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    Phase 5 Tactical offers a growing number of AR-15 and AR-10 components. We know that the AR platform has endless possibilities and options. The M4 Carbine, M16, AR 15 and AR 10 varieties can be fitted with many components. That is why we at Phase 5 Tactical are constantly listening to our customers and strive to deliver what they need. We pride ourselves with the ability to work closely with some of the men and women that put their lives on the line for this great country and our freedom.

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  1. Phase 5 Tactical

    Thought it was odd I havent seen this posted

    I like the evaluations, and opinions, don't forget that we have a bolt on EBRv1 as well. Mr Watson, thank you for test and evaluation!
  2. Phase 5 Tactical

    California: Roll call

    I agree! The laws here in California go way overboard. I am originally from Texas, the laws there are more like it. If more people get involved and vote the anti-gun idiots out of Cali-office, we can change things!
  3. Phase 5 Tactical

    EBR V2

    Thanks for the great comments. I will be posting a bit more, it's my new year resolution. I am greatful for the support!
  4. Phase 5 Tactical

    EBRv2 Video Review

    I hope you all enjoy this as much as we did! I thought it should be on a saturday morning Spike TV show like TRUCK'S or some thing of the sort. I really want to thank Steve at Safe Arms Review! Thanks the video is fun and informative. Awsome! Enjoy!! Here is the link.
  5. Phase 5 Tactical

    EBR V2

    We are glad you guys like it. Thanks for posting pics of your rifle with the EBR! I like seeing different weapon systems people have.
  6. Phase 5 Tactical

    Welcome Phase 5 Tactical

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I have been really busy these past few months. I will try to be a more active participant on the board. This is my favorite board even if I don't post very much. Again thank you all and i will be announcing some new products soon.
  7. Phase 5 Tactical

    AR Extended Bolt Release / Catch

    I have a High standard lower and the bolt catch is looser than you woould think because we are not used to wiggling the original bolt catch much when it was stock. Stag, HighStandard, AFM, all the same. I have the some Navy Seals running it right now and I haven't heard about any issues like that yet. But I will ask this week if there are any things such as this on a Mil Spec Rifle. Their M4s are also layered in spraypaint and who knows what!! My guess is that it's going to be the same. Thanks for the feed back. Cheers, Ken
  8. Phase 5 Tactical

    AR15 Picture Thread Part II

    Awsome pictures ! here is mine.
  9. Phase 5 Tactical

    The spongebob square pants Burger King commercial

    Personally does not make me feel that Burgerking is using its best judgment.
  10. Phase 5 Tactical

    AR Pics for a T-shirt Design

    I have a High Standard Lower with a STAG Arms 2HT upper. And some other goodies.
  11. Phase 5 Tactical

    New Lowers...

    Almost for got to ask... How much are they thinking of selling them for?
  12. Phase 5 Tactical

    New Lowers...

    I'd like one too. People need new stuff. I like them. Good CAD work.
  13. Phase 5 Tactical

    Where are all the AR Parts!

    My local gun store ... the Gun Exchange has a few in stock. The gun exchange in San Jose Cali.
  14. Phase 5 Tactical

    AR Pics for a T-shirt Design

    Looking for a few good pics for a T-shirt disign I just need some ideas Thanks Any input would be help full.
  15. Phase 5 Tactical

    AR Extended Bolt Release / Catch

    I think I will make 2 new topics in the for sale section. One for the EBR and one for the Trigger guards. I hope to buy an add on this site too. Any Info on that would be great! I would still like some feed back. Thanks Stay safe, Ken