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  1. shooterscott

    Springfield XDM 10mm

    I’m very happy with mine.
  2. How about the 8 3/8" 460 XVR as an EDC? Just try hiding that thing!!
  3. I really like my 40's but I have to admit that I like my 9mm's more.
  4. shooterscott


    Welcome too the group, I just completed a 308 build I'm loving it so far, just need more time with it though.
  5. shooterscott


    I wish I could have attended Shootah yesterday, seems like every year it sneaks up on me and I'm caught working. It looks like a great time! maybe next year.
  6. What a load of CRAP!!!
  7. I carry every day with a G19 and an extra 17 rnd mag.
  8. shooterscott

    XD's Not Worth The Price.....

    I personally really like my XD's, I have three. I have Glocks also, I really like them, and Ruger, and Smith&Wesson. Does it really matter? shoot what you like, and enjoy the freedom we have to be able to shoot them. Happy 4th everyone!!
  9. Enjoy, these guns are great to shoot. You'll be building one sooner than you know at this rate!
  10. shooterscott

    First build

    Here is a crappy iPhone photo of what it looks like as of now, even with the broken nut. Hopefully I'll have my new one in a couple days and then I can get this thing completed. Or at least assembled. I still need a scope and that's going to be some time before that happens.
  11. shooterscott

    My first Glock

    Point taken, thanks for your thoughts. I have been thinking that I'd want to look into different sights. Guess it's time to get serious.
  12. shooterscott

    Long time shooter with first AR

    Welcome, Come back here as much as you can. These guys really know their stuff, I've learned so much from them. I love my AR's they are to me the funnest guns I have to shoot!
  13. shooterscott

    First build

    I contacted the company and they are sending me a new one free of charge, and were very helpful and eager to get me set up right. I do have a question about wrenches, I'm using a Tapco model and i'm wondering if the pins are too short overall to be used for this nut, they are only 1/4" long. Any thoughts on this?
  14. shooterscott

    My first Glock

    Thanks, I've really liked it! I like the different look it has!