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  1. M. Saunders


    I see lots of guys talkin smack about guys paying too much for primers ,but if you need primers and all the regular suppliers are out, what is a guy to do? I have 16 lbs of A2230 and 5000 55gr. fmjs ready to load in my 10,000+ LC cases. I too have held off on buying gunbroker inflated prices, but the weather is starting to warm up and the kids are buggin to go to the range. I am on the verge of breaking down and buying the $350.00(or more) box of primers ...does anyone have a real idea or info on when primers will be available again? thanks, Mark
  2. M. Saunders

    AR pistol Legality

    I bought it off gun broker, my dealer checked the other box on the form. But it is a YHM and they say they dont make pistol lowers. Other companies, like spikes, make a dedicated pistol lower. Does it have to be a pistol lower or can I use a stripped lower bought on form 4437 as "other" to make a pistol? Dont want to make a mistake and end up in the slammer. Thanks guys, love the Armory!
  3. M. Saunders

    AR pistol Legality

    Thats kinda how I see it, the ATF even said the same thing today, however they didn't provide any paper proof. I contacted YHM and they said all their recievers were for rifle use? I don't want to do anything illegal, and the ATF is pretty good at telling you what you cant do(most of the time), buit not very good at saying what you CAN do. Has anyone on the forum been through this? Red or green? Thats the toughest question at meal time around here, the easy answer, Christmas!!!!
  4. M. Saunders

    AR pistol Legality

    I would like to build an AR pistol from a new stripped lower reciever. I have heard conflicting reports concerning the legality of it. Does someone have experience with this, and is there documentation backing up ones statements/beliefs? Thank you, Mark.
  5. M. Saunders

    CZ V-22 upper help

    Hey guys and gals, relatively new to the site, first time posting, have a question. I recently bought a CZ V-22 upper in an effort to save some money. With ammo prices as they are, my kid is shooting me out of house and home. My question is this: Can I remove the front sight block and still use the rifle? I know this sounds dumb, but a big hunk of metal out there not being used ( we have a scope mounted on the rifle) is only adding weight to the gun, and it is my sons rifle. He only weighs 100 lbs, so every ounce counts. Thanks for your answers, love the forum. Mark