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  1. the prices are pretty close thats amazing
  2. i want to get a solid kit...thats y iam avoiding blackthorne and the like...i just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with them?
  3. to save some green and the challenge
  4. any heard of or used http://www.ar15-kits.com/ ?
  5. Let not your heart be troubled...this guy has in stock and got 2 last week http://shop.peachstateguns.com/product.sc?...p;productId=443 good luck
  6. has anyone heard of http://www.ar15-kits.com/ ?
  7. I picked up my stripped lower yesterday...this is my first ar...i was thinking of getting a kit...does anyone know or have reference to a generic parts list that i could price out against a kit? Is it cheaper to buy a kit(JT,delton) or to buy compontents separtely? Thanks eric
  8. http://shop.peachstateguns.com/product.sc;...p;productId=443 This guy has in stock...just ordered 2...thanks for the input guys
  9. so thumbs on the stripped LRB lower receiver?
  10. what does everyobdy else think?
  11. yes thats it i was just wanting to make sure the quality is there and it will be ok for a build whether it be 5.56 or 7.62 thanks
  12. so the lrb receiver is ok? it says m15sa
  13. for right now i just want to get a stripped lower in my hand and then i will cocentrate on the other parts...being this is my first ar and first build i will most likely get a complete ar kit
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