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  1. Mods, please move if this is not the right forum for this. The Rice County Sheriff's Office is hosting a 20 hour extreme close quarter concepts firearm's course instructed by Shiv Works. August 31st through September 2 of 2012. $450.00 plus 500 rounds of ammuntion, this class is open to civilian participants and here is the link if there are any questions. Contact for registration: Jeff Mullenmeister jmullenmeister@co.rice.mn.us or 507-330-3909. Hope some one finds this useful. Randy
  2. Interested also. Is this going to happen soon?
  3. Ran across this bag in an email. http://www.policehq.com/Products/STR-RANGEMOLLE Anyone have any idea how it compares to the Midway bag or others? Thanks, Randy
  4. In for an 18" with rifle gas and PM sent. Thanks EDIT: Any chance of getting matched bolts with these?
  5. Thansk Doc, good to know about the Vortex. One less thing to deal with!
  6. Steve, I haven't come across the purple loctite before but will definately keep an eye out for it. The barrel does have dimples but the flash hider is a Smith Vortex and it's instructions specifically state not to use a washer of any kind, just torque to 5-10 ft lbs.
  7. Warning noted and I have had that concern about the red locktite myself. From the reading I have done the Rocksett is a high temp, medium strength retaining compound. This is supposed to give the advantage of withstanding the heat at such areas as the flash hider and gas block while still allowing fairly easy removal. I don't have any first hand knowledge so ..... Anyway, thanks for the concern.
  8. No problem, just glad for all the advice. The barrel is dimpled so it's just a matter of locking in the screws so they don't loosen over time. May just go the route you suggest with slight staking.
  9. Thanks for the tip. I'll definately keep it in mind.
  10. Great info! I wasn't even aware of this loctite but it sounds like just the ticket. This is exactly why I come here. Thanks to all.
  11. I have red loctite on hand so I guess I'll give that a try first. Good to know that Amazon has the Rocksett available for the future. Thanks for the input. Randy
  12. Doc, the gas block is a set screw type. The barrel is 18" so doesn't need a permanent flash hider attachment. From my reading, locktite doesn't seem to hold up that well over time due to the high temps that those two components can experience. Just trying to avoid problems in the future but if proper torque is enough I'm good with that. Thanks, Randy
  13. So, I'm on my first build and just have to lock the gas block and flash hider in place. The preferred method seems to be to use Rocksett. After severall Google searches I've found Flexobar Rocksett - 4 oz. for $15.00 or 2 oz. for $9.00. Is this the right stuff and where do you all buy it from? I also found FortaFix Rocksett from an English company which seems to have the same properties but no pricing or dealer info. Thanks, Randy
  14. I'm hoping the bolt carrier I just ordered shows up in time. If it does I'm in for one. This is too good to pass up!
  15. Mine was waiting for me when I got home yesterday :D. Opened it up and did a temp mount just to get feel for it. Seems like a solid well constructed unit. Can't wait to get on the range with it. Thanks to everyone involved for setting this up!!! Randy
  16. Ordered today also. Delivery is two weeks out so maybe my barrel from the group buy will make it here first. Either way all is good!
  17. Thanks for the replies everyone. Sounds like it would be safe to say the last spike in pricing (due to pre and post election jitters) has subsided to near normal. Here's to hoping that nothing causes a future spike. Randy
  18. Anvil Arms has lowers for $85.00 (5 or more), Spikes lowers can be had for $89.00 and others are in that general neighborhood. Those look like pretty good prices to me. Still, being a newb I wonder what is the lowest price anyone has paid in say the last three to four years for a quality lower? Just trying to get a handle on what might be considered normal pricing. Thanks, Randy
  19. I am interested also but as others have said, price would be a big factor.
  20. I would need a midlength. Why don't I give you a call when I get my barrel?
  21. Thanks for all the replies. Looks like the Vltor is the way to go and I had actually been considering the one listed along with a few others. TS, I had suspected that aluminum was a bad choice so thanks for confirming that. I should have my barrel by the end of the month so I can confirm the diameter I need then. I'll probably go with the stainless version. Addax, do you also carry the gas tubes? I didn't see them listed on yourweb site. Thanks again, Randy
  22. Hello all, I'm planning on using a low profile gas block on my first build and looking for some input. I see there are parkerized steel, stainless steel and I believe aluminum models. Any particular advantage/disadvantage to these materials? It will be going on a SS barrel if that matters. Also, any preferred brand and what about mounting system, set screw or clamp? Thanks, Randy
  23. I suspect the same but I'm not convinced yet that it was the disconnector even though that's what I modified. I would think a stamped part like that would remain pretty consistant right up to the point the die is replaced. It didn't have the pivot range that the RR part did but I don't remember now if I checked that range without the disconnector spring in place. I may just pick up another spring when I get another disconnect. I will definately be looking at this more but have a family vacation coming up so it's going to take a back seat for a while.
  24. You're welcome! I have been pleasantly surprised with the Del-ton lower so far as it doesn't get mentioned as much as others and the price was right around $100. I'm also satified with the RR kits so far. I picked up the two stage as my boss has one and is very happy with it. The Stag kit / Stag lower seemed like a good match. Time will tell.
  25. The impression I had from my searches was exactly that the Stag kits were pretty highly thought of. I've worked in and around manufacturing for many years so I know there are many circumstances were product that is less than desirable gets out. Since I'm new on the AR scene I would have suspected (and did at first) an error on my part. However, when I checked the first build again and it passed all the function tests and didn't exhibit any of the seemingly harsh contact between parts I was pretty sure that wasn't the case. At any rate, now I'm acquiring/waiting on other componets to proceed with the builds. It's been interesting so far but I really want to get on the range with one of them before to much longer.
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