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  1. I recommend that you listening to what everyone says ,but then get your hands on several different models at a gun store or gun show. I love my SR19115 and it was $800
  2. I am not sure about the Sig but my SR1911 is sweet. I have used Rugers for may years with no issues. I recommend going to a dealer or a gun show an laying your hand on them before you decide.
  3. Nice Rifle I hope you have plenty of ammo!!
  4. I did not see any post but Cope Distributing has Mags for $8.99. I have several of these and they work great in my Bushy! http://www.copesdistributing.net/product_i...271d71612407cb4
  5. Sounds like a nice setup can you post some pics I might be interested.
  6. Welcome and enjoy this black rifle disease
  7. I have checked both and most places I could find by Google all were out of stock and or not taking backorders. Some one mentioned M-aparts.com has any one heard of them?
  8. I haven't started looking for the stock yet. I'll check them out thanks.
  9. Can anyone please let me know where I can fin a couple of lower kit that are in-stock? Also how much is too much for a standard kit. I have a Essential arms Lower and I am looking at a Stag Arms 6H Super Varminter upper.
  10. I bought my first and now I am going to build the second. I have a friend who was building his AR and I went and bought mine and had it for nearly a month before his kit came in. On the second one I am building the lower and buying a complete upper.
  11. I have the same dies set as you have for the .223 (RCBS FL Die Set .223 Part# 11101)
  12. That was great. I just finished getting all my supplies and have been reading several manuals. One question do you crimp your or just seat them? I was just wondering if I need a crimp die.
  13. I bought from Essential Arms. http://www.essentialarms.com/LOWERSANDPARTS.HTML
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