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  1. Valkyrie1911

    Hey Valkyrie1911

    Thanks guys. Just working from home, getting projects around the house done, finishing an 11.3 build and reloading. Got a local food truck coming to the neighborhood tonight to serve BBQ (just a coincidence its tonight).
  2. Valkyrie1911

    Fresh Meat Shortages

    One of our neighbors is a production manager at Butterball here in NC, they can't make stuff fast enough right now.
  3. Valkyrie1911

    Individual impact of shutdown

    We have cut our eating out down to about once a week. When we go, we try to leave a bigger tip than normal, but that probably won't last long. My job is pretty stable for now and I'm working from home. My wife on the other hand manages two dental offices which have effectively shut down. They haven't been ordered to, though the ADA recommended it, but the number of patient cancelling makes it not worth running at full capacity. For the time being, they are taking emergency patients only and hoping for the best. I think she told the doctors she would take a pay cut to help them save costs. At this point, we've cut out most of our discretionary spending aside from a few things. All our house projects are on hold. I'm surprised the markets are up after the extension to April 30th.
  4. Valkyrie1911

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Considering my bench is also my desk for working from home....lol. But I also stopped by the local gun shop and picked up a few things.
  5. Valkyrie1911

    What would you do differently?

    So, this is something that I have been mulling over in my head the past few days. I'm going to make a running list/journal/etc of things that I would do differently, weaknesses in my preps, things I want to add, things I don't need as much of, etc. All this will eventually blow over, the markets will come back, and 99% of us will be largely unaffected. I don't say that to be harsh, its incredibly unfortunate that anyone is lost to this virus, especially when it was preventable, however we also have to think about the future. My list is long and I'm adding to it daily. I'm switching my focus from buying new, shiny toys to building security. I have portable HAM radios, but I need to get my license and I want to put together a home setup. Also want to add a mobile rig to the truck. I need to increase my ammo supply and reloading components. I want to build a working pantry with a complete 6-12 month supply of food. My parents are moving down here soon and my mom has expressed a desire to start canning, beekeeping, and raising chickens.
  6. Valkyrie1911

    Gun sales in Tennessee halted

    I haven't been to the local shops yet. Also have a buddy that runs one about 30 minutes away. I will say that here in NC, as long as you have a valid CHL, you don't need a background check. Just fill out the 4473 and walk out the door. Right now I'm on a strict budget as we may soon be down to just my income if the wife has to keep the offices closed past April 6th (they voluntarily closed yesterday until the 6th, but she'll be working on admin shat and they're still doing emergency dental procedures. She told the doctors she would work at a reduced salary for now, which is better than nothing).
  7. Valkyrie1911

    Community and Coming Together

    I will help my neighbors, but.... My wife comes first. I didn't prepare for the whole neighborhood, I prepared for US. I have extra and if someone is really in need, I will help. However I warned people back when this shat was still in China, that it would get bad if it made it here. If people didn't listen, that not my problem and its not something I will put my family in jeopardy for. That being said, living in hurricane land, most people have extra food on hand and we have a lot of former .mil.
  8. Valkyrie1911

    I need to vent...I hate people

    The biggest thing I'm worried about is guns and ammo and retirement. I'm good for the short term, but I was starting to ramp up production for future stores (I want 20k of 9 and 5.56/223 and 5k of sub 300blk on hand plus the ability to roll that much in components). That isn't going to happen at the moment, especially with the wife's job in limbo. And I have a sinking feeling Trump will not win re-election now. Retirement wise, my 401k is dying, BUT I forsee it going back up....prayerfully. The question is does it ever get back to where it was....I feel for my parents and everyone around retirement age that's losing money. Thankfully they're so diversified and had extra money on hand, they're going to flood their investment funds and buy low for when it rebounds.
  9. Valkyrie1911

    I need to vent...I hate people

    Yep, we have two ponds within walking distance, one is actually a rather large reservoir. Both would be sufficient for indefinite water supply. I do have bottled water on hand as well, but obviously that only lasts so long.
  10. Valkyrie1911

    I need to vent...I hate people

    Went to Walmart after work yesterday. Needed Food Saver bags and dog food. They had a lot food still, so I picked up a few extra things. Got box of chicken at the butcher for pickup today. 50lbs of rice and 60lbs of assorted beans are ready for storage. Have 6 months of dehydrated food for real emergencies. We're good for about 6+ months
  11. Valkyrie1911

    I need to vent...I hate people

    People have lost their damn minds. Grocery store had no chicken, no potatoes, limited veggies and fruit, no ground beef, limited other beef, no pasta, no rice, limited soups, no eggs, no milk (except organic, which we drink), very limited frozen veggies. My parents sent me pics from Ohio grocery stores they went to, no meat, no seafood, no bread, no milk, no veggies, no fruit.
  12. Valkyrie1911

    I need to vent...I hate people

    Yeah, but it's never enough. I'm not even to my desired minimums, but I have more than most I suppose. Wife and I got big raises so we were going to start paying shat off (cars, interest free loans loans from buying furniture and stuff) and now that's gone out the window. I'm putting all my builds and plans on hold until this blows over. Hopefully the VA stays funded, if so we can survive on my income and that for the time being. And I was finally starting to get time to shoot again. Now I'm focused on stashing as much as possible, but I dont want to spend money. And about the time it blows over, election panic starts.
  13. Valkyrie1911

    I need to vent...I hate people

    Also, someone should give the filter a pat on the back, it worked overtime on that post haha
  14. Valkyrie1911

    I need to vent...I hate people

    I need to vent and I can't do it on the book of face. What the freaking hell! All these freaking tards running around buying all the freaking TP they can get their hands on. It's not bad enough you dried up the freaking mask market. The masks are useless and now my wife has a 3-4 week supply at the offices, after which if they can't get more they'll have to shut down. So congrats, you've freaked people out of their jobs so you can waste freaking resources and still be in the same damn position you were before. Now there's a freaking run on ammo. Distributors are out and stores are selling out right and left. I thought we'd be ok, since even though it's an election year, clearly Trump is going to win. Nope, all these freakers are buying up ammo. I freaking hate people.
  15. Valkyrie1911

    Start of another build

    5.56. This build is actually backburnered now. I shot my buddy's Hodge Defense and now I'm focused on building it first. Lol. Hodge isn't cheap and his parts are hard to find, but I just need the 14.5 barrel and the upper is done. On the wait list at one of the only shops that carry his parts, should be here this spring.