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  1. Valkyrie1911

    Global Warming My Azz !!!

    That's not how it works. The cooling is because of the warming and the warming is because of the cooling. Get with the program maaaaan...
  2. Valkyrie1911

    It's absolutely BS when...

    Yeah....you can't do that. But it would be a funny idea.
  3. Valkyrie1911

    Prioritizing gun funds

    That's the crux of the issue isn't it? Funds. This year I want to focus on building my reserves of ammo (5.56, 9mm, 300blk) by purchasing (5.56) or reloading (9, .357, 300blk). I also want to build the reserves of reloading components (brass, primers, bullets, etc). I also want to finish my CZ Scorpion build and my 11.5 AR. Additionally I got the bug to build a few cheap rifles (for about $1200 I can get two PSA 10.5" kits, two Sig Romeo 5's, two Anderson lowers, two CMC flat triggers).
  4. Valkyrie1911

    Power Pistol

    Also, I have heard a lot of great things about TItegroup. I think I'll pick up a 1lb bottle just to work load data so I have it on hand. That way I can stock multiple powders. I mostly only load 9mm for handgun, though .357 mag will be coming shortly.
  5. Valkyrie1911

    Power Pistol

    I bought a pound of PP and Unique. Used up the PP and had no issues. I will agree it requires a higher charge, fills up a 9mm case about 3/4s of the way with the charge I was using, but I always knew I had a good charge at a glance and used a powder cop die. It show relatively clean as well. I'm now using Unique and it works well also. I have quite a bit more of it right now, an 8lb jug in addition to the 1lb bottle I bought originally, plus a 15lb keg I got from my step-FIL. Its about 30 years old, but looks good (will test) and from all my research Unique has been the same forever. My 9mm load for PP was: 115gr lead cast bullet 6.5g PP CCI SPP OAL - 1.121-1.124
  6. Valkyrie1911

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    I've never used it. I'll check it out.
  7. Valkyrie1911

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Yeah, 9mm. Was using 6gr of Unique.
  8. Valkyrie1911

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Well lets try this again since I can't edit the last one. Tested out a new load for 6gr of Unique behind a 115gr round. So Alliant's website listed 6.3gr, I backed it down to 6gr and that was still too much. Think I'll load some to 5.5gr and see how they run.
  9. Valkyrie1911

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Went through and did some labeling and organizing of my 9mm ammo. Also loaded some rounds with Unique to take to the range this weekend. Alliant's load data says 6.3gr, I started with 6gr, but damn it almost overflows the case. Power Pistol only hit 3/4s so as the cases progressed, the little jerk as the detents go into the hole never bothered the powder. Now it spills out. I'll have to figure out how to remedy that. Otherwise, all good to go.
  10. Valkyrie1911

    Powder coating lead bullets

    Look at Gallant Bullets. I have some 300blk 165gr and 220gr from them. Quality is good and the price is right. I think their 9 is $66/1k, which is like $6 more per 1k than what I have found uncoated for. Also, Ammoseek.com has a section for reloading components that is very handy as well. And yeah, just let me know. I still have several thousand to do, so its no problem at all to get yours done. Just shoot me a message if you want to go that route.
  11. Valkyrie1911

    .300 BO brass jig

    I use this one. Same concept as the SD it looks like. I've only tested it. Haven't started running large volume yet. https://www.zepreloading.com/store/p3/300_AAC_Blackout_case_cutting_jig.html
  12. Valkyrie1911

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Have perfected (for my needs), my bullet coating. Got 800 rounds loaded over Monday and Tuesday. Now out of Power Pistol, so I have some loads to play with for the Unique I have on hand. Picked up a sleeve (damn Cabelas) of small rifle primers to start loading some test 300blk ammo, but really can't do that until I get a chrono. For now, just focusing on reloading 9mm.
  13. Valkyrie1911

    Powder coating lead bullets

    If you want, if you don't plan on doing any more lead rounds and you want these coated you can just send them to me and I'll do them for you. Just cover shipping back.
  14. Valkyrie1911

    Powder coating lead bullets

    Yeah, can't beat free. I personally reload a lot of 9mm, so I was more just throwing that out there if quantity was your goal. All barrels will lead. Polygonal barrels that the Glocks use (Gen 1-4) are worse about it. 500 rounds will lead a good bit, but nothing some elbow grease won't cure. Additionally, if you're going to shoot it over time, get some jacketed ammo and shoot like 50 rounds of jacketed at the end of each session while the barrel is still hot. It should get MOST of the lead out and make cleaning easier. That is up to you. I would, but again, I shoot almost exclusively reloads in 9mm. It may not be worth it for you, if you don't normally shoot lead rounds and you just happened on these for free. The container of polymer coating I bought will do like 60k rounds. I probably won't even use it all, as I plan on just buying all my bullets pre-coated from now on.
  15. Valkyrie1911

    Powder coating lead bullets

    This is the stuff I use. No special equipment required. http://hi-performancebulletcoatings.com/hi-tek-supercoat-liquid/ I built a drying rack out of wood and screen material from Lowes. I need to add 2 supports, which will effectively make 3 separate areas, which will help when I start running multiple batches. Follow the directions that come with the coating, they're very simple and the guy is very helpful if you have questions. Once the mixture is made, put bullets in your mixing container and put in the appropriate amount of coating. I found that about 5-10 ml works for 150-200 bullets. The key is thin coats, so it drys fast and even, without being rough. Once you put the coating in, shake the bullets around (don't shake for too long they get sticky and it makes the coating rough). You'll know if you've shaken too long, don't worry, they aren't ruined if you do, but next time lessen the time. I found 10-15 seconds is enough. Dump them out on the screen and allow to air dry. They should be dry and not tacky before putting into the oven. I picked up two cheap toaster ovens on Black Friday. While this limits the size of my batches, it still handles 100-150 rounds at a time. Main thing is you want the bullets flat (not laying on each other, ok if they touch) and do not bake too long. I found that for MY toaster oven, 5-7 minutes at around 375-400 degrees works best. I melted a few when I followed the 8-10 minutes at 425 in the instructions (a good reason to only start out with batches of 10 or so). Once the baking is done, put them back on the drying rack and let cool. This is where separate areas on the drying rack will come in handy, as you could have another batch ready to go in the oven if you want (just don't mix them up). Once they are cool to the touch, you can repeat the coating process, I have found that 3 light coats works best for me. Drying rack. My first batch, that was rough. Next batch that came out good. Some of my reloads. I've done 800 in the past two days. I also have about 200 rounds of the rough coating ones that I'll be shooting at the range this weekend (if I can get out to do so).