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  1. Then there is the inevitability you will decide to mod it anyway and it is cool to "make it your own".
  2. All the cameras??? This guy needs to talk to a lawyer and get the tapes subpeonaed. And if they don't have the tapes case dismissed and if they do have the tapes they need to be aired and all the officers involved charged. When I worked at the airport when you went through customs you had no rights because that was "the border". Combining immigration and customs was a bad idea as now they apparently think they can disregard rights away from the border.
  3. It is really not much worse than WI at least northern WI. 6 months of snow.
  4. Is normal, which is why "hard" primers are standard for AR-15. A "soft" primer might have gone boom.
  5. It's a dry cold, you get used to it. And you will get used to your nose freezing shut too.
  6. Everyone needs to realize we need much more of this. This will absolutely end up with the State of MT v United States in the SCOTUS. The case would make Heller look like a flash in the pan. The case would bring up States rights as well as 2nd amendment. The whole reasonable restrictions bullshat would be shot to hell because gee whiz it isn't in the constitution. This is either the begining of the end of gun control or the begining of the end of the US.
  7. I'm in... I lived there once, I could do it again.
  8. Anyone use the YHM end cap on the forend? I am looking at it but can't find for sure what size I need 1-1/16 or 15/16. I have an HBAR rifle and even the YHM site doesn't say which is for which.
  9. They seem to be inexorably drawn to yellow paint.
  10. Sulfur may just compound the problem, by driving them into the areas they are currently not a problem. If it were me I would treat the area you use with Permethrin granules or if it is too large to be cost effective a 3 foot band around the perimeter. Permethrin is like nerve gas for bugs. The granules actually give off the gas and causes them to croak real fast. When the flies get bad in the store in the summer we spray it. It is neat to walk down the aisles spraying and turn around and watch the flies hit the floor. Seriously it is that fast. The drop to the floor and spin in circles for 20 seconds and then they are done. I put permethrin around the house in a 3 foot band and it cuts down on the earwigs to almost nothing.
  11. 20 years ago went in 1/3 with 2 friends on a Dillon 450. We all shot highpower and I shot silhouette. Also shot varmints and handguns. We loaded .308 .223 .22-250 .222 .44 mag 7mm-08. As far as I know it is in FL still cranking out ammo for the 1 friend. I would be willing to bet we loaded 10,000 rounds a year on it and probably far more than that as we loaded for a few friends too. You won't go wrong with a Dillon and the Blue Press is a nice extra.
  12. yep, I heard we gave them some blackhawks along with some AA guns and some barretts and some 1919s and some AKs and a crapload of magazines. Wonder who we actually gave it to, or if they are the same people.
  13. and WTF is the idea of putting the belt into the 30 cal? That is an amazing stroke of stupid.
  14. If you think she is hot pick one of the following: 1) lay off the sauce, you're beer goggling 2) get some glasses 3) step away from the keyboard and go out and meet someone before it's too late Seriously, she looks like 20 miles of bad road. Now the Tacticool chicks, they have some potential. No wonder the cops down there get nothing done.
  15. Makes sense, the stern creates an area of smooth water when the screws aren't going real fast. Plus the hull blocking the waves. But I got to say, these apparently weren't she smartest pirates out there. First they get thrown off the ship they have boarded and then they let themselves be put right in the kill zone. Bet that trick doesn't work again, but it worked once!
  16. Yeah, and with 3 sets of pirate knees knocking together it was probably like being on one of those vibrating beds.
  17. looked like a standard destroyer which would be pretty stable compared to the cork of a lifeboat which would probably bounce from rain drops in a mud puddle. Remember it wasn't built for comfort but to float through pretty much anything.
  18. If I recall correctly the M1A1 has a gyro stabilized gun, and I think it is also part of the Apache gun system. I think they started with them in Naval guns way back in the day and they have gotten progressively smaller. Come to think of it the footage you see from all the high speed chases shot from helicopters have gyro stabilization and they do it for handheld movie cameras too. Kind of a neat thing but I don't think it would do much for me, well stabilized holes some distance from the bullseye is what I would end up with.
  19. My personal AR is a colt, since you don't have that listed I predict you will get for the first 3 and a 50/50 split of guys saying stay away from the olympic or olympic is good to go.
  20. Sarge, sounds serious you need to see a urologist, if you can't find one you trust I can highly recommend my urologist, Dr. Leak. No kidding.
  21. That is light! And fast!!! Didn't think you were going to do it right now. Thank you.
  22. That would be great! I am really getting into the idea of an ultralight AR. Seems that was part of the original intent with the AR and now they all seem to weigh as much as a Garand. Not that 9 1/2 pounds is overly heavy but if I carrying 9 1/2 pounds of rifle I want it to be a little more juice than a .223 can give.
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