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  1. Thanks everyone. Gonna have to start looking at walkers here pretty soon 😆
  2. Depending on their age, Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One by Benjamin Franklin is a great read, written with sarcasm. Here is an excerpt. "X. Possibly indeed some of them might still comfort themselves, and say, “Though we have no Property, we have yet something left that is valuable; we have constitutional Liberty both of Person and of Conscience. This King, these Lords, and these Commons, who it seems are too remote from us to know us and feel for us, cannot take from us our Habeas Corpus Right, or our Right of Trial by a Jury of our Neighbours: They cannot deprive us of the Exercise of our Religion, alter our ecclesiastical Constitutions, and compel us to be Papists if they please, or Mahometans.” To annihilate this Comfort, begin by Laws to perplex their Commerce with infinite Regulations impossible to be remembered and observed; ordain Seizures of their Property for every Failure; take away the Trial of such Property by Jury, and give it to arbitrary Judges of your own appointing, and of the lowest Characters in the Country, whose Salaries and Emoluments are to arise out of the Duties or Condemnations, and whose Appointments are during Pleasure. Then let there be a formal Declaration of both Houses, that Opposition to your Edicts is Treason, and that Persons suspected of Treason in the Provinces may, according to some obsolete Law, be seized and sent to the Metropolis of the Empire for Trial; and pass an Act that those there charged with certain other Offences shall be sent away in Chains from their Friends and Country to be tried in the same Manner for Felony. Then erect a new Court of Inquisition among them, accompanied by an armed Force, with Instructions to transport all such suspected Persons, to be ruined by the Expence if they bring over Evidences to prove their Innocence, or be found guilty and hanged if they can’t afford it. And lest the People should think you cannot possibly go any farther, pass another solemn declaratory Act, that “King, Lords, and Commons had, hath, and of Right ought to have, full Power and Authority to make Statutes of sufficient Force and Validity to bind the unrepresented Provinces IN ALL CASES WHATSOEVER.” This will include Spiritual with temporal; and taken together, must operate wonderfully to your Purpose, by convincing them, that they are at present under a Power something like that spoken of in the Scriptures, which can not only kill their Bodies, but damn their Souls to all Eternity, by compelling them, if it pleases, to worship the Devil."
  3. Seriously, if you guys don't have this book, you need it. Leather bound and $25 at Barnes and Noble. Currently reading through Benjamin Franklin's "Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One". https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-constitution-of-the-united-states-of-america-and-selected-writings-of-the-founding-fathers-various-authors/1107851374?ean=9781435139305
  4. Glad to hear all is going well. I just thought about ya the other day when I was going through some really old posts and the photos from the shoot in Kentucky.
  5. That's great news! My dad had prostate cancer in 2019. Luckily they found it early and surgery fixed it. For the first year he had screenings every 3 months. This year it will be every 6 months. Then every year I think....or maybe its every 6 months indefinitely, I can't remember. Praying that all it well and its all gone for good.
  6. Well at least you know the police response time...
  7. So your life is so pathetic you made an account, just to make this post. You need to find the nearest forest, walk into it, and apologize to all the trees for wasting the oxygen they produce.
  8. Got the case prep center setup and cleaned out the primer pockets on my 260 pieces of once fired factory Hornady brass. Now I just need to order a single stage press from Midsouth...Leaning towards either the Hornady or Forster. I really like the Forster, but if I get the Hornady classic, I won't be out any money since I have enough in gift cards to get it. And since all my dies are setup with LnL bushings anyway, its all plug n play. Now I just need an Annealz annealer.
  9. Not at the bench per say, but my parents came down to NC for our Christmas finally (I had covid right before they were supposed to come in December and with my dad having cancer last year, we played it safe). Scored a set of Redding Premium 308 dies, Frankford Arsenal case prep center, Hornady Concentricity setup, and a Hornady auto powder dispenser.
  10. All this and you didn't tell us what it is....
  11. Which would be super important if we weren't talking about flashlights. I already posted the videos of comparisons and target identification at distance and through various ambient lighting conditions. Keep using whatever you want, no skin off my back. But don't drag other people down by telling them facts aren't facts.
  12. That Larue should be really nice. If you didn't know, Vortex has a .mil/vet discount program. Its 40% off. Same with Leupold, I just signed up for that one because I want another LCO. Also, OP Tactical is local to me. Chris (the owner), is a really cool dude and always available to help. He's former 18 series. All the gear they carry is top notch (Crye, Hodge, Hesco, Spiritus Systems, Aimpoint, Modlite, etc) and dudes come up from Bragg all the time to get stuff. They're like 5 minutes from my office, which is not good for the wallet, but luckily I'm working remotely haha.
  13. You say that, but you aren't providing evidence on how its absurd. He literally shows how the light works on the range with different ambient lighting. And he clearly states he's not an expert, he is providing information based on the R&D that went into the light. I don't get the resistance to change. The light is, based on evidence, better than anything on the market at what it does. Yet we're arguing over BS. I'm just providing information based on personal experience and the experience of others. I guess this is today's irons vs optic debate.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUktx2GUE-s https://www.bigtexoutdoors.com/modlite-comparison/
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs3luZT6GqA
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