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  1. Thanks for the input everyone! Sincerely appreciated! I'm thinking DPMS .308 AP-4 or perhaps a DSA SA58 TAC. Thoughts?
  2. yeh, that's what I am thinking...1200 bucks for something you can't find shells for? the .308 or an AR-10 or 15 seems the way to go......
  3. Hello and greetings to all, I am a newcomer to the home defense realm. I have just purchased a Springfield XDM .40S&W handgun and I have money down on a new DPMS Panther .300 SAUM. I have been searching for information to determine if this weapon is worth the money I will be paying for it as well as the reasons why it has apparently been discontinued by DPMS. Any comments or links to info will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you
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