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  1. Excellent suggestions. Here is my updated list: Is the primary purpose of this AR15 self defense, law enforcement, or military? (If no, let budget drive; if yes, let purpose drive.) Do you have time to wait for parts and to build? (If no, get a factory AR15; if yes, proceed.) Do you enjoy building things? (If no, get a factory AR15; if yes, proceed.) Do you have gunsmithing or mechanical experience or do you know someone who does? (If no, get a factory AR15; if yes, proceed.) Who will be operating this firearm? (If children, then go light; if only adults then heavier is ok.) What is your experience with AR-15s? (If little, go simple; if a lot, explore more options.) What is the primary purpose of this firearm? (If hunting, explore heavier non 5.56 calibers; if plinking pursue cheap, if target shooting, pursue accuracy; if self defense pursue reliability.) What is your budget? What are some examples of AR15s that you like? (Factory or other custom builds.) How often do you plan to shoot (weekly, monthly, etc)? How many rounds do you shoot each time? (If frequently or a lot, stay with 5.56; if infrequently and fewer, other calibers are ok.) What is the typical and maximum range you plan to shoot? (If short range, go simple on optics; if long range, pursue higher power optics.)
  2. I have been building my own AR15s and helping others do the same for several years now and I also take a lot of new people to the range for the first time and get them into guns, including the AR15. Having gone through this a few times I decided to put together a master list of questions to help guide someone to choosing the right parts for their custom AR15 build. I suspect a lot of you have done the same and have your own opinions on how to go about this. I'd like to invite a discussion here about how best to do this, what questions to ask in what order and what options to provide based on the answers. For example, I would begin with: 1) Budget 2) Purpose (self defense, hunting, plinking, target shooting) 3) Children (will children be shooting it or just adults?) 4) 5.56 vs other calibers? 5) Frequency shooting (weekly, monthly, etc) Etc. Please share your thoughts or point me to similar resources.
  3. Wow! This turned out to be a much more interesting discussion than I expected. I plan to do more cold barrel testing when I go to the range with it and keep track of them over time.
  4. This is definitely not a hunting rifle, though maybe varmint. It has a ACOG and hypocritically would be a mid range self defense gun. So probably most accurate to call it a range or plinking gun. It is definitely not the scope. It shoots very consistently after it warms up. But I will check and repeat the experiment again. Next time I will use different targets for each round to plot the movement.
  5. I did some shooting with it again today paying closer attention to the drift. It seems that it drifts a couple inches after the first 2 or 3 shots and then it stays in the new spot even if I let it rest for 10 minutes. It only returns to the original spot when I bring it another day. (I could try letting rest longer, I suppose.) So I decided to just sight it to the later spot and remember that the first 2 or 3 shots will be off. The groups are a couple inches anyway.
  6. I have been pretty happy with my Delton pencil barrels but I am thinking about a heavier barrel to reduce thermal drift. I get a drift of a couple MOA from cold to worm. (Not dumping mags, mind you, just steady shots at the range.) At first I thought it was me but it's too consistent. It's the barrel. Apparently that's modest compared to the original M16A1s which were known to drift 6 or more MOA but it's more than I like. Would a government or other profile barrel reduce thermal drift? Ot is this just a fact of life?
  7. After the comments here and some further research, I think I will go back to planning a 5.56 sub MOA build. Thanks for helping me explore this option.
  8. Yeah, there are some big disadvantages to getting away from the 5.56 standard. But I don't mind having one oddball rifle if there is some upside to it. I do handload.
  9. I'm looking at the AR Performance barrel as recommended. Looks like they also have 16", 18", and 20" (and shorter, but I don't want to mess with SBR). I'm happy to go with 20" for this rifle if I get something for the extra length. Would I? https://www.ar15performance.com/6_8_barrels https://www.blackstonearms.com/category-s/100.htm
  10. My first AR was a Colt HBAR that I bought as a wee lad intending to do competition shooting. But I was always disappointed with it's accuracy. It was about 3MOA, at best, with 55gr bullets. Heavier bullets did worse no matter how many variations of powder I tried. I traded that in for a Delton pencil barrel which shot about 2MOA and wasn't nearly as heavy. I've been doing Delton pencil barrels ever since and having the time of my life. Lot's of practical accuracy training with them. If I had to choose a rifle for self-defense I'd go with one of those. But I've always wanted to go back and try to build a subMOA AR. I'm not convinced it would be a superior hunting rifle. I think I've got a good hunting arsenal already in non-ARs. I took a big pig with my Marlin 336 30-30 a few years ago and would hesitate to go with anything smaller but maybe I'm wrong about that. But if it is subMOA maybe varmints at long range. I really just want something that will punch holes and ding gongs at several hundred meters. I would definitely want to get a good optic to go on it, one that, as you mention had good bullet drop compensation marks. I'm thinking a 1-8x LPVO just to keep it on the practical side of life.
  11. I could see takins this hog hunting but is it enough? For deer I would probably stick with my bolt action hunting rifle. For coyote the 5.56 would be good. What do you hunt with your 6.8?
  12. What barrel or upper assembly did you use?
  13. I found this: https://www.snipercountry.com/68-spc-uppers/
  14. I am really happy with my 5.56 ARs as carbines. They are fun and easy to shoot and relatively inexpensive. Whenever I take people to the range for the first time I start with my AR and they love it. But I’ve never been very satisfied with their accuracy. I’ve planned all along to build a more accurate rifle using a high quality 5.56 barrel and LPVO to see what I could get from it. I didn’t want to go up to a 7.62x51. Now I’m thinking about doing that in 6.8 Remington instead. What are your thoughts on a 16”, 18” or 20” barrel 6.8 Remington? I know that the design of the 6.8 is not for accuracy but to penetrate Level 4 armor. The military is planning a 12.5” barrel but I don’t want an SBR, I want a marksman’s rifle. Is there any reason to think that 6.8 Remington will be more accurate than 5.56?
  15. CivilShield is forming a debate team. Please join and help spread the news. https://www.civilshield.org/debate
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