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  1. ChileRelleno

    What to Get Next?

    I pulled the trigger on a new RRA LAR-15 A4 NM.
  2. ChileRelleno

    What to Get Next?

    I've had a hankering for an AR15 of National Match quality/accuracy. Like a Service or Match rifle complete Upper from a respected builder like Compass Lake or such. Or maybe just buy a complete rifle. Something like an RRA LAR-15 NM A2/A4, or perhaps an Armalite M15A4 NM. There are also a few used guns that fit my criteria Colt AR15 A2 HBAR Sporter setup as a Service Rifle, Krieger barrel 1:7.7, Jewel trigger, double pinned rear, free float match tube, mags, sling and more. Or maybe, maybe I should grab three of PSA's sub $500 ARs and sell them off during the next election/scare. What's a guy to do with such First World decisions? What think y'all?
  3. ChileRelleno

    Family Favorites

    Fixed a couple of family favorites for dinner tonight. Garlic Herb Crusted Pork Loin Fresh Green Beans with Onion and Bacon I started by dry brining the pork loin overnight with a generous application of Kosher salt. The next day I minced 1/4C garlic, 4T worth each of rosemary, thyme and sage, then I cut five deep lengthwise cuts in the loin and filled them with the garlic/herbs, then trussed it well and finally coated it with more garlic/herbs. Into a 275° smoker over cherry until the average IT was 140°. For the bacon I did two 1.5lb weaves and chopped them into nice chunks. Sauteed 5 small sweet onions in a stick of butter till just starting to soften, then added two pounds of fresh green beans and 2T of chopped garlic. As I sauteed the veggies I added salt in increments till I was satisfied, normally I would add crushed red pepper too but I was feeding the in-laws and they're soft mouthed. The Finale
  4. ChileRelleno

    AK picture thread

    SLR-107FR Decided I liked it better with a triangle and Bakelite furniture. My thanks to some of the guys in the AKFiles Marketplace. Now to find some nice Bulgy mags and bayonet in Bakelite.
  5. ChileRelleno

    I am shocked at SKS prices!!! A few are still "cheap"

    It came with the POS railed dust cover, I've replaced it. So no, not all matching. It's posted on a couple of firearms sites, http://www.akfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=375189
  6. ChileRelleno

    I am shocked at SKS prices!!! A few are still "cheap"

    LOL... I'm actually looking to sell my Russian.
  7. ChileRelleno

    You can not fix stupid

    Can you say, Cannons? Very good! Besides small arms, it was all arms that a man, militia or private business venture could afford to buy. But lets look at small arms. 2nd Amendment was for muskets? There’s a common argument (fallacy) that the Second Amendment didn't project changes in armament / technology, thus it couldn’t have been intended to apply to modern pistols and rifles (most of whose designs actually go back to the 1800’s or early 1900’s). This argument sort of misses the whole point and intent, which the Founding Fathers wrote and debated about — which is the 2nd was about balancing power between the people and the government. So when the firepower changed, it needed to change equally for both sides (personal weapons). But ignoring the flawed premise, and lack of historical understanding is gobsmacking stupid. Let’s look at the technology, since at the founding of the country they had 8-shot revolvers, 9 shot "repeaters", 11-shot field artillery pieces, and Jefferson had a 22 shot repeating rifle. Not to mention "burst mode" automatics that fired up to 20 rounds with one pull of the trigger. 1400's gave us 2, 3, 4 Shot multi-barrel guns Some earlier repeaters just had multiple barrels, and you rotated the whole barrel (like a revolver) or had a barrel selector for each shot. In field artillery they were called "Volley Guns" (because they could fire a whole volley by themselves) like the one from the 1500's Ottoman Empire pictured to the right. By the late 1700's they were miniaturized into small pistols called pepper boxes, or the earlier multi-barrel turn-over pistols and rifles (2, 3, 4 shots). The volley guns go back to the 1400’s in the west, and some go back to the 1100’s in China (including exploding shells). There are other more dual-use designs like the four barrel Landsknecht mace (circa 1540), that combined a spiked club with 4 shots. The idea of multi-shot guns predates the 2nd Amendment by nearly 700 years. [1] 1597 gave us the 8 Shot Revolvers You can visit Maihaugen Folk Museum in Lillehammer, and see a 400 year old German-made 8-shot flintlock revolver in perfect condition (circa 1597). But Italian 3-shot matchlock revolvers predate them by over 60 years. While flintlock or matchlock revolvers weren't common, they were well known. Certainly the Founding Fathers could have put in magazine limits to the 2nd Amendment, if they thought magazine capacity should be a reasonable restriction on liberty. The problem isn't their lack of imagination or information, it's with the gun-controllers arguments. [2] 1600-1700 gave us 30 shot "repeaters" By the 1600's and 1700's we had sophisticated mechanisms that could hold balls on one side, powder on the other, and cocking the lever would add enough of each to be ready to fire in a repeated fashion (basically a lever action). The includes the 30 shot Kalthoff repeater (1600’s), the 7 shot Cookson/Lorenzoni repeater (1680) in rifle and pistol form (pictured to the right), and the Ferguson Rifle (used by the British, against America, in the Revolutionary war / 1770), and of course, the 9 shot mortimer (1790’s).[3] 1718 gave us the 11 Shot Field Artillery Piece (Puckle Gun) The Puckle Gun created in 1718 (73 years before the Constitution). Imagine an 11-shot field artillery piece that could fire 1.25 caliber / 32mm bullets or shot, and the founding fathers had no problem with private ownership of that! The relative firepower and survivability difference (e.g. their healthcare) between this multi-shot bazooka in those days, was far superior to a modern AR-15 in ours. Those whining about the Founding Fathers not imaging more firepower than a single-shot musket demonstrate only the breadth of their ignorance. [4] 1779 gave us the 22 Girandoni air rifle One of the most impressive repeaters of the era is the .46 caliber Girandoni air rifle (circa 1779). It had a 22 round magazine (which it could deliver in under 60 seconds). It also has a speed loaders + extra reservoirs so that you could deliver 88 shots in under 5 minutes. Those pretending that muskets were 1 round per minute, are only underestimating capacity by about 18 times. And before anyone is silly enough to scoff at "air rifles", the Girandoni 700fps .46 caliber bullets is similar to ballistics of a modern 1911 .45acp, and it was used and the time to hunt bear and elk. Not only did Thomas Jefferson have one, but the rifle was most famously carried by Lewis and Clark. In fact, the reasons credited for why the Natives never attacked the expedition, is because whenever they setup camp in a new area, one of the first things they did is demonstrate the Girandoni rifle’s capacity to the indigenous tribes. Just the threat of that kind of firepower kept them at bay. [5] 1777 gave us fully-automatic weapons Then there was the Belton Flintlock, which was demonstrated to Continental Congress during the Revolutionary war (1777), which stacked rounds in the gun (superimposed load), and fired them like a roman candle (either 8, 16 or 20 rounds). They would be expelled sequentially, anywhere from 20 to 5 seconds. This was a "burst mode" (automatic) weapon. Multiple rounds from a single trigger pull. But slow enough that you could control it and aim each shot. This lead to innovations like the Isaiah Jenning's repeating flintlock rifle (let them fire them one at a time). If these weapons of mass destruction were too dangerous for civilians, then why didn't the Founders pencil in restrictions against fully automatic weapons that were demonstrated to them before ratification? [6] Conclusion Many Founding Fathers lived well into the 19th century, not one ever thought to complain that technical advances were moving further than the 2nd Amendment (or 1st) should allow: that invention came in the second half of the 20th century, by collectivists that wanted to invent excuses take away our liberties. But that delusional construct has no basis in history, just in desire.
  8. ChileRelleno

    You can not fix stupid

  9. ChileRelleno

    You can not fix stupid

  10. ChileRelleno

    AK picture thread

    Liking the Maadi
  11. ChileRelleno

    AK picture thread

    I find that for both functionality and accuracy the Saiga and Arsenal are almost indistinguishable from each other. The Arsenal's offer the ease of buying the features I really want without having to modify the Saiga. Even when Saigas were $200.-300. it would've cost as much as an Arsenal to modify, and that hasn't changed. I do have fun converting/upgrading the Saigas though, very satisfying endeavors. The only place I give an edge to either is the finish, the Saiga's seems more durable, but I really need more time with the Arsenal. Short answer, whichever I grab first. I would like to move the .ver.21's FSB back and install a brake, or perhaps an SVD style. Thought about it many a time, unpinned it, measured the needed setback and stopped when I realized I'd have to have someone bore the FSB. And it keeps stopping there. Doesn't matter, I only shoot it scoped from the bench.
  12. ChileRelleno

    AK picture thread

    I haven't acquired a new long gun in awhile and figured it was past time to do so. I looked at my rather long Wish List and decided it was either going to be a AR15NM or an AK47. Several rifles caught my attention but i finally settled on a brand new Arsenal AK47 SLR-107FR. Top of the line Bulgarian stamped goodness, I'm happy as the proverbial pig knee deep in slops. And here she is with the rest of my AK platform long arms. Saiga ver.21 .308, Saiga 12g, Saiga AK47, Arsenal AK47 SLR-107FR
  13. ChileRelleno

    Friend's Property

    Got invited to hunt a friend's property over this last weekend in South Bama. Saw tons of does and youngsters and a fair number of young buck, spikes to 6pts. No bucks larger than the 6, but all were feeling the beginning of the rut. My son's buck came out on six does/yearlings we were watching, started showing off for the ladies, dirt was flying as he pawed around, had his head up in low overhanging branches, scraping and breaking branches, all the while grunting like a lovesick idiot. The does weren't impressed. My son took the 160# 6pt, I popped a nice doe and my buddy took a decent sow.
  14. ChileRelleno

    My Wife's Third Novel!

    Yahoo! My wife's third novel, 'Perilous Confessions', was officially released today. This is the first of an eight book series, 'The Possession Chronicles' a 'Southern Gothic Family Saga'. Come down on Jan 11th to The Haunted Book Shop during the January LoDa Art Walk and buy the book, plus you get to meet my fantastic wife/author and get the book signed. She's gonna be famous! Books #2 and #3 will be released during the Summer and Fall of this year. Event link on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thehauntedbookshopmobile/photos/gm.2240475459544814/376216003143732/?type=3&theater You can also buy it at Amazon. Click the link >>> Perilous Confessions