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  1. Most of this you can make a resonable offer and Ill take it. DPMS Parts Kit A.C.E Skeleton Stock with foam sleeve and buffer spring and buffer Magpul MOE Coyote YHM 4 railed gas block EOtech 552.A65 S&W M&P Lower with DPMS parts kit complete minus buttstock.
  2. That is a nice one. Looks like it breaks up the lines pretty good. Did you seriously use the word peeps?
  3. It sure is. But check with your post office about the markings you have to have on it. I think you have to have someone 18 or 21 sign for it.
  4. Heres my Spikes I just had done. It wont mount up to my DPMS upper but it will a Stag. I dont know whats up with it. Ill save all that for a different post.
  5. I have this dog BoBo. Shes about a year old now. She wondered up on my wifes stoop in the months we werent together. About a month later my wife gave her to me. Ive had her ever since. Shes a clumzy good for nothing type. But by god I love the clutz. Around the end of december she came into heat. She wasnt willing to give it up easy (thank god). About mid January I heard her yelping. She sounded in pain and scared. It was early in themorning about 730. I ran out with my 22 and saw this dog attacking her. Looked pretty bad. She had blood on her face and was doing her best to defend herself. I took a shot and it hit. Did a 5 foot circle and dropped dead. A perfect shot really. I put BoBo in the truck and went to a few houses in my very lightly populated neighborhood. I found the owners. Told them I killed their dog cause it was attacking mine and we could call the law if they wanted to. They didnt think it was nessecary. I know that everyone here seems against dog killing but I think I was justified. I dont own a pellet gun. I wouldnt have shot at it for fun either. Oh and the name BoBo came from my daughter who names our pets.
  6. I think out intrests are secure for the moment. we would have been reallly screwed if Hilllary would have got in there. the nation under god needs to be careful about who gets in next. And none of this has to do with Obama being black. Hes as white as it gets on the inside. Hes just got that dirty ass preacher of his on one side and his fllozy on the other.
  7. Whats so special about double tap ammo? Ive never even heard of it until I saw this post.
  8. Sure is a nice one. How much do you have in it? If you dont mind.
  9. Ive seen that one. Thanks though. Im just wanting to know if its really worth it for the weight reduction. Is it a pound lighter or 10 grams you know?
  10. Im gonna start buying mags for future builds. Some dedicated 6.8 and some 308 mags. That way when I get them built im not stuck with 2 mags each.
  11. Im gonna start buying mags for future builds. Some dedicated 6.8 and some 308 mags. That way when I get them built im not stuck with 2 mags each.
  12. Awesome. I might have to find myself a nice upper and through it on my Spikes Multi Lower.
  13. The Colt 22LR's arent really a Colt. They just bare the Name. They are actually imported by Umarex. I have heard that the M&P outperforms the "so-called" Colt thats made by Carl Walther under license from colt.. I have actually heard nothing bad about it except the fact hat it doesnt come with a flash suppressor. Seems to be a good little plinker. Very well priced too. Couple hundred bucks cheaper than the Umarex/Colt too.
  14. Ive never been to a pay by the hour range. Its always all day here.
  15. Thers no need to bash any firearm. Everyone has an opinion. The Ak is a bad mother. The only down side is the accuracy. The AK cant be considered a "Taliban Gun". We gave it to them. The AK can be considered a Russian Gun. Considering who made it and what for.
  16. Will a 6.8 SPC upper work on a 5.56/223 lower? Would it have any adverse affects? Probably a stupid post.
  17. How many mags should one have on hand? Not loaded just in stock. I have roughly 45 AR Mags. All 30 rd. 12 of those being the H&K type. The rest are standard military mags with the green follower. For my Beretta I have 16 magazines that are 15 rd Cap and 2 or 3 that are 10 rd. I have 5 for my 1911 and 2 for my S&W SW99. I think that its all just personal reference, but I'd like some opinions. I would also add that i keep 7 AR mags loaded. 210 rds. Basic combat load. Just what Im used to I guess. Anyway, Shoot staight.
  18. Apparently, 2010 is the year of the Pencil barrel. The Diameter of these is .625. Now what I cant find is the weight difference in one of these in 16in vs a 16in standard barrel. Does anyone know? Im wanting to build an extremely lighweight AR for the wife. Already ordered a CAV MK2 One piece. Anyway, You gods of the Armory know everything there is to know. I figured one of you could help me. Thanks guys. Shoot Straight.
  19. Gary Bertier From remember the Titans. I hear it all the damn time!
  20. For awhile when I was like 11 my dad had cusyody of me and we lived off of chicken wings and spam sandwiches. Those were the good ole days. We also ate my pet duck.
  21. Damn Vic, what a waste of 100 bucks. He knew he was getting over as soon as she emailed him more than likely.
  22. In a home defense situation that Mossberg will do the job and then some. I keep a mossberg 500 I built up a few years ago under the bed. Its a point and shoot and thats all you should need to get to quickly. its not like you are looking to take them out at 100yds.
  23. Ive done almost 7yrs in the Army. I have one foot out the door and Ill hopefully be out in July. All I can say is that it isnt for everyone. Most people regret not joining. I do know that Ive had some crappy times in the Army. But also some of the best. It will be missed.
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