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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the tips. Oh yea those Fort Knox safes are nice. Checking those out and the Liberty ones. I believe the ones at Gander are made by Liberty.
  2. Any recommendations for a decent gun safe for home use? Need it to hold 3 long guns and a couple of handguns. But with the 2 new stripped lowers I picked up, I think I may need something larger. Just wondering what you guys are using and are happy with. Seen some great safes at like Gander but some are real expensive. I don't want to buy the cheapest, just want the best value for my buck. Thanks Blindgoose
  3. Nice looking rifle SiG That is the type of setup I'd like to do with my first AR.
  4. Picked up 2 stripped lower receivers today. They are both LCW and forged by Superior. Just making a wish list now of all the other parts I need. Love to build one with the Addax gas piston upper.
  5. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and advice. Checking out the Addax now. I like the GPU, I think that is what sig sauer 556 uses. Well that type of system. Easier to clean, and more reliable. Just what I'm looking for Will do more reading tomorrow and see what my options are. TigerStripe, reading your review now of the Addax 11.5 inch side charger gpu. Real nice.
  6. Thanks, was just on the one forum thread with everyone's pics of their AR-15s. Some great photos, Will try to have my picture up before summer is here.
  7. Hi, Been watching the forums here for a bit now. Some excellent info here. Plan on building my own AR-15 soon. I plan on buying a stripped lower soon. I'll go with the standard 5.56 nato, be able to use that and the .223 rem ammo. Also looking at going with .308 though. Just wanted to say thanks for all the info and tips. Sure are a lot of options parts wise. Searching the distributors online though, its just hard to find parts in stock. Looking at grabbing a LMT stripped lower. I'll end up buying a complete upper because I just don't feel confident about assembling the barrel to the upper. Figure I'd save money by not having me messing something up. When I do buy the upper, if I decide to go with .308 or .556, they would both work with the LMT lower I bought correct? I think thats correct but want to make sure. Anyhow, look forward to meeting you guys. I'm usually quiet though. Army veteran and a retired firefighter. Just looking for a very reliable rifle that is easy to clean, never jams, and can shoot targets from 300 yards. I'd like to shoot at the range twice a month.
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