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  1. Valkyrie1911

    What Gun-Related Stuff Have You Done in the Past 48 Hours?

    I finished a build a few weeks ago, 12.5 AR pistol. I'm done for the rest of the year, doing some mods on the truck and a few reloading things.
  2. Mainly Facebook pages. Primary and Secondary, Geissele Master Race, Sage Dynamics Alumni page. I'm a member on other boards, but only use them for passive information gathering. I'm not active.
  3. Valkyrie1911

    Mexico carnage

    So who saw the video of the sicarios and cartels ambushing the Mexican Army/Police to free El Chapo's son? Rolling around with RPGs, Ma Dueces, Barretts, 249s, etc...Good to know all that stuff is right across the border. Something something, good people, something something, we don't need a wall There's one video, can't find it now, of cartel guys rolling around in a truck with a couple 249s, some ARs, AKs, and LAW rocket. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/el-chapos-cartel-launches-military-style-assault-on-mexican-forces-securing-his-sons-release-from-custody
  4. Valkyrie1911

    The situation in Syria

    Turkey is far from our ally and a hair short of full blown terrorist supporter. The issue is when people heard Kurds, they think the Pesh that have fought with us for decades, which is not true. The Kurds in Syria are different and while they did help with ISIS, they are a Marxist faction of Kurds that honestly have no allegiance. That being said, I think things have leveled out here within the last 48 hours, as I think there was a ceasefire established. Ultimately, its not worth the lives of our guys. Eventually we have to leave, otherwise we have a 3rd Afghanistan.
  5. Valkyrie1911

    Who else may have passed away?

    I'm not around as much, but still alive. I suppose Neil is still around, though I haven't talked to him since a way back Armory shoot. I'll have to post pics of that, it was years ago. I met up with Warlike again when I was in Airborne School in 2014. Nobody wants to come hang out in NC
  6. Valkyrie1911

    SS case ammo

    There's a lot of misconceptions about steel cased stuff. The case isn't the issue, its the bi-metal jacket on the round. This really isn't an "issue" it can just wear the barrel more quickly than copper jacketed. That being said, Hodge barrels have been tested with M855a1 past 70k rounds with no accuracy degradation. Ultimately, I wouldn't worry about running steel cased through a rifle. Barrels are cheap and the money you save can buy you a new barrel.
  7. Valkyrie1911

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Thanks! Just picked up a chrono 2 weeks ago, these are my first subsonic loads so I'm going slow.
  8. Valkyrie1911


    For sure. We've been trying to get out there for a while, but stuff always comes up. Just spent the weekend on Kerr Lake.
  9. Valkyrie1911

    Labor Day plans

    Today I did hurricane prep.
  10. Valkyrie1911

    Hurricane Dorian Chatter

    Hey guys, didn't see a thread on this. Just wanted to reach out and say if anyone needs anything, let me know. I'm in Eastern Central NC (Raleigh/Garner area). We will likely get wind and rain, but nothing major. Just picked up a new chainsaw, topped off the gas cans (20 gals and had 10 more at home), and tested the generator. Still need to fill up the propane tanks and secure the outside furniture. Luckily, our roof was damaged by a hail storm and we haven't had it replaced yet (check hasn't come back from the mortgage company yet), so if there is shingle damage, I won't care.
  11. Valkyrie1911

    Labor Day plans

    This was my weekend.
  12. Valkyrie1911

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    First 300blk load, seating die perfectly adjusted. 220gr Berry's Spire Point Accurate 1680 - specific grain weight TBD, probably 10.8-11gr
  13. Valkyrie1911


    South of Raleigh. My wife's cousin and her family live out on Lake Norman
  14. Valkyrie1911


    Congrats. I have to contact them about getting my rating increased. Should be fun. Turns out my "sleep disorder" is actually sleep apnea...something they would have known if they followed the civilian doc's recommendation of doing a sleep study when I got out. Make sure to take advantage of any benefits a rating gets you. For example, here in NC I can get lifetime hunting, inland and coastal fishing for $110 or $120. Still need to do that.
  15. Valkyrie1911

    Labor Day plans

    Nice. Anytime you're out Raleigh/Garner area, hit me up.