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  1. I would do free float plus buy a better barrel, though I really like the low front end weight of the pencil barrel. Who makes a high quality chrome lined pencil barrel?
  2. If I ever build another it will be free float, but this one is standard delta spring and A2 handguard. I hesitate to fine tune the bullet seating for reliability.
  3. I went to the range yesterday and, as expected from the lack of variance in reloading, I did not see any improvement in accuracy by weighing each round. What I get is about 2MOA (out of an AR15 with a 20" pencil barrel). I had never heard of balance scales going bad but I can imagine that corrusion might affect it at the balance point. But I don't see any. I am reluctant to drop a couple hundred on a digital scale if it is not faster than my balance scale and doesn't improve accuracy. (I have a long wish list of other toys to spend my money on.) Given what I've seen I'll go back to bulk loading 223 (and 9mm) and checking powder weight on the scale at the start and every 50th or so. I am going to do the same test again with my bigger caliber ammo because it uses extruded powder that might vary more by volume. 2MOA is 'good enough' for an AR15 that is not built for competitive shooting so this is not a distressing outcome but if anyone has any suggestions where else I might look to improve accuracy, let me know.
  4. I loaded up a batch over the last couple days to take to the range tomorrow. I weighed the powder from every single round after using the Dillon powder drop. Interestingly, 90% or so balanced without adjustment! Only about 10% required some fiddling. Probably because I'm using Bl-C(2) ball powder. I will compare my usual batch load to the carfully weighed batch but I don't expect to see a difference.
  5. I'll report back my results.
  6. Would doing up a load on my Dillon balance scale where I weigh the charge for each round be a good test of potential accuracy? https://www.dillonprecision.com/dillon-s-eliminator-scale_8_7_25215.html
  7. Reading through the replies here, I'm thining very had about this question. Everyone here seems to be a fan of the high end gizmos. But it's not just cost, it's also time. These don't fit easily into the reloading process. Lots to think about here.
  8. I have always used a balance scale to check my powder drop at the start and intermittantly, about every 50 rounds. I'm thinking about getting a digital scale to do a load of 223 where I check the weight every single round. And I would like to check my larger caliber rifle ammo every round as well. I used to own a super-cheap digital scale but it started acting funny so I threw it out. But what I liked about it, when it worked, was that I could zero it on the empty case and then check the weight of the case with powder. Would a digital scale speed up reloading when checking every load? Would a trickler help? What is the best scale for doing that?
  9. I have two upper assemblies, one a flat top with an ACOG and RMR combo and the other a plain carry handle. (Both are 20" pencil barrel.) I love the the ACOG/RMR setup. I've had an opportunity to do some training on it and I used the RMR the whole time. It worked perfectly even though it is a bit high over the bore. I quickly got used to the chin weld and found the dot very quickly. I had kept my carry handle upper assembly purely for nostalgia but I'm now thinking about putting an RMR on it. The main disadvantage is cost. Also, as with the ACOG/RMR setup, the RMR would sit high over the bore. The main advantage would be that putting the RMR on the carry handle would make it easier to shoot at close distances and it would be close enough to the elevation of the RMR over the ACOG that I could cross train on them. I have not done any training with the iron sights, I may try that next just to see how it compares with the ACOG/RMR. What do you think?
  10. I recently acquired a 2A Arms AR 22LR conversion bolt carrier group. I've tested it with a few 22LR ammos. It is unrelable with subsonic (of course). It is more accurate with CCI standard velocity than Federal Champion. I found this: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/702742/cci-tactical-ammunition-22-long-rifle-40-grain-plated-lead-round-nose It is supposedly designed for semiauto. I've never seen it in stores. Does anyone have experience with 22LR in the AR? What is the best ammo? Edit: This is not a dedicated 22LR but my 223 AR.
  11. Basically, it means CA has to stop banning 'assault weapons'. Because all of that 'asinine' stuff was how we got around the ban. We are expecting the worse with the Dem supermajority and Gov Gav.
  12. I found a company that is shipping to CA and still has magazines in stock: https://grabagun.com
  13. I found a company that is shipping to CA and still has magazines in stock: https://grabagun.com
  14. A handful are shipping to CA already but others are waiting for an official letter from the CA DOJ. But all are out of stock already. I imagine that there is going to be a huge surge of shipments to CA over the next few weeks. If anyone would like to empty their bucketful of old USGI aluminum mags, let me know.
  15. I'll take one! Actually, I'm not looking for donations. I'm happy to pay retail. I'm just trying to find GI steel mags.
  16. A CA judge just struck down the prohibition on magazines over 10 rounds. At a minimum, we have a window of opportunity to get some legal mags that will be grandfathered when the Ninth returns the 2A to ICU. If we're lucky, this could be the beginning of a restoration of the RKBA in CA. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20190329/breaking-federal-court-finds-california-magazine-ban-violates-the-second-amendment I realize that polymer is the modern fasion but I've always been a fan of the steel GI mags. And I just came across some aluminum magazines. https://palmettostatearmory.com/d-h-5-56-30rd-aluminum-magazine-8416.html Before I begin my shopping spree, I'd like to get some opinions. What are the respective advanges/disadvantages of each material?
  17. A few people have suggested getting chest rigs that attach to plate carriers. But those had seperate harnesses. Is that an alternative to this or is it somehow similar?
  18. I came across this: https://www.spiritussystems.com/lv119-front-plate-bag-c-o-v-e-r-t/ The basic idea is that you have a plate carrier with chest rigs that snap in. Here is a video:
  19. I keep both eyes open when I use my RMR atop my ACOG (but shut my left eye when I switch to the ACOG). But I was wondering: is there a difference in acquisition speed? The reason it occured to me that it might not is that a carbine instructor on Youtube argued that you should train so that you bring your sight alignment up into your line of sight automatically. Assuming that is correct, then searching for the dot is only something that should occur in training as you're learning to bring it up correctly.
  20. What is the advantage of a nonminiturized reflex sight compared to a miniturized reflex sight? In either case, the dot size is the same and within the window. I have a Trijicon RMR over my ACOG, which I really like, but I'm also thinking about building a reflex sight-only rifle which would be more practical for self defense.
  21. I was reading about armor levels and it seems that III is not rated for 5.56mm but only for a few weaker intermediate rounds. https://www.ar500armor.com/ar500-armor-body-armor/level-iii-body-armor.html If I had a plate carrier, that would be my plan. If a chest rig, I'd just use it with my long gun. I didn't realize that chest rigs attach to plate carriers. They seem redundent.
  22. Sounds like chest right first, plate carrier later, is the consensus here.
  23. You are correct, all they want is something to hold rifle magazines. I could opt for something much simpler. But this seems like the right time to work this out. Or maybe I should get something simple and use the experience from the class to decide? Frankly, I was not expecting anyone to challenge the very idea of a plate carrier. That seems to be the most likely scenario. From what I've read, rifle calibers are quite exceptional. Pistols are still the norm. That could change, of course. Not counting hunting calibers, 9mm and 5.56mm. I'm still trying to decide on shotgun vs carbine. Here is something equivalent to what I was looking at: https://store.atarmor.com/AT_Armor_Active_Shooter_Response_Carrier_p/at-asrc.htm My understanding is that stopping 5.56 entails a huge jump in weight and cost over stopping pistol. (In CA we are only "allowed" 10 round magazines so having many is even more important.)
  24. I probably should have addressed this earlier, but part of my question was steel vs lighter materials that only stop handguns and shotguns but not rifles. I'm not in a hurry to buy steel plates, I know that would be a problem. The most likely worst-case scenario is a burglary or home invasion. The scenario where I would imagine putting on a plate carrier would be if I heard a bump in the night and decided to investiage it rather than ignoring it and going back to sleep or calling the sheriff. My first and most conveniently located weapon is a handgun. (I do have med kits.) The carbine class requires something to carry rifle magazines, it doesn't specify a plate carrier. (They frown on carrying mags in pockets.) I just figured to kill two birds with one stone and put the mag pouches on a plate carrier. But maybe that's not the best choice. I can appreciate why wearing a plate carrier without plates would be dorky but I know others who do this already waiting to afford the right plates. If I were to dress the part for a handgun class I'd wear my pajamas.
  25. Yeah, in fact I was told I needed something like this for a class. It's been on my wishlist for a while but not a priority. My plan was to get the vest and worry about the plates later. But it sounds like there is some disagreement on plate carriers vs load bearing vests and belts. What are the tradeoffs?
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