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  1. SO you don't consider the SIG line of 556, 516, 551, M400 to be AR rifles? ...and no, BM should be shopped and looked at.
  2. Get yourself a Rock River Arms or Bushmaster with a 20" barrel, start from there. Great values, great prices, from American companies.
  3. I've ordered gloves, tools, DVDs, all kinds of stuff, and it always shows up within a reasonable time. Mechanix, Oakley, 5.11, Magpul stuff has been great. Cree and Ultrafire lights have been great.
  4. What is the rifle and build you have now? Palmetto has a sale on Magpul kits right now, and free shipping thru Sunday on everything over 50. Grab 500 rds of that Hungarian for $140, free shipping, and go shooting....
  5. The article makes a great point, but those in the money right now don't want you to know it: "Mil Spec" is actually a lowest common denominator for production standards, similar to ISO 9001 etc.. The clone makers like BCM, MI, LWRTC, blah, blah, blah, have BANKED on this (milspec term) being their marketing tool. ( Do you think an AK is "Mil-spec"?) THIS is why you'll see the electronic dog piles in *coughcough* m4carbine when somebody comments on how they really like their RRA, BM, or Stag...it doesn't serve THAT salesman's purpose for pushing steel and essentially fake training classes. Colt makes an honest civillian M4, and they rock. However, set aside the marketing tools of spec. this/that and just be a shooter.
  6. Nope, I don't own one aspect of that site. Search: cree lights, ultrafire lights, mounts, tactical, magpul. It's a great site and alot of the stuff works great. Oakley, 5.11, and Mechanix gloves. Cheap. Free shipping. Same gloves you buy in Walmart at $18 are $7 to your door. Just passing on some great bargains, not telling anybody what to do with their AR.
  7. www.dealextreme.com is a great place to get cheap bolt on parts, and gloves, and scopes. Check em out. red dot knock offs... dealextreme.com
  8. SIGs all over GB for less than 900..awesome builds.
  9. Nice I snagged a SIG TACOPS Trad. package with 5 mags and holster, free shipping and no cc fees, off GB. Incredible pistols. Congrats on your Springer...
  10. Well, I've only got 1 of those you mentioned; an STI. A ffl friend had me a deal through Dawson for a high end STI, cost of 1200. Insane quality pistol for that money. Now I'm as hooked as a heroin junkie and still researching years later. Open the parameters of your search and make a list. Check out www.1911forum.com for a bunch o research. I'm looking at my 4th 1911 platform and my eyes are still peeled back wide in looking at the differences.
  11. I'd say it is both aspects, plus the FBI white papers on the ballistics subject. Though I guess I'd have to question the stated "popularity" of the .38 Special? Love my J-Frame, but I really don't see legions of .38 Special fans except when the band comes to town for River Fest?! Performance is probably #1 for me, and I am unconventional in most firearms aspects; my battle rifle is a 5.56 bull pup and my long range poker is a .300 WinMag with HB, etc.. Sometimes, ugly/bulky/non-conventional but always more than enough to finish the job at hand. The FBI went to it as they had a FLA bank robber continue fighting, with a 9mm round less than an inch from his heart, after being shot through the armpit by an agent. They left it for two reasons: at the time there was a reliability glitch, and the size of the 1076 grip(s). The 1076 will be the last to leave my vault.
  12. http://www.dwave.net/~phred/Records.html There's the schedule of where/when. Not affilited, but think it's a great service!!
  13. Looking to purchase a nice SIG, looking for a friendly shop in WI. Got one?
  14. Acadias and the Oakleys. The Oakleys are like slippers-think I've got three pairs in a rotation now.
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