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  1. Mrs. Blonde

    "The Walking Dead" TONIGHT...

    I have missed a few episodes so need to catch up first.
  2. Mrs. Blonde

    Happy Birthday, mrs. Blonde!!!

    Thank you everyone Had a quiet day, pizza and a movie at home! That was perfect for me, nothing fancy!! To those asking....J-dub has been busy working and doesn't get on the computer much anymore. I will tell him that he needs to check with you guys!
  3. Mrs. Blonde

    Good Morning!

    you following me?
  4. Mrs. Blonde


    We watched a few episodes but gave up on it. We would rather watch the Military channel.
  5. Mrs. Blonde

    Good Morning!

    Good morning
  6. Mrs. Blonde

    hey Gran Torino

    My fingers are killing me. Gotcha!!
  7. Mrs. Blonde

    New Pup

    adorable pup wish we were home enough to have a dog
  8. Mrs. Blonde

    Proper discipline? or Overboard?

    I think that the camera was set up because this isn't the first time the father has "disciplined" his daughter this way. Excessive in my opinion!
  9. Mrs. Blonde

    so..who's working today?

    Not working today, not gonna do much of anything.
  10. Mrs. Blonde

    Good Morning!

    Good morning definitely need my coffee this morning!
  11. Mrs. Blonde


    :b-day: Hope you enjoy your day!
  12. Mrs. Blonde

    can you read this?

    I received this in an email this week and was surprised at how easy it was to read. Kinda cool!
  13. Mrs. Blonde

    9/11 south tower ......what would you have done?

    I would have ran! Even not knowing what was happening for certain, I would not stick around.
  14. Mrs. Blonde

    Happy Birthday, Pepper!

  15. Mrs. Blonde

    On This Day In 1954

    Noneya!! Hope you have a great day and get to go shopping!!
  16. Mrs. Blonde

    Good Morning!

    Good morning!
  17. Mrs. Blonde

    Armory B&G.

    I'm outta here, have a good day everyone!!
  18. Mrs. Blonde

    Armory B&G.

    Jdub says you have been slackin, new lady friend he tells me!
  19. Mrs. Blonde

    Armory B&G.

    Bob that doesn't mean that I will pay attention to it
  20. Mrs. Blonde

    Armory B&G.

    Some days I have to do that, up at 530 it's not fun but I really don't mind the benefits.
  21. Mrs. Blonde

    Armory B&G.

    Jon just asked me if I was signed in so I think that was a hint.