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  1. TXNative

    Cheap Range Ammo

    I was at the Georgia Arms factory Friday and picked up a 500rd can for 200 + tax. I was at the gun show in Atlanta on the 4th (picked up a brand new G-20SF) and was looking at the 500rd can, but decided to get 200rds in the 50rd packs (plus 100 JHP). A couple days later I changed my mind, so I stopped by the factory to buy a can. I'm set for 10mm now (at least for a few days). I was kinda over that way anyway because I was at the Glock factory getting night sights on my new G-20SF. TXN
  2. TXNative

    Rock River (You can do better)

    First, welcome to the forum. Second, Rock River's ads clearly state "substitutions or upgrades are not available for this promotion". This would automatically knock NY ( and a few other states ) out of any promotions. I hope you enjoy the rifle. I love my Rock River and have had nothing but great experience with them. TXN
  3. Sounds like the thing to do is buy the Enhanced FA/M-16 Chrome Bolt for Chris at Addax, like I did. You get a bcg mad by Young Mfg for Addax, assembled properly by Addax, warrantied by Addax, and staked by Addax. (In my best Madagascar II penguin voice) Problem solved. TXN
  4. IRS check came in and I finally made the changes to my Rock River that I have been wanting to do. This is what I ended up with... Rock River Arms Mid-Length Chrome Lined Barrel Smith Vortex Flash Hider Daniel Defense Lite Rail 9.0 A.R.M.S. #41-B Flip-up Front Sight A.R.M.S. #40-L Low Profile Flip-up Rear Sight EOTech 551 Holographic Weapons Sight Addax Enhanced FA/M-16 Chrome Bolt Carrier Group BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Rock River Arms 2 Stage Trigger Ergo Grip Rock River Arms Operator Stock Gear Sector Single Point Tactical Sling When I first bought my RRA it had the Half-Quad Free Float Rail. I was unhappy with how heavy it was and saw an inexpensive carbine upper from DSA. That meant that, after the changes to my RRA, I had an extra upper, BCG, stock, and charge handle. You know where this is going. I found a Delton lower for $89, picked up a lower parts kit from RRA and ended up with a vanilla carbine... This is how it starts...... TXN
  5. I just received an Addax Enhanced FA/M-16 Chrome Bold Carrier Group. Your web site says it is made by Young Mfg for Addax. The gas key is staked. Is this considered a Young product or an Addax product? Just curious. It's running perfect and I love it. It is waaaaay easier to clean. Thanks TXN
  6. I had the same problem (front heavy) with my Rock River Middy. I had the original Half Quad Free Float. It was a boat anchor. I just finished changing it out for a Daniel Defense Lite Rail 9.0. It made a world of difference. The Lite rail is a better choice to switch to from the Half Quad than the Omega. The Omega is designed to replace the stock handgaurd and uses the Delta ring assembly. The Lite rail is a true Free Float and comes with its own barrel nut (you do need a special wrench for it). I too have just finished all the changes I wanted on my Rock River (Thank You IRS). I will get pics up soon. TXN
  7. TXNative

    Eye protection

    I guess you can say I'm an Oakley addict. I usually wear my M Frames, but sometimes I wear my Half Jackets, or Flak Jackets, or Radars, or my Minute 2.0, or my Juliets. I did the math and found out I have enough $ in my glasses to buy a whole EBR. Oh well. TXN
  8. TXNative


    I have the EOTech 551. I know, I know the N batteries suck to find. But, I got mine almost brand new in the box for $300. I could not pass that up, and I like the smalled footprint. TXN
  9. TXNative

    FNG here.

    It may not have been such a bad thing you not getting the RRA Elite Operator. Everyone is different, but I can tell you my point of view. That Half Quad Free Float is HEAVY. I have one and (to me) its like having a boat anchor on the front of my beatiful EBR. Eventually I want to pull mine off for a DD FF. TXN
  10. I have a RRA Middy and it is butter smooth. I found the Half Quad FF to be a little heavy, so I bought a second upper. It is one of those DSA carbine uppers that were really cheap a while back. It did not come with a BCG, so for now I was going to use the one out of my RRA. I have a head space gauge, but they recommend pulling the ejector pin to get an acurate reading. That pin is a pain to get out, so I have not used it. I tried to see how it will camber a round from a mag. If you give it a good snap on the charge handle it goes right into battery. If you don't the lugs don't engage. Say you have a round cambered and you pull back the charge handle to see if there is a round in the chamber, ithe BCG will not go back all the way and the lugs lock when you let go. It only takes a very slight nudge on the FA to get the lugs to lock. On the RRA upper they go right in with out the FA. Should I be worried about this or am I GTG. Sorry this is so long. TXN
  11. TXNative

    How to remove the RRA half quad rail

    I have that same RRA Half Quad Rail. Heavy sucker ain't it? TXN
  12. TXNative

    Spare parts bin is talking to me

    I hear ya brutha. I bought one of those cheap DSA Carbine uppers they had a while back (I thought the FF on my RRA Middy was too heavy). I ended up deciding to stay with my RRA. Now, I'm thinking about finishing out the extra upper to a complete weapon. I was at the gun show Sat and they had RRA stripped lowers for $119. The only thing that kept me from getting one was they only had one guy doing paper work....AND HE WAS 2HRS BEHIND! Holy smokes. Now that I think about it, I really only need to find an inexpensive BCG for the second upper (for now at least). TXN
  13. TXNative

    Superior and Rock River Arms lowers

    PMags drop with no problem on my RRA. TXN
  14. TXNative

    question about nfa tax stamp

    I may be wrong (and I'm sure someone here will tell me if I am) but, I don't think you can "build" a full auto weapon. You can only "buy" a full auto weapon that is already in the system and get a stamp for it. Somebody out there tell me if I'm wrong. Thanks in advance. TXN
  15. TXNative

    Rock River

    I have a RRA with the Half Quad on it. If I had it to do again I would order a different rail. That RRA Half Quad weighs a TON. Now I have to pull the front sight off when I change that boat anchor off for a lighter rail. TXN