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  1. She's not ugly, she's just an idiot that needs re-educated. Give me a few months to prep & I'll volunteer. Ray, you need to email that to her & then post the responses.
  2. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." That's plural, not singular. Sure & like I said, I can get maybe 10, but do you have 10? Are they willing to have a conversation with my ten? If not it's pointless. How exactly did it work out at the ballot box atthe lest two elections? Calling, wrighting, & even visiting does nothing, because it's falling on could care less ears in most places. Those people need to be replaced with those that will listen. That will only happen if there is a unilatteral dialoge amungst the people of that local area & they pick someone from amungst themselves & elect that person. Xs that by a matter of every state & every county & we're in the ballpark. My stab. Right now & even in the next few years there will be nothing but confusion. Everyone & their mother will have their own individual ideas on how to do things & the revolution would be over before it even gets started. We need leadership, trusted leadership from a united & organised populous. Otherwise we'll have every swinging Richard on a power trip {IE Bundy or worse} trying to take control. We need a plan that will account for every contingency we can think of. We need to insure our families safety & things of that nature. We need established routes for re-supply & everything regarding going to war. & that's my entire point. Forget even trying without all of the above. As far as I'm concerned, We haven't even started on the peaceful means. Some have tried, but were thrown right under the bus. Reasons for it is division & lots of it. Until there is a consensus, there will be nothing but confusion, chaos, & lone wolves tarnishing any chance of unity. Like I said above to D, my 10 is nothing without his 10 & everybody elses 10. If people can't come together & start talking, nothing will matter. Some even think that it isn't even that bad yet. Well sorry, but if there are a good amount of people out there saying there is a problem, there's a problem. We have 19T in debt {that alone is a good enough reason & there is absolutely no reason for it}, 5 & counting major scandles, & the rest of the world about to go up in flames. All that good stuff. Plus in 20 years, most of us will be unable to do anything. We'll be dead or in retirement homes & all our problems will be passed on to our children. There wouldn't be any Bundy's if there was unity. There would be no doubt abut anything & we'd beyond the BS. This all goes beyond political veiws & I think we've BTDT enough to know what really works & what doesn't. Our Fore Fathers opened the door to a free society, but We need to take the next step. We've grown to accustomed to our Freedoms & We've gotten to complacent. Liberty needs a shot in the arm. So what are we waiting for & what is the big deal?
  3. First off Secondly welcome to the world of the evil black rifle. Congrats! Since you've already have started & went ahead & perchased a stripped lower & an almost complete upper, I'll try & get you started finding the rest. The first places I'd suggest you shop is with our sponsers. A few will {last I checked} will give discounts for our members. Be warned though, BRD is a disease, a very addicting disease. Since you're on a budget, I'd suggest that you buy the middle of the road stuff. Not the cheap stuff & not the expensive stuff. That way you'll get decent stuff not crap. I'd suggest an M16 bolt & a good set of iron sights from one of our sponsors. Also I recomend the CMMG lower parts kit for your lower. Learn your iron sights first & then move up to optics {red-dots & powered scopes}. A good place to get ideas is find our AR-15 pic page. It's stickyed in the AR-15 Armory forum under General AR-15. My favorite brands are BCM, Magpul, Daniel Defense, Blackhole Weaponry, CMMG, & Midwest Industries. With decent stuff, you'll have a rifle that you can depend on to save your life & loved ones & you can still plink with it. Buy lots off ammo & mags & get a good idea as to what you like & dislike before you next build. Trust me, you'll want another & another & another.... Hope you have an understanding wife. PS get your significant other involved as well.
  4. Read up on diet as well, Lon. Eating more deer meat would help, as is finding a great organic source of veggies & dairy. No steroids or additives in that stuff. Also protien instead of sugery stuff in the morning will also help. You're also a great Dad, so trust your BS monitor.
  5. Yes I did say that & I gave the reason why. We need larger numbers & we need them like yesturday. Hence the NRA involvement. G, you, & a few others shot it down due to getting involved politically in such a way that it would split parties. Well WTF are they doing now? Fighting a party who are trying their best to thwart the 2a. In my eyes, there is no such thing as a democrat party or even a republican party anymore. It's ether a constitutional leaning party or a socialist leaning party. You ether believe in the USC or you don't & both parties have those who lean as such. The NRA is a gun lobby, hence the no USC, no 2a comment. Some even completely missed the point of why we're fighting in the first place. My point was that we shouldn't have to fight about an inalienable right in the first place. Every American in this country should know exactly what that means. As far as I'm concerned, they should've leaned this in school, but it is not taught. Then there would be no question. My point was, get every American as possible on the same page & there would be no question regardless of political veiws. Hell, I could care less if the NRA would host a leftist event to keep a nutral stance. You call those men goofballs & terrorists, but to many think they're not. I never called them patriots, but some do & that's my entire point. Get everyone on the same page & stuff like this stops & we move forward. To many in this country feel that LE is the system & therefore view them as hostile towards the USC, right or wrongly. What I more than likely view as simular in view to them is that the system is corrupt & is unjust. Get everyone on the same page, get leaders in, & fix the problems, then all the large problems go away. That's the relevance to the topic at hand. Some feel that it has. Saing that they're lazy & attention seeking doesn't help & it's an insult to those that feel that they don't have a voice. & that's the vary reason that this {topic} does happen. What I find insulting, is how the Tea Party is viewed. What more proof of curruption do you need than the IRS scandle? Those people were doing it the right way & what happened? What are some people to believe after that? What are we to think with all the rest of the scandles & sending in Republicans into the House & Senate, only for them to do nothing? Then there were those that thought the Tea Party were nothing a bunch of evangelical bible thumping far right wingnuts. Even a few here think as much. I have to ask them, did you go to an event & ask questions yourself, or did you just trust the media & base your opion on that? & yet we wonder why things like this topic happen. I'll put it another way, how about one of us start the conversation, before someone with bad intent does? How about we start moderating in town halls & start ironing out differeces. & BTW, who ever said that anyone other than Republicans & Christians were invited? Maybe then we'll have "A well regulated militia" that will stand for something instead of a small group standing for nothing. A "United" cause instead of a divided cause.
  6. Did anybody but Tj read the bold part, especially the blue? & this is on topic BTW. It's just that my point is lost or is completely ignored. It's like no one wants to even entertain the thought. What were these people 10 20 years ago? Farmers. Last time I checked, that was an honorable way to earn a living. Now one is dead & the others are charged with felonies. How did a Law Abiding Citizen go from being a Farmer to being a felon? Nobody even wants to understand the vary reason why these men did this or how it got this far. Let history keep repeating itself. Why is the Fed buying up so much land in the first place? It's not like we have it to spend & even if we did, there are thousands of other things that need attention. Roads, our aging military equipment, paying for some extra public defenders, & a whole list of other things. But these men broke the law & they deserve everything they got. Hilary broke the law & she isn't even going to be prosecuted & she has blood on her hands. Now I sound crazy, don't I? Apples & oranges, right? 50 years ago, none of this would've happened, but in the last 45 years our costs of living has incrementally multiplied. What used to be simple has turned into a fiscal & regulatory nightmare. 30 years ago, these men were making an honest living & turning a good living profit. Now we're losing farms left & right. They're being bought out by big business with their lobbyists & lawyers influencing politicians to write new regs. While all that is going on, the same is being done everywhere else & we wonder why businesses are going overseas. 80% of all our industry is service based & what is made here is nearly, or in some cases, twice the price or more. Health care is ridiculous, schools are running on tight budgets, & our highway system is in desperate need of repair. Our taxes should be paying for all of it, so where's the money going? How is it that most politicians are earning a considerable amount more than what we are paying them? They live like royalty while most of us struggle. It's almost like it was before the founding of this country & we're letting it happen. 30% of this country votes & the rest could care less. Why is that? Some say we're to big of a country for it to run the way our founders intended. Hell, I don't even think half of this country has any idea as to how it's supposed to be run. & you're okay with that? Are you really okay with that? If you are, let's just tear up the USC & start over & get it over with. Just keep minding your own business & think others will do the same. Just keep thinking the system will work, while 100 new gang bangers a day are spit out of our school system & onto an already overwhelmed justice system. Just keep taking care of your own & ignore everything else that's going on all around you. Let's let our kids deal with the mess. So, go ahead & keep thinking that this isn't relevant. It all boils down to one common denominator, a corrupted & out of control government.
  7. Thinking about renewing, but if that's how it's going to be, maybe not. Maybe, I'll join the GOA instead. The way I see it, no USC, no 2a, no, 2a no NRA. If the dollar tanks, so does the USA. No USA, no NRA. That's how stupid simple it is. But some don't think it's that bad yet. How much worse can it get, before something drastic happens? Can we get any weaker militarily? How much more open can the border be? If the NRA isn't concerned about it, why should I worry about the NRA? At the moment, SOTUS says that the 2a is an individual right, so why do I need the NRA then? Look I'm glad the NRA is fighting, I really am, but there's one small caveat. Why are we fighting for an inalienable right? Why is there even a question about it? You see, all the NRA is doing is patching leaks on a compromised justice system & political system. To fix the problem, you have to go to the source. You fix those problems, the 2a is no longer under threat. As a benefit of fixing that problem, you fix everything else that's wrong. But I guess if that were the case, then there would be no real reason to have an NRA, now would it?
  8. & they wonder why more don't join.
  9. Go ahead & cheapen it, G. I felt hope in that crowd, as did they, but not much since for me. If I knocked on your door, would you treat me like a Jehovah Witness or invite me in? The Tea Parties did all that you suggested at great expense to themselves & then the IRS & the Media came in. Those people barely had the money or the time to do what they did & after the IRS, they were looking at legal battles. While that was going on the Media chimed in calling them all Tea Baggers. You wanna know how fast that message spread? Weeks. Even Video Game developers got in on the act. I expected all that, but what I didn't expect, was the crickets I heard from the Republican side of the fence. Where was the NRA? I mean it's supposed to be America's safest place? Where were the rest of the conservatives, the moderates, or the Libertarians? & what are we up against with the left? Universities, Planned Parent Hood, the Medias influence, & the Billions of Soros & other people like him. They are paying people to actually do it, not just volunteer. That's what we are up against. We need backing. Backing from people like you, G. You know people, you have influence, & you know people in the NRA that can take it further. People think the Tea Party is nothing more than Evangelical Christians & that was never the case. They are Americans. All that needs done is a summit. Get the NRA to host it & bring in people like Beck, Mark Levin, Alex Jones, Adam Corolla, Hanity, Nugent, Breitbart, PJTV, & others I can't think of right now. Hell, get Trump involved. It's to late for this election, but not the next ones. Sure, I can go door to door in this Union county I live in & maybe get a few 100, but we need a 100 million.
  10. You can't read very well Quotes from Pasteur Fox's vid. TruthWarriorFilms Hmmm... Let's see, who has more honor? A guy who has run off to the hills, to live off-grid or a Patriot who is actually out there working to restore the Constitution and regain our loss freedoms... This was NOT "suicide by cop." Maybe you should have listened to the ten minute audio of the 18 yo, who was in the truck with LaVoy as it was riddled with bullets, tear gas and flash bangs - before you make a blanket statement like this one. In response Neil R 3 I agree. Lavoy wasn't a coward. This country didn't evolve with cowards. I disagree with the pastors attitude and tone on this matter. In response to Neil R TruthWarriorFilms 3 days ago +Neil R - He was acting under the Authority of the Constitution and was doing the same work as the Founding Fathers would've been doing. I don't understand these guys who run off to the hills, and claim they're some type of warrior or patriot - they're not! Warriors, like Lavoy, are actually working to restore this country... And he gave all. & the first comment you see as of now. Caps no less. 442rocketdave 5 days ago IT WAS A SETUP AND AMBUSH AND THE SHERIFF WAS INVOLVED WITH THE FBI AND HE WAS SHOT AND KILLED BY SNIPERS AND HIS HANDS WERE IN THE AIR THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN PURE COLD BLOODED MURDER JUST LIKE AT RUBY RIDGE AND THE FBI OFFICER IN CHARGE SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH MURDER AND HE IS A freaking COWARD! Let me make it clear right now, I do not identify myself, in no way shape or form, agree or support any of the above. This is what they think, not me. My point is simple, get the country united. It is these people of whom I identify with. These people are from all walks of life & from every corner of the country. People took off work to attend. Some planed & some dropped everything & came. When I was there I felt that pride I once felt. That is the Tea Party. You hate Beck? Fine, but don't hate these people. They tried to make a difference & everyone ignored them instead of standing with them. I saw vets there, talked to a businessman from out in the mid west. Saw an Asian woman with her 11yld daughter just a year or two removed from leaving Vietnam. These people did something & this is what I expect from every one of you. Had this been supported & the numbers grew to 100 times this, there wouldn't have been an IRS scandal. Had Romney won, Benghazi wouldn't have happened. It's called cause & effect. Some sat back & did nothing. Some didn't vote. Some voted for the independent & effectively split the vote in Berry's favor. The Tea Party did their part in 2012 & sent enough republicans in to take back the House & Senate. Two short years later, we found out we sent cowards & RINOs in. Then the roof came down by the hands of a corrupt IRS. These people were then shunned by the rest of the country. But boy, those people sure look like nut jobs.
  11. So LaVoy is dead, but the Black Panthers, Louis Farrakhan, & Van Jones are still walking the streets. I'm just saying here & I can give example after example. You deal with the lowest society has to offer on a daily basis & you also believe the system still works. So it stands to reason that you have a hard time trusting the people in which you serve. I'm not making excuses for their behavior, but if those things would have happened, we wouldn't be talking about this. When the Oath Takers came to you, you were insulted & now it makes sense why. It's your job & it's security. You simply can't identify with a lot of people as you still think the system still works. Your not rolling in dough, but you make an honest living. You also have no worries about healthcare & for the most part your family {I assume} is covered. Now take away those securities. That is what people are dealing with. They are loosing their jobs & businesses & it is happening in good size numbers. What would you do to put food on the table after that? Banks are foreclosing on mortgages, repoing vehicles, & some are homeless. You don't have access to these types of people outside of a traffic stop & your convictions won't allow you to sympathize. It is these people that I see working at my local 7/11 & McDonald's. They are working three dead end jobs just to pay their bills & put a little food on their table. Some are giving up & going on disability as they were a few years from retirement. Others shoot up places, commit suicide, & or do what LaVoy did. Had there been better paying jobs, a lower cost of living, & a stronger economy, I think things would be different. Romney would've provided that. Well some relief away, but we need to find people in our areas to send into our state & local positions, then start sending some to DC. So the question now is, who do you trust? Well if you don't have a dialogue with people, how will that happen? Might as well say goodbye to We the People at that point. So says the Berrycare loving, shoot them with a helfire without due process, & calls Christians nuts guy.
  12. It's simple, Ret. Unite the country under one voice. It was the NRA bit that threw you, right? Get everyone under one roof. Aren't you the NRA? Aren't you America's safest place? Well that's all there is to it. Did you watch the Paster Fox YT vid that Flesh posted? This one. Go read the comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vs3EP7m4rAg Then go watch a few of the other vids to the right like this one. These people are Americans & that's what a good bit of them believe. Like I said earlier in the thread, I don't need to be convinced, they do. Why is it that Trump is as popular as he is? Because he's reaching people. That's the point, to reach people & do so before anymore crap like this happens. As of right now, LaVoy is a martyr, whether or not you, me, or anyone else thinks different. We don't need martyr's, we need patriots & we certainly need to stop being divided. In August, it will be 6 long years since that Beck rally held at the National Mall. Only two of us from this forum showed up. The NRA wasn't there except for possible members. Those million+ people are our neighbors, our brothers, & our sisters. That's 1/300th of our total population. How many of them were Alex Jones supporters, Oath Taker supporters, & NRA members? Were there anyone among that group with LaVoy a few days ago? Maybe. Whether you or anyone else likes it or not, they are all our demographic. http://s604.photobucket.com/user/superstratjunky/media/DSCN0184.mp4.html Had more supported that constitutional ideal as those people at that rally {not Beck, but those people}, Romney would've won & the Tea Party would've taken off. Benghazi wouldn't have happened, the IRS scandal wouldn't have happened, Berycare would've been toast, & we would not have seen or head of LaVoy. It's just that stupid simple. Had the NRA backed the Tea Party the IRS would have never even tried to do what they did & every venue the NRA held would've co-hosted events. Trump would still be doing his reality show & not running for POTUS. See, all I am is the roster in the morning trying to wake all of you up. So go have your breakfast, your coffee, roll up your sleeves, & get ready for a hard days work. We have to plow the fields & plant quite a few seeds. & BTW, don't bother with the daily paper, you need to print your own.
  13. You're misunderstanding me, it's not me that thinks this way, it's those who distrust the NRA that do. The whole country is unorganized, misinformed, & is too divided. It is all of this that has led to this tragic end. Had we been more organized, informed, & not divided, LaVoy wouldn't be a house hold name. Had the Tea Party been vindicated by a Romney Presidency & every conservative, libertarian, & constitutional believer had stood with them, this shooting wouldn't have ever happened. It just might get worse with the growing tension. I watched, Pasteur Fox's vid & I agree 110% with him, but the damage has been done & the distrust is real. I read the comments & saw the nays. It doesn't matter what we think, it's what they think & that is the whole point of everything I've been saying here since 09. Do we want another Waco, Ruby Ridge, or worse another Oklahoma City? What do I have to say to convince you? Is our country better or worse? The Eagle is wounded gentlemen & it needs our help. Unite this country or watch it die right in front of your very eyes. It's your choice. One more thing. Enough with the Christian bashing. What was said earlier in this thread was uncalled for.
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