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  1. ChileRelleno

    Herb Crusted Ribeye Roast

    Menu Herb Crusted Ribeye Roast Parmesan Risotto Caprese Salad Butter/Garlic Bok Choy Herb Crusted Ribeye Roast aka Prime Rib 6.22lb boneless ribeye roast. Slathered in a mix of A1 and Worcestershire sauces. Crusted in various herbs and SPOG. Tightly trussed and wrapped in plastic overnight. Smoked over hickory at 220°-240° to an IT of 135°. Parmesan Risotto Link >>> Parmesan Risotto Double Layer Caprese Salad A very simple but tasty classic of sliced tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil, topped with a Basalmic vinegar glace. Butter/Garlic Bok Choy Fresh Bok Choy fried in butter and lots of garlic. The Money Shot
  2. I took half a pork loin out to defrost yesterday with no clear idea of what I was going to make with it. Then last night while updating my recipe index I hit upon it with my Sweet-n-Savory, Apple/Bacon pork stuffing. Link>>> Sweet-n-Savory Pork Stuffing, Apple/Bacon So I sharpened my favorite filet knife and butterflied my pork loin. Then I pounded it out and it's ready for stuffing. So lets make that stuffing. I cut the recipe down for this single loin. 1.5C peeled and diced apple 3/4C crumbled bacon 1/2C minced pork loin scraps 1/2C diced onion 1/4C diced celery 1 stick butter 1/4C brown sugar 3/4C plain bread crumbs 1t rubbed sage salt Lay the stuffing down evenly about a 1/4" thick, leave about an inch on the sides/ends. Use some plastic wrap to help roll it up. Don't use too much pressure or your stuffing will be forced out of place and you'll not get that pretty picture of a pinwheel when cut. Once rolled, truss it up nicely and tie the ends a little tighter so no stuffing escapes. Ready to go into the smoker at 275° over Apple wood, and will cook to an IT of 135° Today's side dish is my Salsa Verde Taters Link >>> Salsa Verde Taters Made a quick Apple glaze for the pork. 1C Apple jelly Mustard, 1t increments till you like the flvor 1-2t lemon juice In a small sauce pan melt the apple jelly. Add a teaspoon of mustard at a time to your liking. And a teaspoon of lemon juice at a time to your liking. Stir and you've your glaze. Done! A very sweet treat for dinner, both the stuffing and glaze were remarkable. A nice jellyroll/pinwheel effect looks great on the plate. Plated with Taters and Watermelon
  3. ChileRelleno

    Sausage Party

    I threw a sausage party today and everybody loved it. I stopped by one of my favorite local butcher shops to see what they had in-stock. Looking around I decided to Go Big *and* Go Home with a nice variety of smoked sausages. Alligator/Pork, Pork Pineapple Jalapeno, Pork Cheese Jalapeno and Beef. Mmmm, Mmmm, Grilled Sausages! Sides Red Beans-n-Rice with Smoked Beef Sausage Southern Milk Corn In a large stockpot add 2qt water, 2C whole milk, 1C heavy cream, 1 stick of butter, handful of salt, palmful Cajun spice and freshly chopped 1/2C Parsley and 1/8C Rosemary. Bring liquid to a slow simmer, add corn and bring to a boil. Slow boil for 10 minutes. The Money Shot
  4. Yesterday while at one of my favorite local butcher shops, picking out some tasty sausages, I picked out a fat young rabbit. Bacon Wrapped Wino Rabbit I removed the fore and hind legs and set them to marinating in: 2C Red wine .5C Honey 1/8C chopped Parsley 1/8C chopped Rosemary 2T Lemon zest 2T salt 1 Bay leaf Combine all in a small sauce pan and bring to a slow boil. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Add legs and marinade together in a Ziploc and marinate for 6-12 hours. They were then wrapped in bacon and fried in olive oil and butter to crisp the bacon, and then transferred to the 375° oven with the Stuffed Saddle to finish. My younger son plated his with some carrots started laughing, he said, "Now this is ironic." Stuffed Saddle of Rabbit After removing the legs I separated the saddle and deboned it. I then cleaned up all the meat of the carcass and minced it, then set it aside for stuffing. The minced rabbit was browned in butter with celery, onion and parsley. Then combined with some bread crumbs, whisked egg, rabbit stock, milk and salt. The rest of the carcass was put into a small sauce pan and I made a stock for a gravy and the stuffing. Brown the pieces in butter, add minced celery, onion, carrot and a little parsley and rosemary, saute till veggies are tender. Add 2C of water and bring to a fast simmer, simmer for several hours. Strain and reduce, add a little more butter and salt to taste. Add a little cornstarch to thicken. I laid down bacon and fresh basil, upon this the boneless saddle. Seasoned with some fresh ground garlic/pepper medley, and then the stuffing. Rolled it all up and trussed it with twine. This roll was fried in olive oil and butter to crisp the bacon and then transferred to the 375° oven with the Wino Rabbit to finish. Both the Saddle and Wino were cooked to a minimum 160° IT. The Stuffed Saddle was sliced and served with the gravy.
  5. Back in January my wife's 3rd Novel was released. Perilous Confessions', the 1st book of an 8 book series, 'The Possession Chronicles. Now the 2nd of the series, 'Murmurs of Evil' is being released and up for pre-order. Free for those with Kindleunlimited and only $0.99 for regular Kindle accounts. Click the link >>> Murmurs of Evil Paperbacks due out soon too.
  6. ChileRelleno

    Hot-n-Fast Brisket

    cmack is a member of www.smokingmeatforums.com. His thread that inspired me to try the method is here, https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/extreme-hot-fast-brisket.287271/ I've cooked brisket a little higher than the typical Low-n-Slow 225°, as high as 275°-300°. But never had the gumption to crank it up to 375°-400°+.
  7. ChileRelleno

    Hot-n-Fast Brisket

  8. ChileRelleno

    Hot-n-Fast Brisket

    Well if I was smoking on a stick burner I'd have it down to about that too. But I have to generate my smoke at a lower temp, so...
  9. ChileRelleno

    Hot-n-Fast Brisket

    WHY?! Why should I ever do a brisket low-n-slow again, why? I don't know because this hot-n-fast brisket was simply awesome. My family said it was the best one I've ever cooked... Damn, that says it all. Juicy and Tender! [MEDIA=youtube]mtyZ5oS576o[/MEDIA] Plated it with Buttery Mashed Taters Honey Sesame Carrots/Onions Finale
  10. ChileRelleno

    Hot-n-Fast Brisket

    7 hours and done. Probe tender at 205°. Wrapped and resting for a few hours.
  11. ChileRelleno

    Hot-n-Fast Brisket

    2.5 hours averaging 390°, IT is now 165°, time to wrap.
  12. ChileRelleno

    Hot-n-Fast Brisket

    So Cmack's thread on Extreme Hot-n-Fast brisket got my interest peaked again. Had it on my mind to try his method with a tweak or two to accommodate my smoker. I cruised through Costco after getting back off the road yesterday, the Packers were pretty well picked over and the best I could find was on the BIG side at 22lbs. Trimmed about 4-5lbs off it getting it ready. Does anybody else cringe when trimming actual meat off a brisket? Kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper, granulated garlic and more. Wrapped it overnight to brine a bit. Got the smoker running with some hickory, settled in at 275° and threw the brisket on to get some smoke for a couple hours. Then I'm gonna kick the temp to 375°-400° and take it to about 160°-165° and wrap in butcher paper to finish at probe tender, 200°-210°. 2.5hrs at 275° +/-, looking good with an average IT of 108°. Just turned the heat UP! Cooking at 396° now.
  13. ChileRelleno

    Better Late Than Never

    Better late than never... Last Saturday I Rubbed a couple Tri-Tips and fired up my grill. Added salted/buttered cob corn and Italian seasoned zucchini. Cooked it all up, sliced and diced, plated and chowed down.
  14. ChileRelleno


    Dammit man! Pain is better than pushing up daisies. Hope you heal quick. Hope you got checked out by an EMT at the very least.
  15. ChileRelleno

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    Left to Right RRA LAR15 A4 NM Colt A2 Gov't model PSA Mid Length S&W M&P AR15 Carbine