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  1. You better hope you've at least three months or more of food storage, and that no one finds out. The idea is to survive the initial crash, violence and die-off. Estimates are for 90% population losses due to all factors in SHTF.
  2. Great pic of Steve McQueen. He was a gun owner that loved handguns. Some cool pics of him at home posing with a favorite revolver, and with his wife shooting in the desert. https://www.thegentlemansjournal.com/article/story-behind-steve-mcqueens-revolver/
  3. This belly was salted and set in the fridge to dry 72+ hours before smoking. 12 hours before smoking it was dry brined, and 4 hours beforehand it was injected with a brine solution. Went in the smoker over hickory at 350° and I'll give it about 2 hours of smoke. Then it'll be moved in to a 475°-500° oven to crisp the skin. Out of the Smoker Out of the Oven, Crispy Chicharrone! Sauced and Back Into the Oven And the Finale Okay, this was the best PB I've ever cooked. Better than the best Burnt Ends, just incredible.
  4. ChileRelleno

    Birds and Bugs

    And the Thanksgiving feasting continues with some tasty birds and mud bugs. I picked up some nice boneless duck breasts from one of my local independent butcher shops, South Alabama Custom Meats. I paired it with some crawfish and the plan was etouffee. Smoked and Grilled Duck Breasts I had planned to finish these with crispy skins, but I had a brain fart whilst tending the grill and charred it to a crisp alright... Dang'it! But all was not lost, took the skins off and the meat was super succulent with a great flavor. 4 Duck breasts Rubbed with a mix of baking powder and salt, then left to air dry for 30 hours. I also injected the meat with a brine solution for the duration. Before cooking I scored the skin and rubbed them with a mix of Cajun spices. Then it was into the smoker at 180° until I had an IT of 100°. From there they went onto the grill to crisp the skin. And that is where I brain farted and charcoaled the skin. Heat too high and I put them on the main grates, fatty duck skin burns quickly. Oh well... Meat wasn't ruined by any means. I finished the meat to an IT of 150°, a nice medium. Very juicy, tender and flavorful. Crawfish Etouffee Make a roux of 1 stick of butter and 2/3C flour. Cook to a nice color like that of peanut butter. Add in your Cajun Holy Trinity, 1-1/2C finely diced onion, 1C finely diced Green bell pepper, 1/2C finely diced celery and cook till veggies start to soften. Add in 2C chicken stock, 1T minced garlic, 1-1/2C chopped tomatoes. I used a mix a Cajun spices to get a nice spicy flavor suitable for my palate. Bring it to a slow boil and then lower to simmering, add in crawfish and cook for another 10 minutes. Serve over white rice.
  5. So today is the first day of my multi day Thanksgiving feast. I'm alone at home and cooking for myself, no one else to worry about. Wife and kids are away in PA visiting family. I'll start this off with a first class Fiesta de Accion de Gracias, that's Thanksgiving Feast for all you gringos. :p There are two more meals planned, Smoked/Grilled Duck with Crawfish Etouffee Hickory Smoked Pork Belly with Crispy Skin Menu Carne Asada Arroz Mexicana Frijoles Verde/Serrano Chile Sauce Tortillas de maiz Carne Asada 4.5lbs Skirt steak marinated over night. Marinade I don't think any two of my marinades are hardly ever the same/ Sure, they're written down, but I do them by eye. Enough to cover my meat in the bag or bowl. Marinade Juice of 4 large limes 1/2C Orange juice 3T Soy sauce 3T Worcestershire sauce 3 large Jalapenos, finely minced 1/2 med Onion, finely minced 3T Garlic, minced 1/2C Cilantro, finely chopped 1T salt, pepper and cumin Green/Serrano Chile Sauce 1 27oz can of whole Green chiles 6 Serrano chiles 1T Garlic, minced 1/2C Cilantro, minced 1T salt Combine everything but cilantro in a blender, puree, stir in cilantro. Arroz Mexicana aka Mexican Rice <<< Link to thread Frijoles / Frijoles Refritos <<< Link to thread Today I browned all the trimmings from my pork belly and added them into the beans. After a several hours I pulled the pork and jalapeno out, minced them and returned it all to the pot. Final
  6. ChileRelleno

    Thanksgiving dinner is served.... or not....

    I'd be smacking the crap outta my cat if he did that... But he already knows better.
  7. As long as Dr. Reamy isn't a proctologist, it should be okay.
  8. Hillary for sure. Talk about the heebie jeebies, that biotch makes my skin crawl and get goose pimples, all my hair stands on end and my butthole puckers up tight enough to grab hold of couch cushions. Can ya imagine poor Bill when that woman said, "I'm pregnant." Now that, that had to have been terrifying. And Everytime he has to look at his buttfugly horse faced progeny. I can almost, but not quite, feel sorry for him.
  9. ChileRelleno

    Chile's Chipotle Chile

    I've enough for lunch and a snack or two tomorrow, maybe 3-4 cups leftover out of 2 gal It was pretty popular with the crowd in general. EDIT: Typo correction, 2 gal not 4 gal.
  10. ChileRelleno

    Chile's Chipotle Chile

    I tied with a couple of others for 4th in points. Which means exactly nada.
  11. ChileRelleno

    Chile's Chipotle Chile

    The skirt steak in marinade.