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  1. I'm anxious to hear more about this. Ive read on here before to stay away from Blackthorn. Seems that may be out the window.
  2. gernade


    does anyone know how to advertise on this site? Thanks
  3. Sure appreciate your hard work in compiling this list. We have some real sharp people.
  4. I use a black magic marker, indelible type for small fixes.
  5. I really enjoyed this discussion and learned a lot from all. Thanks
  6. Keep it! You'll be glad you did.
  7. I'm in the market too. I never thought of the added advantage of personal papers, jewlery etc. Thats a selling point to share with the wife!
  8. goodluck maybe I'll see you out there. have fun.
  9. I have a stainless rancher I carry in a scabbard on my horse. I've shot a lot of Coyotes with it and ground hogs too. I like it and I ain't worried about it getting wet and dirty, my horse liks it too.
  10. I think Fox just has him to make everyone else look even better than they are.
  11. God bless your son. Hes a brave man, and so are you. Also that was a great part of the show.
  12. I haven't got over old yella from 50 years ago. No way could I see this one.
  13. I have the curve with a otterbox case. I love it. My wife has an I Phone and I'd take my curve any day. I use it as a tethered modem for my laptop, it takes great pictures and video, has full internet, lots of apps and it kicks ass as a mp3 player especially if you get a mirco sd card so you have plenty of room for tunes and photos. Do it man! Just do it!
  14. Turn up the voltage for these creeps.
  15. Great list. I've worked on this off and on for years. Thanks!
  16. Good morning. 2 cups down the hatch.
  17. I looked at the troy drop in rail, do you have any further comments about it? The price is really decent.
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