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  1. I hope the "curse" that seems to follow the Bren Ten does not kill this pistol also. I was so hopeful at first when Vltor started their blog, we got assurances from them they would give "us" a shot at the first release. Then they hand over to outside martketing. I guess I was hoping this would renew interest in the 10mm.
  2. Wolff 22# spring and a Wolff non capture guide, but ask Shadow about some new group that is making a set up for styer and Glocks (G20) that is suppose to be slick. I know nothing about it, but read a post a few days ago and can not find it now. The 22# spring increases the lock time and throws the brass about 5 feet instead of throwing it in to the next county. The 22# spring works well for me on medium and stout loads.
  3. A heavier Wolff recoil spring is also a very good item to put in your Glock if you haven't already. It helped me tighten my groups quite a bit.
  4. True Blue and Enforcer get you more power than Silhoutte, but it is a good powder that burns clean. It would work good with lighter 155 grain bullets and down.
  5. I am ready for the Fortis site to update. I wish they would say something. The glock ad is a very welcome from always seeing ads about the 40 Short&Weak. The 10's little sister.
  6. Shadow is right! The 10mm is very additive, one year ago I owned zero 10mm guns and now I own 5. I am not really a handgun person, I have been a passionate rifle person all my life. The 10mm is just great fun. Enjoy your G20.
  7. Simply pleasures(finds) are sometime the best, they sure put a smile on your face. Now we will a have a lead shortage, it will all be in 155 grain 10mm cast bullets.
  8. I am new here, but the people here seem more "seasoned" long term gun owner's than on Glock Talk 10 Ring. I do like the reloading (10mm) section on Glock Talk. The way it has stickies for each powder manufacturer. Here the members usually are more interested in accuracy and safety vs the fastest at any cost. I have never been a big handgun fan until I bought a G-29 and I really found excitement. Then, you'll "forced" me to buy (2) 1076's and a 1026 S&W's. Then a .22 Buck Mark to practice with, because I didn't shoot a handgun very well. Besides the expense, I have truly enjoyed help tuning these guns. Now you'll are going to "force" me to buy some Fortis's. Life is Good!
  9. The reason naked lead is not reccomended is they(Glock) use what is called hexagonal rifling in the barrel. This is suppose to be more accurate for shooting than coventional button rifling. The hexagonal rifling causes the barrel to lead up and become "tight" this could cause a high pressure spike creating a barrel split or rupture (Kaboom).
  10. I really like PEARCE GRIP PG-29 GLOCK GRIP EXTENSION it replaces the bottom plate of your magazine and give you a place to put your little finger. It helps to control the gun.
  11. I am not connect to this person, other than I bought ten mags. I thought it was a good deal. http://www.auctionarms.com/search/displayi...itemnum=9100132 He has a couple of more listings so do a search if this one gets sold.
  12. When that many good things happen to me I get real scared. There is only one way to go and it ain't up. Just kidding. It is nice when you find old treasures and new ones to in the same day.
  13. Never shot their pistol ammo, but I have bought a lot of .204 Ruger and .223 rifle ammo and it is first class and accurate.
  14. I imagine they have tremendous demand for their other products right now and they better take care of the business they already have. I would not be suprised if special forces adopt the Fortis hand gun. They already burn 10mm in their HK's. I would rather have a "finished product" as a half baked one.
  15. Shadow, I bet you would even furnish the ammo.
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