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  1. Update! Car has changed a ton. Added a bunch more trophies to the garage.
  2. Do people think like at all?
  3. Amazing what scared people will do!
  4. Thanks guys for the warm welcome back. I have always loved cars, and I have now owned 4 Mustangs. Hell, I sell cars for a living and have been in the car business for over 8 years. I will always love cars that aren't blah!
  5. Yeah they are already tucked away for the winter. :(
  6. Last time I posted, I was showing you a car my wife bought me. Well I have been gone for a bit. I decided that one was not enough so I though I would fill you in on what has been going on in my life. My wife and I have been spending almost every week going to cars shows. I entered my car in 5 of them and my wifes in 4. I took best in class in 2 of them and my wife won in 1 of them. The cars I have been havving a great time, but missing hanging out with you guys. I decided since she bought me the Shelby for my birthday, I sold our snowmobiles and bought her the Mach1 for our anniversary.
  7. June 2 in mine, and I am not single remember, I am married with a 5 month old!
  8. This isn't a picture of mine, but mine is identical, It is a 2007 Mustang Shelby GT, but mine is supercharged to just under 450 horsepower, and is in mint condition with only 7000 miles on it! It is one of less then 6000 Shelbys made in '07!
  9. That might be the longest you will find. I got 14 daniel defense on my 18 inch, but I was told that was a special run for BCM uppers, I am not sure how true that is!
  10. http://www.casio.com/products/images/GS1300B-1/xlarge/
  11. ALRIGHT! What do you got, and what do you want now!
  12. Casio G Shock! G-740D-9AV The Casio G Shock are from what I have read very durable, not exactly works of art, but very nice none the less. I will be adding a G to my collection at some point!
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