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  1. Ignore the "right wing" bullshat. Different vantage point and longer video, if you have FB. https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=726145031563748
  2. I know he's out west in one of those Pacific states. If its anything like it was here, my FIL was working his normal shift at the courthouse and then going out at night with the riot squad, getting off at 2-3am and turning around to do it all again the next day. Weekends were almost all spent on riot detail. Hopefully he's staying rested.
  3. This is Sig Sauer Germany, which is a separate entity from Sig Sauer USA. At least according to the article I saw.
  4. I think there's an 8pm curfew in Raleigh tonight, but they've already started. She called her insurance agent to find out what she should do to document the offices (dental) in case they got vandalized. He said he was heading into Raleigh to look at some other businesses that were damaged and turned around because they were already gathering and that was around noon.
  5. All quiet here for now. We're about 20-25 minutes outside Raleigh. FIL is a deputy on the riot squad and is basically on 24hr duty. He got back at 4am this morning and is already back out there. I picked the wife up from the airport yesterday, rolled with a handgun and an AR as I was taking freeways around the city. It was uneventful, but my wife asked what to do if people were trying to get into the car and there were people blocking the road. I told her to put the pedal to the floor and not stop until she was out. She never carries and said she wasn't going to today, but this morning had me pull out her 43 and a spare mag. I really wanted her to take my truck (I'm still working from home), but she likes her MDX. Anyway, last night all the Walmarts in a 20-30 mile radius shut down at 5pm due to issues of looting at their locations. One of our neighbors is a volunteer FF, said one had 2 cars burning in the parking lot, they had called in all staff, and local PD was surrounding the outlet mall about 30 minutes away due to rumors they were going to loot it last night. Luckily I went to the range on Saturday and confirmed zero on some of my rifles. Pretty much everything is loaded, but I doubt we'll see anything out this way. Our neighborhood is full of vets, a cop, and the majority own at least one gun. My house is referred to as "The Alamo" by the gun guys in the neighborhood
  6. Or neighbors both work in the processing industry, one for Butterball and the other is independent working in the hog market. The shortage isn't meat, its the processing plants shutting down or limiting production due to workers refusing to come in or being sick. Haven't talked to them in a few days, but last week several plants across the country were shutting down for deep cleaning. The one that works for Butterball posted that their plant is hiring, so hopefully that is a good sign. I was amazed at how much they process, in the millions of pounds. So because plants are cutting production, farmers have no where to go (often their agreements with the large corporations prohibit them from selling to smaller outfits, not that those smaller outfits could handle the load, but it would be better than nothing). A group of us in the neighborhood have reserved a cow from a rancher in Virginia (friend of another neighbor), looking at 300-350lbs of meat at $1.45/lb (steaks, roasts, ribs, etc). I'll be set for a year.
  7. Bert is a cool dude (from my interactions online). I've met Nick, Mat, and Rocco in person. The Free Range American podcast is really good one to watch as well.
  8. Don't go to the rally or protest? Its called personal choices. If people fall under the higher risk umbrella, they should social distance. There is absolutely no reason to allow the government to oppress the people, put people out of work, bankrupt businesses, etc. Also, this isn't going away. Not only are they starting to see re-infections, there are two known strains, and there's no evidence that immunity is even a sure thing. So do we keep the country locked down forever? That's the only move if "lock the country down to prevent spread" is the logic we're applying.
  9. They've cancelled my dad's followup cancer screenings...You know, non-essential shat.
  10. You're getting new cases because they're testing more people. The fatality rate in the US is .00008%.....I wouldn't care if it was 80%, that's not enough to strip people of their rights. The government has come in and said, "You can't work" to millions of people, including my father who was laid off today in an email. He's 59 years old and has been working since he was 14 freaking years old.
  11. Oh none of them are. The Sheriff of the county where Raleigh resides deemed guns stores "non-essential" and ordered them to shutdown. Two state senators told him he couldn't do that and then DHS said they were essential so he had to rescind that order.
  12. shats gonna get back here in NC. There was a protest at the state capitol on Tuesday, calling for Gov. Cooper to reopen NC. Cops came out and ordered the protest to disburse or be arrested. Told them protesting was "non-essential" and they were in violation of the EO and were causing a public health hazard. The video is below and the RPD Facebook page is getting lit the freak up. They then posted this response: "The goal of the Raleigh Police Department is to help residents remain as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic by reminding them to observe the Wake County Stay-at-Home Proclamation and the Governor’s Executive Orders. In these unprecedented times and unusual circumstances, both the Governor and the County have declared a state of emergency. Under these current and temporary declarations, protesting is not listed as an essential function. The Wake County District Attorney is the individual who decides charging language for failure to adhere to the Governor’s Orders and the Wake County Proclamation, when charging is appropriate, and what charges individuals may face for violating either one of these orders. However, as a law enforcement agency, the Raleigh Police Department is bound to carry out the regulations stipulated in the Executive Order and the Wake County Proclamation. But more important is the health and wellness of all who live in our community, including the officers who must engage in circumstances such as these. We simply want everyone to be safe during this very serious public health crisis. Any questions related to the arrest at the protest at the State Capitol should be directed to the arresting agency, the State Capitol Police." That didn't go over well either and people are lighting that post up. I'm just working from home, finishing builds, and reloading ammo. Probably going in on a whole cow with 3 neighbors, but damn I wish I had NVGs right about now. When all this shat blows over, I'm saving up for a set of dual tubes. https://www.newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/article241999131.html
  13. That was before I cut myself. After she about fainted at the sight of blood lol.
  14. Yeah iodine is best or alcohol. Just happened to have HP handy. Luckily med is like 5 minutes away if that, but I always have medical nearby.
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