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  1. Disasterously friggin AWESOME!!!!
  2. Got it. We have dogs like that at the kennel. Some won't crap in the nice crushed stone runs that we have and will ONLY shat in the grass and some are the exact opposite. Funny buggers
  3. So your dog crapped on your deck? Or Psywarriors dog crapped on your deck?
  4. You don't need to be an artist to slice a banana.
  5. Our household will be sure to hold a candlelight vigil for it later on this evening. You have our deepest condolences. Also....why the hell don't you just buy a gallon of damn ice cream?
  6. I would love to commit but I'm not going to. The dynamic nature of my kids and business won't allow it. I really wanted to be at this last shoot.
  7. Extra points for spetsnaz backflip shovel attack.
  8. I just had a bowl of Raspberry, lime & orange sherbet.
  9. Automatic generated message This topic has been closed by a Staff Member. Reason: dupe If you disagree with this action, please report this post and a moderator or administrator will reconsider it. Kind regards, AR15Armory.com Staff
  10. Seems like he's going to be facing a little bit of heat himself AP Phone Records Grab
  11. Don't worry.....Gran Torino can get 300 posts between eggs, bacon and yardwork on a busy Saturday.
  12. I want a Razor......badly.
  13. I know.....If I make it to the next one I'm wearing a balaclava the whole time. Gotta keep the mystery alive. Plus I won't scare the kids that way.
  14. You should go wakeboarding or something. THat'll fix you right up
  15. Do they make a carbine version of that? I think we had a used once come through the shop a year or two ago.
  16. Glass envy for sure :(
  17. That is awesome. VT is not a suppressor friendly state unfortunately. I am jealous as hell. Can;t wait for a report! (or lack thereof as the case may be)
  18. Doesn't work for outboard tanks unfortunately My new 6 gallon reserve tank looks like a damn balloon after being outside on a hot day.
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