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  1. Legacy2005

    Best model for CC?

    during winter i use my full size SW MP 9mm and then during summer i go with the walther pps 9mm.
  2. Legacy2005

    How anal are you about saving scrap brass????

    depends on what brass it is. kinda depends on the range that im at if it try and save it all or do the best i can. if its the outdoor public range then i try and save the .223 or .308 and just consider the 9mm a lose as its impossible to find it all in the grass. if shooting indoor then i will save it all.
  3. Legacy2005


    from what ive seen my the scopes ive used and seen you cant reset windage/elevation turrets once zeroed.
  4. Legacy2005

    What is a "fouling" round

    a fouling round is just what it sounds like. you basicly fire a round down range and put the gun away. this is used so that your next round possible it being a cold bore shot is not fired down a squeeky clean barrel. the thought is that the round will be more accurate firing down a fouled barrel instead of a clean barrel.
  5. Legacy2005

    New Game coming out on 1 DEC

    the game looks cool. kind of a mix between rainbow six and splinter cell.
  6. Legacy2005

    Who makes the best fast-food chicken?

    I love me some raising canes. Usually ill get myself the 25 peice tail gaters with canes sauce, some of their garlic bread and fries and 2 extra sauces. i can sit down and most of it all at once and whatever is left is for the next days lunch
  7. Legacy2005

    Places that post "NO GUNS"

    There was actually several robbings in ohio that had the anti gun sign posted. One owner said that they must not have seen the sign and that he would add a few more to make sure it doesnt happen again.. LOL
  8. i usually carry fully loaded 17+1 in the gun and then 1 spare mag. And depending on how long ill be out or where im going ill add a back up weapon plus a spare mag for it.
  9. Legacy2005


    I picked up my dmps L16 for $850. it was a great deal and i love the rifle.
  10. Legacy2005

    Looking for Ammo

    lol i didnt hesitate...i bought the max i was allowed. They are limiting it to 500 a person.
  11. Legacy2005

    Gimme feedback on my engraving

    hard to see the detail in the pics but it looks pretty good.
  12. Legacy2005

    Looking for Ammo

    the local store is selling 100 rnds of pmc for $44. Not to bad of a price, but it could be better.
  13. Legacy2005

    AR15 Picture Thread Part II

    just looked through all 29 pages and there are some nice looking ARs. For now the only mod is the new handgrip for mine. Future plans include a tac light/laser and forehand grip, and maybe a suppressor. And a mod for the shooter a tactical carbine course if i can find one in ohio. from back to front: Savage Arms .17 HMR Savage Arms .223 DPMS L16 SW MP 9MM (front left) Walther PPS 9mm (front right)
  14. Legacy2005

    AR15 with crossbow attached

    not sure why you would want that but i guess if you have nothing else to spend your money on why not..lol