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  1. Frankensteiner

    Books you wish were turned into movies

    Did ya ever see the Green Mile? That was a great film, spot on with the novel. True that sort of thing is super rare, but not all books get ruined by hollywood.
  2. Frankensteiner

    NASCAR vs Coyote

    I'll bet that coyote didn't feel a thing. I'd hate to be the guy that has to clean it out of there.
  3. Frankensteiner

    Last Vote for Inspire's New Name Contest

    Hey if it won't fit it should be The Hoff. It got more votes than StrokerAce.
  4. Frankensteiner

    new guy

    to the Armory. We understand that "itch".
  5. Frankensteiner

    A special service announcement from the 50's

    I have seen this before. Makes me chuckle.
  6. Frankensteiner

    Do you have a Bank of America Account?

    thanks for that information evo, I did business with them for a long time and the way I was treated by the bank was atrocious. I stayed with it for so long cause it was easier than tryin to switch and I thought I had them figured out... Oh well you live and learn. As far as bailing out Merrill lynch, why did they pay the Merrill execs huge bonuses before they got the tarp money? Insulate themselves from the mess? I don't buy it. They are just as greedy as the other big players that crashed and burned. If they were so insulated, they wouldn't have needed the bailout. USAA FSB didn't take a penny from Uncle Sam. Granted they don't service the number of people that BofA does, but how come the largest banks all got tens of billions of dollars? Sounds like they had just as much "toxic assets" on the books as most of the other big banks. Sorry, I get worked up about BofA.
  7. Frankensteiner

    Do you have a Bank of America Account?

    If that's the case, why bother having it, it's just a risk that they will charge you fees. I had a checking and savings acct with them and it wasn't my primary checking and they charged me a "maintenance fee" and then overdrafted the acct to pay for their "fee" the fee was in error and it was the final straw me having to go in and talk to a manager to get it fixed. This new development just reinforces my decision to close all of my accounts with them and I REFUSE to do business with BofA or any of their affiliates and recommend to anyone that will listen to dump and boycott them. Their customers are just numbers with dollar signs to them. If that entire company crashed tomorrow, I would have a party. Why should they care? They just take your money and then get 43 Billion in tax handouts (tarp). Fuzz the fuzzin fuzzers!!!! All of them.
  8. Frankensteiner

    I am a Crime-Fighting Machine! (UPDATE!)

    page All I saw was that pic in your sig line. Do you need the address to send me a new keyboard? Edit: ding
  9. Frankensteiner

    I am a Crime-Fighting Machine! (UPDATE!)

    :thumb: Hell yeah WW. I need a neighbor like you dude. Rock on
  10. Frankensteiner

    Someone breaks into your house...

    +1 yep I agree. I'd rather it be the invader instead of me, but like oak said " if he lives long enough to pull the trigger" anything can happen and that would be a high stress situation any way you slice it.
  11. Frankensteiner

    Someone breaks into your house...

    I don't know about anyone else, but if the BG is in my home despite the warnings signs that someone is inside, they have forfeited their lives. I don't have time at 3am in my underwear to try to guess at some shathead home invaders intentions, nor do I care. I will defend myself and my family with lethal force if need be. Being a home invader, that's a risk they take. Furthermore, I believe that my rights end where another persons begin. I will not bother to assess the invaders possible equipment or intentions I would be very upset if I was forced to take a life, but I will protect my home and family or die trying.
  12. Frankensteiner

    Laser vs Tumor!

    Thats great news, I hope it stays gone man. P.s. +1 on the healthcare opinion, I agree.
  13. Frankensteiner

    My computer took a dump

    try going to gurusoft.com. That's avg's website. Also check cnet.com or download.com that way you can get the real thing. Are you running vista? If you are, windows defender has a software explorer that will let you change, disable, or remove from the list, programs that run on startup. You can also try uninstalling the programs that you installed, and checking on windows update:history if you are still having the problem. Another solid program is called SuperAnti-spyware. You can get that from cnet.com. With that one, just run it from the download window, save the icon to your desktop and after it's run remove program and get rid of it. It's a great piece of software but it takes a lot of background systems resources if you leave it installed. It always sucks when your comp craps; I hope you can clear it up. S@$&head hackers! I don't undrstand the mentality of breaking that which is not yours, jet for the sake of being able to.
  14. Frankensteiner

    Potentially Emotionally Dangerous Project

    A vet myself, I'd have to say taps hands down; gets me teared up everytime. A second choice would be don't take the girl. Darn, I was in a pretty good mood before I checked this thread
  15. Frankensteiner

    My time has come to an end

    congratulations, glad to hear you got the job