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  1. KBAK

    It's Saturday

    Taurus Millenium 45
  2. KBAK

    Google Map Game

    I haven't figured out how to lock the map yet
  3. KBAK

    Google Map Game

    Where is this city?
  4. KBAK

    Google Map Game

    Crap, it didn't work
  5. http://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF8&hl...167198&z=12
  6. Glad to hear he is sailing under friendly seas
  7. Yes, but what could you do with a Hot Tub Time Machine? Buwhhahahahah
  8. I have had stuff mailed to me at work in the interior of Alaska from Anchorage and it has taken over a week, and we are on the road network.
  9. My wife got me the Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones a couple of years ago and I think they are great. I fly alot and they preety much cancel all the engine sound and most of the cabin noise. The sound quality is exceptional. She never told me what they cost and I now know why.
  10. KBAK

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from interior Alaska where it is raining.
  11. KBAK

    Darwin Award??

    JUNEAU, Alaska - A 25-year-old man accidentally shot himself in the head. Juneau police say the accident occurred Friday afternoon in Lemon Creek as a group was planning to go to the gun range. One of the adults in the group raised concern about the 25-year-old man handling a .22-caliber rifle because there was an infant in the room. The adult also was concerned that the rifle was loaded. Police say the man joked that there was one way to find out if it was loaded and put the rifle in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The man was medevaced to Seattle. His name has not been released.
  12. When I'm home on R&R we stream movies through the X-Box and when I'm at work, because of limited TV channels, I stream my documentries through my laptop. All with netflix
  13. KBAK

    POD Casts

    I do a lot of travelling and all I listen to is podcasts. I don't know your tastes but I like Adam Carolla and one called FHFU. I also download old sci-fi, mystery and horror radio shows. Another one is Car talk from NPR.
  14. NAUI certified but havent been in the water for years
  15. KBAK

    took a header!

    Try RocknRolla, Snatch, or Lock, Stock and Two smoking barrels. Also one called the Bank Job.
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