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  1. Nah, everything is fine now. I think it was a magazine problem. It works fine with 28 rounds or less. I wasn't riding down the charging handle. Also, I just purchased some Midwest sights tonight. I'm glad someone let me know to get the rail model front sight because I think the gas block mounted one would have been too high.
  2. Thanks guys, I put seven rounds in my second new magazine and it chambered them fine. I put in my full 30 round mag, the first two had problems, then after that it was fine. I suppose the new spring may have been pushing up too hard on them. And no I haven't shot it yet. I really need to find an outdoor range in my area. Also, I'm currently just out of college and don't have a job yet, so I can't afford to be shooting all the time hehe (not yet anyway).
  3. First of all, here it is: http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/4084/img1763.jpg It's an M&P15OR. Got it for $949, which isn't bad, but probably isn't great, but with a possible ban assault weapon ban coming down the line, I just wanted to make sure I had one. 1: The gas block seems really high on this rifle judging from other pictures on the internet etc. If I get a standard flip up front sight, will it be OK? I don't really want to switch out the gas block with a, er, single piece non-flippable sight (not sure the technical term) because I'm eventually going to get the gas conversion one of these days probably). 2: I'm not really sure what set of iron sights to get. I've been looking at everything from $50 ones at cheaperthandirt.com all the way to $140 Troys. I'll be getting an EOTech eventually but first just need some iron sights. 3. Is a gas conversion really necessary? I understand it makes the weapon more reliable and keeps it cleaner (I think), but if I'm only shooting a few times a year, will it be a must? Will my gun break or die without it (probably a stupid question)? 4. I loaded up a new mag today and the rounds seemed to be in there overly tight. It almost seemed like the front lip of the magazine was too high, and it would scratch the bullet pretty badly while chambering a round. Is this normal? 5. Also, when chambering, I had to use the bolt assist every time. Is this normal? When I actually shoot the weapon, will the rounds properly feed? I guess I won't know for sure until I shoot it, but it's kind of concerning me. 6. I think those are all the questions I have. Is there anything I need to know about my rifle in particular? I'm also open to any and all suggestions. Thanks, and if those are idiotic questions, I apologize.
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