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  1. HarleyD1259

    DMPS LR308 AP4 Bolt Catch NOT Catching Bolt

    Gents, I received the .308 buffer and spring from DPMS yesterday...and of course that did the trick....the bolt catch does "catch" the bolt face now...amazing what happens when you use the correct parts. Thanks again for everyones' input and advice. Now it's time to go to the range. Semper Fi.
  2. HarleyD1259

    DMPS LR308 AP4 Bolt Catch NOT Catching Bolt

    I just went to the DPMS website and ordered a "308 buffer spring and 308 buffer" hopefully that will do the trick. I'm only out $14.00 for the wrong buffer and spring...hopefully this will take care of the problem. Thanks again to all that helped.
  3. HarleyD1259

    DMPS LR308 AP4 Bolt Catch NOT Catching Bolt

    Thanks gentlemen...I'll check it out....I have an email out to the vendor that I bought the buffer spring and buffer to verify if they are 308 but I doubt it....thanks again for the advice and info...I appreciate it.
  4. HarleyD1259

    DMPS LR308 AP4 Bolt Catch NOT Catching Bolt

    SSGN DOC and Warlike, Thanks. I will double check. I did order the parts from a vendor advertising the .MagPul 308 PRS and the MagPul box label had .308. I bought the standard buffer tube, buffer and buffer spring from the same vendor at the same time that I bought the 308 PRS but will call him tomorrow to confirm that they are compatible with the 308 PRS. So is a buffer and spring is either 5.56 or 308 specific? The standard buffer tube is the same for either one of these calibers isn't it? A commercial tube wouldn't fit in a mil-spec lower receiver like the DPMS LR308 AP4 would it? I may go ahead and put the collapsible stock back on to see if it fixes the problem and go from there....will call the vendor that I bought the PRS modifcation parts from too. Guess I should have just bought a SASS in the first place and be done with it.....but it's fun to buy and put stuff on the rifle myself...I'm sure you know what I mean. Thanks again for your inputs. I appreciate it. HarleyD
  5. HarleyD1259

    DMPS LR308 AP4 Bolt Catch NOT Catching Bolt

    hsracer...no not yet. I broke the AP4 down to look at the bolt catch, and the bolt carrier group components....one thing I never noticed before was a beveled edge on the bottom of the bolt carrier which comes in contact with the bolt catch. The edge is beveled at a horizontal angle which looks like it would not allow the bolt catch to hold the bolt to the rear.... I am going to take a look at my AR15 bolts and also going to look at the DPMS catalog to find pictures of 308 bolts. I will try to post a picture of my bolt carrier with the beveled edge when I get a chance....it seems to me that I haven't had problems with the bolt catch before but I've only fired my .308 AP4 about three times....I never noticed an issue like this before. May resort to changing back to the carbine stock to see if that changes anything Thanks again.
  6. I recently installed a MagPul 308 PRS on my DPMS LR308 AP4. When I took it to the range to sight in my scope I noticed that the bolt catch would not hold the bolt to the rear when the catch was depressed in the down position. If I could get the bolt catch to hold, it would only be for a couple seconds and the bolt would slam home if the charging handle was pushed forward into the stowed position....bolt could not be kept to the rear at all and had to be manually held open in order feed rounds. I also had difficulty getting the rounds to strip out of the magazine and feed into the chamber...they would miss feed and jam. I was able to manually feed single rounds in order to sight in my rifle and the rifle was shooting like a nail driver as usual but a single shot - hand fed AR is not what I need or want. Did not have any issues with the bolt catch or magazine feeding before the PRS modification but not sure how it correlates...is the standard spring to strong compared to the carbine spring? I wouldn't think so but hoping one of you experts could help me figure out my major malfunction....thanks.
  7. HarleyD1259

    discount for LEO/EMS/Fire/MIL

    Addax Tactical (10%) Weapon systems, components, accessories Spike's Tactical (10%) Weapon systems, components, accessories Del-ton Firearms (5%) Weapon systems, components, accessories Offer Military/LE Discounts. Just have to email or call them and email a copy of your credentials.
  8. HarleyD1259

    Sonju Lowers

    I would buy one.....sounds like a great deal for a very nice lower.
  9. HarleyD1259

    Range Time

    tailend..... What is his military special? I wish him a fulfilling and safe Marine career. It goes by fast. Semper Fi.....GET SOME!
  10. HarleyD1259

    Daniel Defense M4

    Gents, thanks for all the input on the Daniel Defense M4. Chris I appreciate your feedback on DD. I'm pretty set on getting your GPU once I know for sure that my Spikes Tactical lower receiver is compatible. Could you give me a hint to how long the production cycle takes to receive one of your GPU uppers once the order is received? Just wanting to see what the timeline is in relation to my return back to the US. If it is up to 15 weeks turnaround it would definitely be better to order sooner than waiting until I return. I am really looking forward to putting the parts together for a full up shooting machine!
  11. HarleyD1259

    Daniel Defense M4

    Chris, Thanks I will give you a call. I just ordered a Spikes Tactical lower receiver and was hoping that it would be compatible with your GPU upper...I'm thinking it would but just want to make sure (kind of late since I ordered the lower receiver already)...I'm ready to order an upper. Thanks again -
  12. Very funny...I love MADTV Thanks for showing the link. Yes, Kim Jong Il is crazy and didn't get enough lov'in from mommy and daddy when he was growing up...so he needs someone to kick his a$$ to make him grow up and join the other adults in the world who are world leaders.
  13. HarleyD1259

    Daniel Defense M4

    Very very nice looking rifle... Thanks for the info....I'll call Chris when I get back to the US.
  14. HarleyD1259

    Daniel Defense M4

    jchtrh, Thanks. I just looked at the Addax site. I really like the GPU and think I may go that route since I wanted to get a gas piston system anyway. Could you tell me which type of lower you went with? Also did you order your Addax before the big gun rush or after? Just wondering if the 15 week lead time is accurate. I appreciate your info on Addax.
  15. HarleyD1259

    Daniel Defense M4

    Do any of you gents happen to own or have seen reviews for the Daniel Defense M4? I've only been able to find one review online by a police officer but he had not had an opportunity to do a range review. The rifle seems to go for about $1569 to $1599. Rainier Arms carries them for $1599. From what I've heard, Daniel Defense products are top notch and worth the money if you can afford them. I did a thread search in the AR-15 Armory but did not see anything providing a range report. If the quality of the DD M4 is anything like it's other products hopefully it will be a success. The price tag looks a little high but I think after you take a stock AR and add the "extras" it will be comparable to the DD M4 (but this is coming from a newbie that is just getting into ARs and has done just a little online research for his next AR). Hoping you Armory warriors my have some knowlege on this rifle and if it's worth the price tag. Thanks! __________________________________________________________________ Blaming a firearm for a violent crime is like blaming my pencil for misspelling words.........people need to be held accountable for their actions not the firearm What the hell is an "Assault Weapon"? When a car driven by a drunk driver kills an entire family in a mini-van does that make the drunk driver's car an ASSAULT WEAPON? When is the government going to BAN vehicles as ASSAULT WEAPONS? "Assault Vehicles" kill more people every year than firearms.