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  1. Wow people like you, Sarge and the like make me sick. I love how you all think your better than everyone else, your the bottom of the barrel. lower than pond scum. The church is a crooked business filled with hypocricy beyond my tolerence. I wouldn't trust a priest or any holy roller for that matter with so much as a holding on to a dollar bill let alone my children. I love hearing how people like Sagre and Rampy telling people how great the church is....I mean that just takes the cale right there. I can't stop laughing at how pathetic people like you are and how anyone can take people like you seriously. You actualy give the human race a bad name.
  2. I agree but they are exposed to children, and they are easy targets for these vermin. The threat level is lower with kids than adults. And you the church pays to protect them. The church relocates them to new areas and they go about thier business till they get caught and just move them again.
  3. Its about time, maybe they will stop molesting little boys if they can get laid.
  4. We must show that we are willing to do anything to show the Muslims we are on their side.
  5. Guy probably left your house and told everyone what a nut jub you were.
  6. Thanks but Sarge didn't wish me a happy birthday
  7. BS X2...Pain drugs DO NOT STOP INFECTIONS!!!! You probably cant handle pain thats why you like drugs. I had major colon surgery and went thru 30 pills and just dealt with it. Pain pills can mask pain and you are likely to re-injure yourself. Just because a Doctor prescribes you pain meds does not mean you need them.
  8. Get well...stay away from the drugs if you can. They can't lead to any good.
  9. Problem solved...no guns for black people, that should make Harry Happy.
  10. That is funny only because you know some idiot would acyually make sense of that statement.
  11. Jesus same story...but at least they have .22, have you purchased from them in the past?
  12. After going to my local shop for the last couple of weeks and coming up empty handed from .22 to .223 and everything in between I am looking for alternatives. If your buying on-line who do you like and who should I stay away from?
  13. He was running from the cops and got run over...I would have left him.
  14. We must be related...I keep everything in ammo cans. I love that I can label them and utilize the space.
  15. Congrats.. Don gets that done in a day
  16. Bread & Water is all they deserve. They got a roof they are doing good enough for me.
  17. Biggest return of my life this year, I would pay to get my W2 back sooner
  18. Does this give you hope that we will catch bigfoot on video one day?
  19. Man you gotta be pretty motivated to get that fat in the first place...
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