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  1. I had no idea where I should post this, so I'm posting it here. If I'm at fault, by all means remove this post. Anyway... I have a Pole Position II arcade game I'd like to trade for a firearm or parts or what have you. I could use an AR upper. Or a lightweight carry revolver. The game works fine, but shows it's age. It was made in 1983. Some burn-in on the screen but still totally playable. I posted an ad for the game on Craigslist and there are pictures of it on that post: Link I've spoken to some nice folks on this forum. And I'd really like this game to go to someone who'll take good care of it, the way I have over these past years. They aren't making any more of these, so once they're gone, that's it. I'll entertain all firearm related offers. Thanks for your time. - Chris Note: Of course as soon as I hit 'post' I notice there's an FFL forum here that'd be perfect for this type of post. It's late. Someone please move my post to the proper area. Thanks.
  2. Have at it indeed. What a cool time waster. Thanks.
  3. My name is Chris as well. So his name will be easy to remember.
  4. I ordered the M4 kit. Ergo grip. Around the beginning of March. I'm told they're just now shipping stuff that was ordered in November. So I have a nice long wait ahead of me. My business has slowed way down since this recession started. So I'm building this rifle on the cheap. I got a Barska® AR 15 / M16 Electro Scope for it, because I read a lot of good things about it. Hopefully it won't disappoint. For 71 bucks, I can't imagine how it would. I'm thinking the Gear Sector sling would be good also. I'd like to have a lower already built when the Del Ton kit arrives. So I can shoot it right away. The rifle you're building sounds amazing. I don't know the first thing about GPUs or SBRs. I wish I had the kind of cash it took to order stuff from Addax. Everyone on these forums raves about their stuff.
  5. I hear ya, Lima. I'm looking for LPKs and collapsible stocks. Having a bunch of lowers isn't any fun if you can't use them for anything. I hate buying retail anyway. For years my uncle was an FFL and would order whatever I wanted without a surcharge. In retrospect I realize how spoiled I was. This was back when you could get a Chinese SKS for 78 bucks. <cheaper in quantity>. I'm waiting on Del Ton so I can build my first AR. I'm starting to think I should have went with a less popular company.
  6. I guess such an animal doesn't exist. I thought at the very least we'd get some gougers posting lowers for 250 dollars each. I guess everyone wants to hang on to the parts they have. Oh well. I noticed magazines are getting easier to find. Even the Pmags. And ammo supplies are coming back finally. So that's something.
  7. I wonder how many FFLs read these forums. If you have AR parts and ammo in stock post here and let us know where you are. I'm getting tired of ordering things from out of state dealers and waiting months for a couple small items. I'm in southern Wayne county and my closest FFL is Wolverine Shooting Sports in Flat Rock and I don't care for that place at all. It's the kind of store that quotes you one price on the phone and when you arrive it's 40 dollars more.
  8. I figure because I'm so new I should probably introduce myself. I'm Chris. I live in the Belleville area. I was born and raised in Detroit. And I've lived in Michigan my whole life. I'm a self employed computer consultant who is passionate about protecting the second amendment. I've been an NRA member since I was 18. And even though some people might not agree with their methods, they're always at the forefront when it comes to taking legal action against the gun grabbers. Katrina was a good example of why the NRA is important. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you. And building my first AR. This seems like the perfect place for anyone who has an interest in one of the most versatile small arms available. I'd also like to say thank you to all members of the military and LEOs who read this forum. Keep up the good work. POW-MIA - You are not forgotten.
  9. I attended this show on Saturday and the political panic mixed with the current economy really put a damper on what could have been a pretty good show. I haven't been to a gun show in probably 20 years, so I figured it's high time I check one out. I was looking for AR lowers, parts kits, and cleaning supplies. I found one dealer named Todd Wilson selling two Superior Arms lowers for 160 each. And he had the best deal going in the whole show. Everyone else was at least 40 dollars higher than that. When I returned to his table, they had already been sold. Every complete AR I saw was 300 to 800 dollars more than retail. But I guess that's to be expected. I saw a lot of overpriced high cap mags. Beat up AK mags going for 25 when you can find new ones online for 15. Someone had a ton of nice ammo cans for 8 bucks. But that's really nothing to get excited about. I also noticed a lot of 'junk' vendors. People selling things that aren't related to guns or shooting at all. The gun shows I remember were never like that. If I want pistachio nuts, chocolate, jerky, batteries or anything like that, I'll go to the store and buy them. The admission was 6 dollars a person. I just assumed it'd be a little less than that. There's always an upside. Because this show was in a rural area, everyone seemed really nice, friendly, helpful, etc. And I think I only saw two empty tables. I arrived at 9 am and there was a decent sized line of people waiting to get in. I hope when the panic dies down, I'll be able to attend a show in this area again to get a better feel for what a normal show is like.
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