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  1. It eats "everything and anything". Oh sure it has it's favorites, it shoots from 2MOA at 25 yards to minute of man at 100 yards depending on the flavor de jour.
  2. LMAO, the first post tells ya what it is. K is for Kalashnikov P is for Pistol 9, well that is for 9mm
  3. I did SBR the KP9, it only took 22 days for an eFiled Form1 to come back Approved.
  4. I'm just egging on Flesh Wound. Socially distanced peer pressure.
  5. Best price I could find is $969.62 + $9.99 S/H from Hinterlands. Just hit the Request Price button. You know ya want one!
  6. Beef Wellington. A bit labor intensive, but well worth it, time well spent. I've learned that the three primary ingredients are all very important and worth every effort to do right. The Beef needs to be a center cut of tenderloin for it to be an even thickness and tender as butter. When you sear the beef have that pan smoking hot and use minimal oil. The Duxelles need to be minced pretty fine, all the liquid cooked or squeezed out and it should have a thick, pasty consistency. And lastly you should utilize an All-Butter puff pastry and keep it cold, work fast and re-chill as needed. I also learned that corners can be cut and many liberties taken with the recipe, and still you can turn out a delicious entree. Crepes, store bought crepes are great for easing the work load. Pate is nice, but not absolutely needed. The Menu Beef Wellington Grilled Vegetables Mashed Potatoes with Gravy Strawberries-n-Cream Crepes Beef Wellington Heavy on the salt-n-pepper. In a smoking hot CI pan, get a good sear and then back into the fridge to cool. You can brush the tenderloin with a good mustard if you wish. Make your Duxelles. Saute .5c of minced shallots and 2T of minced garlic in 3T of butter till opaque. Add in 1lb of minced shrooms, 2T chopped thyme leaves, generously salt them and add .5t white pepper and saute over med-high heat, stirring often till the shrooms release their liquid and then cook off the liquid. Add a little white wine and cook that off. Let cool in the fridge. Lay down your crepes. Add thin layer of pate, or thin sliced dry cured ham like Parma or Prosciutto. Atop that a thin layer of Duxelles. Then lastly your tenderloin. Roll like a burrito, wrap in plastic wrap and chill at least an hour to set. Roll out your puff pastry with plenty of extra, paint with egg wash. Place your 'Burrito' on the pastry and cover it, roll it, whatever, ideally you want the seams on the bottom. Trim the edges close, avoid double layers of pastry dough as much as possible, Seal the edges well, no holes, and egg wash the whole thing. Add a lattice work covering if you wish, or just add some decorative slits on the top. Into a preheated 400° oven, cook until the IT of the beef is 115°-125°, however done you desire. Pull it 5°-10° before your target temp as the IT will continue to markedly rise. The Gravy The gravy gets an honorable mention here, it was really good. That CI pan you seared the beef in, deglaze it with a bit of white wine. Add in 4c of chicken stock, stir and bring to a slow boil. Transfer to a small sauce pan, strain through a tight sieve or cheesecloth. Return to a rolling boil and reduce down to about 3/4c. Add in 3T of butter, a pinch of pepper and enough corn starch/water mix to attain your desired thickness. The Finale Strawberries-n-Cream Crepes So easy and so good.
  7. The Menu Frenched Rack of Pork Loin Baked Cheesy Mash Mixed Veggies Cream Cheese and Cherry Danish Frenched Rack of Pork Loin I love it when I see these bone-in pork loin racks at Costco. They cook up so nice, are very tender and taste great too. And with a little attention to detail they make a great presentation for dinner. First off, the meat packers don't have time or inclination to properly French the rib bones. Even using the string trick, getting a proper Frenching takes some detail work with a knife/shears. But the smiles and nods at the table make it worthwhile. French the bones, thoroughly clean them off and then cover with some foil. Season as desired and truss tightly for even cooking. Smoke at 250°-275° to an IT of 140°-142°, pull and rest, the IT should rise to 145° or a degree or two higher. For these I seasoned with fresh minced thyme, rosemary, basil, garlic and seasoned salt. Smoked them over a 50:50 mix of cherry/hickory. Baked Cheesy Mash I add generous amounts of grated Gruyere and Parmesano Reggiano to my creamy mashed potatoes. Options are adding caramelized onions and/or chopped bacon or ham. Place them into a casserole dish, egg wash the top and bake at 395° till piping hot and then broil to get color on the top. Cream Cheese and Cherry Danish Both tart and sweet cherries combined in a filling and laid atop a sheet of puff pastry. Cream cheese is then layered atop the cherries. The puff pastry is then closed and egg washed. Coarse sugar can be sprinkled on the pastry before baking if desired Bake in a 425° oven till the pastry is golden brown. A glaze can be added after the Danish has cooled down. The Money Shot
  8. Get the KR9... You'll love it. I just particularly wanted the Vityaz clone in this case, otherwise I'd gone PCC with the KR9 or another, The 16" barrel really gives it a lot more velocity and accuracy further downrange. 125 yard shots with my Beretta CX4 9mm PCC are easy.
  9. Doing yet another EXTREMELY Hot-n-Fast Brisket. 2.5 hours of mixed Hickory and Mesquite smoke at 275°-300°. Then kicking the temp up to 375°-400°. Once the IT hits 165° it'll be wrapped in paper, back into the 375°-400° and finished till probe tender. Bought a Costco prime packer, 21.69lbs, trimmed it weighed approx 17lbs. Rubbed with coarse Kosher salt, freshly cracked peppercorns and granulated garlic/onion. Wrapped overnight to let the salt brine into the meat a bit. Untrimmed Trimmed and Rubbed 2.5 hours in, flipped and raised the temp to 375°-400° Chef Snacks, Burnt Ends SBR, Honey and Butter Mmmmm! IT is 165° and its time to wrap [MEDIA=youtube]h9PvDDLt4tE[/MEDIA]
  10. Menu Smoked Chops with Apple Butter Glaze Green Beans with Bacon, Onion and Garlic Buttery Mashed Potatoes The Chops Extra thick chops wet brined and then smoke over cherry to an IT of 120° Then glazed and finished on the grill to an IT of 140°-145° The Glaze https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/apple-butter-glaze-sauce-for-pork.296500/ Grean Beans https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/green-beans-with-bacon-onion-and-garlic.284524/ The Money Shot
  11. Well it's not really foreign borne as it's made here in the USA. But it's heritage is pure Russian. KUSA KP9 Kalashnikov USA clone of the Russian Vityaz-SN aka pp-19-01. The closest we can get to owning a Vityaz-SN, PP-19 Bizon or Saiga 9. Purchased this from Atlantic Firearms on the 17th, arrived the 22nd. Went and picked it up from my FFL/range today. Gave it a going over, clean and lube, function check and loaded one round... BANG! Load the mag... BANG!BANG!BANG!... X's 30. Put 150 rounds through it, smooth as silk sheets. Overall fit and finish are first rate, no complaints... Yet. This gun absolutely begs to be SBR'd. I've a KUSA/SB Tactical 5.5mm Triangle Brace on order, as well as five more 30rd magazines. Odds are I'll file a Form 1 and SBR it, then put a proper 5.5mm triangle stock on it.
  12. I picked a lil'something up today. KP9. The 9.25" pistol version, a clone of the Vityaz-SN.
  13. I got a hold of a mess of farm raised quail and figured they'd make a wonderful Sunday dinner. The Menu Cherry Smoked Bacon Wrapped Quail Garden Style Saffron Rice Baked Apples with Ice Cream Cherry Smoked Bacon Wrapped Quail 12 Quail, washed, dried and dry brined for 18 hours 12 strips of bacon, partially cooked Season the quail and wrap in the bacon Smoke over cherry at 375° till juices run clear and thigh temps at 165° Garden Style Saffron Rice 2C Rice 4C Vegetable stock 1t Spanish Saffron 1C Mixed vegetables, frozen 4T Butter 1T Salt Steep the saffron in the vegetable stock while it heats to a boil. Add the butter, salt, frozen vegetables and rice, return to a boil then lower to fast simmer and cover. Cook for 25 minutes. Baked Apples with Ice Cream 7 Honeycrisp apples, large 7T Butter 3/4C Brown Sugar 1T Cinnamon 1/2C Walnuts, crushed 1/2C Dried cranberries, chopped Mix all except the apple and butter together. Core the apples without going all the way through, leave about a 1/2" bottom. Put 1/3 each tablespoon of butter in the apple. Fill apple with sugar mixture, tamp it down about 1/8" below the top of each apple. Top with rest of 2/3T butter. Smoke at 350°-375° over a nice fruit wood, I used cherry today. Cook for about an hour, don't overcook or it'll get mushy. The Finale
  14. Yep, gotta specify, tell them that you want the ribs cut as whole rack sections, Plate and Chuck. Ya get four, three bone sections of Plate, short ribs and two, four bone sections of Chuck, short ribs. For the back ribs either do bone-in Prime Rib aka Standing rib roast, or instruct them to debone the Prime Rib and add the leftover back rib meat into the grind for hamburger.
  15. Thanks Towtruck. These averaged 285° for 5 hours, and I cranked the heat to 350° the last hour, for a total of six. These were, 205° and 203° when pulled. While these were butter tender, tender/juicy brisket on a stick, the larger rack could have taken another hour to render some more fat and still been fantastic.
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