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  1. 1114

    silly mag question.

    Bet it would work.
  2. 1114


    Did that really sell for $2,200. Crazy.
  3. It would have the name Colt on the side for sure.
  4. 1114

    Here's the plan

    Sounds like a good deal.
  5. 1114

    Colt 6920 vs 6940

    I got the 6940
  6. 1114

    Rear Sight

    I like the Troy Industries. I got the FDE to match my rig.
  7. 1114

    Pistol grip screw

    I have been in that boat. 3 of one thing 0 of another.
  8. 1114

    Colt LE6920

    I got one for 800 from a really nice guy.
  9. 1114

    Pics of my new DPMS

    Cool rifle. Pics make me want to puke, but a very cool AR.
  10. 1114

    Some pics...

    I am saving my pennies for a tan eotech. I have black one but it is just not the same. Very impressive rifle.
  11. 1114

    Cash in hand...

    Looks nice to me.
  12. 1114

    Looky What Someone Has

    I like the shirt a lot. The AR is great too.