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  1. I have been reloading the 10mm for over 20 years, still going strong.
  2. I like the full size Glock 20.
  3. Accuracy depends on ammo. I am working up loads for my Glock 20. 8.9 grains of Unique pushing 180 FMJ seems to be the winner so far. Shot up 250 rounds Saturday, with about 6 different loads. Still have more work to do.
  4. On of the reasons I bought a Glock 20 is that It fits my hands better than most handguns.
  5. I have about 20,000 rounds through my 20 year old Delta. It is stock, no modifications, and mostly hot reloads. Used it as a woods gun, dropped behind the seat, fallen off a skidder many times, cleaned a few times a year, and it never broke or fell apart (I did loose a grip screw somewhere). It has been a good tool. I just got a Glock 20 that will get the same treatment. I don’t care what parts it shares with other guns, it just plain works. I don’t pamper my tools, I make them work for me and I got my moneys worth out of the Delta. P.S. It's cold here.
  6. drsparky


    I got my first 10mm about 20 years ago with a Delta Elite; I picked my second 10mm this week, a Glock 20. It will be a hard working carry gun and I am sure it will be "rode hard and put away wet". My Delta will get to sit home in a place of honor in semi retirement.
  7. Over penetrate sound like a success unless you hit an unintended target behind the bear.
  8. Welcome, I got my delta about 1988, still going strong.
  9. Two to three times a week, with prices so high I shoot 100 round of .22 and a clip or a cylinder of the big stuff. I try to keep to a routine, I go fishing in the morning, stop by the range on the way back.
  10. I was trying to read your signature يمكن زوجتك يتلقّى جنس مع جمال Can your wife have sex with the beauty of
  11. Ditto, I turned my laptop to see if he was in that stance.
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