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  1. lilgsx

    New to the game

    LAB thanks for the complement. I sure do like her. I am taking her out this weekend I hope.
  2. lilgsx

    New to the game

    And yes the Navy has PRE Firing checks and we are to stow the gun in the safe with it in the fired position. If I am wrong for doing this with my own gun please let me know.
  3. Well crap I just pulled out my camera to take a few pictures of my Colt Match Target Competition and would you know it the damn thing was put up in the on position so the battery is dead! So it is charging now. Any way I have Colt HBAR, I would like to change barrels to a M-4 style and put a collapsible stock on it. I am in the Navy and work with 5.56 A-1 and A-2 a lot but they are just the basic rifles. I would like to know what all is involved to modify one of these. Thanks Luke