the already counted ballots even the the procedure implicitly states they are supposed to not be placed with counted ballots, but are to go in a separate container to be counted by hand. Oh and then the post snipers on the roof of the building where the ballots are being counted. Totally the look of a legitimate government. You can be sure they have probably wired the ballots with thermite to destroy them if the building is stormed by pissed off voters demanding to see proof and get a recount. Mark my words, if anyone makes a move in Maricopa county, the building will burn to the ground in order that there are no recounts possible.
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