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  1. Your welcome! and uhhhh.. WOW! thats some great grouping. congrats. it sure is great fun
  2. cool thanks. it always felt a little weird skipping that subforum when checking this thread.
  3. thanks! back in 2009 when i started this post, there was no "rimfire" section. i wonder if it should be moved.....
  4. shooting at that range was AWSOME. i didnt get it on video but i could get about 4-5 rounds off before the first one hit the steel at 300 yards. its like...... pow, pow, pow,pow,pow..... ding!,ding!,ding!,ding!,ding! about 1 second delay.
  5. the vids in post #27 are out to 300 yards. i cant explain to anyone who hasnt experienced it how much therapy shooting at that range brings me. the ammo is federal "automatch" 325 round bulk ammo from walmart. cheap but my rifle really likes it. the barrel is a volquartsen match comp. the trigger is jewel. thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement!!! this is some of the greatest stuff outdoors!!
  6. if anyone tries to make one of these, please post so pics so i can see some ways to improve it.
  7. thats a good idea. simple to add on and will not be to bulky. sorry for all the referances to my finger. it was pretty bad.
  8. thank you. i though that folks would like to make one. it was fun to me and it works really well.
  9. just noticed it and it sure seems like a milestone!
  10. well here is a design i made over one night in the workshop. it is easy to build and works really well. i hope you are able to make one if needed and it makes your life easier. http://youtu.be/VqIZic9FIpY
  11. got this one on order for next week.... http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/sto...playErrorView_Y
  12. well.. thanks for all the input but i think im stuck on the .45 acp smith. it will be a great shooter and will still fit within my caliber collection. (hate having tooooo many calibers)
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