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  1. I had mine refunded last week. I gave them a whole year. I didn't get a reply back from an email I sent a week and a half ago. Shame on them.
  2. As a Deputy Sheriff, I must say that without actually having been there, it is hard to judge either side. However, from the point that the deputy was called about a complaint from the security supervisor, there was an investigation occurring. Officer safety is paramount, and when you arrive on scene to deal with a complaint of an armed person, the first priority is to identify that person. Fine, skidmark didn't want to show his drivers license, but until he provides verifiable ID or information, I would say he is a danger. I don't know who this guy is, he has a weapon, and the complaint is that he was threatening someone? I would have gone a step further personally. I would have disarmed the person, and frisked them for my safety, and if there was any inkling of a conflict, he would have been in handcuffs. How do I know he isn't a felon, and has no right to carry a weapon? When his identity was verified, I would have explained the policy of the Ferry security, and probably cut him loose too. If you don't think an officer has a right to ask for a driver's license to verify id, then you are mistaken. There was a complaint, and the person was obviously placed behind the wheel. Because he refused to show a driver's license, that would suggest there is reasonable suspicion that he may not have one. To allow him to drive away at that point, may have actually been a criminal offense on the part of the officer. At least in Texas it would be. The easiest solution for this person would have been to file a grievance about the security procedures. Provide proof of ID, and be on his way. Just because you have a right to OC, doesn't mean that you can't be questioned and temporarily detained when there is a criminal complaint against that person. It just means you can't be stopped and required to provide ID when you are merely walking down the street. I'm all for a person's rights, but something about this doesn't sit right with me. I doubt that a weapon was brandished, or any threat was conveyed to the security personnel. Perhaps they did violate their search procedure. But, in defense of the deputy, he has a duty to investigate such a call based upon the complaint. It seems there is more going on with the warrant situation too. It all depends on how intent the complainant was, and how the warrant was issued. Perhaps the security supervisor knew someone who had authority higher than the Deputy, and made a call. A Deputy Sheriff has more discretion than any other LE agent. I suppose this deputy cut skidmark loose, and then was told he needed to follow up and file charges by someone else. Otherwise, if an offense was committed within the deputies view, he would have hooked him up then. All I can say or advise to any of you, is if you carry your weapon and encounter any LE agent, the first thing you do is tell the agent where your ID is, and second that you are carrying a weapon, and tell them exactly where it is located. Don't point or reach. Why would you have anything to hide from LE if you are within your rights? Why be obstinate to the good guys? Isn't the primary reason for carrying to protect yourself from the bad guys? LE is there to assist you in doing that, why not cooperate with them? It really bothers me to pull over someone who has a legitimate reason to carry, find out they have a weapon on them, and have a problem finding out who they are, and why they are carrying ten minutes later. It'd be a lot easier to just tell them why you choose to exercise your rights, and provide proof that you are still eligible to exercise those rights. Remember, not everyone has the right to do so, e.g. bad guys. I don't mess with people that show me a CHL right off the bat. I know that if I ever need assistance, they will be the first ones to help. However, if you can't articulate to me that you aren't a bad guy, and are just looking for a fight, you aren't getting any breaks from me.
  3. I emailed last week asking about the status of the Bren Ten. I told them I was in need of a new service weapon this month, and I would like to wait for the Bren Ten, but may just get a refund to purchase what I need. Not sure I would want to count on the new Bren Ten anyway out on the street just yet either. Here is the reply I received: I will not guarantee you will get one next month. I will start shipping but I have thousands of orders to fill on a first in basis. All bass pro guns ill go out in the order they were received. I suggest you return the gun then get back in line when they are available. I can make no promises to an exact date. We[/b] are[/b] testing guns now and production of the receivers is ongoing daily. Thanks Adam Trieschmann[/b]
  4. I don't want my money back if I can get the gun I intended to purchase. However, I just ask that they be more forthcoming, and produce a quality product. I can wait until October or November, but at some point, say a year after, I have to begin to protect my interest. Here in Texas, if you want to recoup money from a transaction that is fraudulent, or a deceptive trade practice, you have two years from the purchase date. I'm not saying it would come to that, but it is something to keep in mind. $1500.00 is still a lot of money (after paying sales tax.) I can guarantee that I would have no problem filing a claim with the Attorney General's Office against Bass Pro Shops for non-delivery of a product which I paid for in advance if they did not want to issue a refund on a product they couldn't deliver. Again, I don't think that would be an issue, but it's something to keep in mind. I do have the comfort that my purchase is through a respectable business like Bass Pro Shops. I don't think I would be as comfortable if I had placed the order through a smaller outfit responsible only for the delivery of this product. So far as I see it now, they are only 4 months behind their initial ship date promised when I placed my order. That's not that big of a deal. I'm still eagerly waiting for mine...for now at least.
  5. I wrote Sporting Products about the Bren Ten delivery dates. I proposed that many may begin to seek refunds from Bass Pro Shops if the production delivery times continue to be delayed. The following is the response I received. Bass Pro will refund any deposits placed. I will be delivering the first guns in October. I spoke with Bass Pro last week they are aware of the delivery times and will return any deposits on guns placed. Adam Trieschmann Sporting Products LLC 1919 N. Flagler Dr. Suite 300 West Palm Beach, Fl 33449
  6. I don't have a 1911, but a witness, (1911 like). I personally see no reason to store a weapon with one in the chamber. If you have it on you for personal defense and concealed carry, then I would carry it cocked and locked. In a home defense situation, if an intruder is close enough to here me rack the slide, then I want him to know that he is just a few feet away from destruction. The sound alone should change his mind and convince him to leave. However, if it doesn't, then at that point you are prepared to confront him; there's one in the chamber, and the safety is off! With the proper racking technique, it takes absolutely no more time than removing the safety, and you are in the fire position. Don't rack it like you are pulling back on a sling-shot. Grab the slide over the top with your full left hand, pinky finger side toward the muzzle, weapon arm tucked into your side, and rather than pull the slide, push the gun forward as if you are going into fire position. Don't ride the slide. When your arm extends as if to punch the intruder, and the slide reaches full extension, let if slam into breach lock. I'm sure there are some videos of this technique on youtube somewhere. Don't know what it's called, but it's the proper racking technique when getting ready to fire in a hurry with a target in sight, or just around the corner about to be in sight. Just my two cents.
  7. I had always thought that my 10mm Witness was pretty accurate, I knew it would shoot a little low and left, for the most part, and I could compensate for that a bit, but after my trip to the range yesterday, (see my squib story in reloading forum) I still felt it grouped ok. My steel full size Witness is far more accurate than my full size Polymer Witness, which I am ready to trade off at the next gun show. However, I am in LE academy, and for this phase that I am in, we are primarily learning shooting and tactical combat. They issue glock 17's and provide all the ammo, but I hate the idea of sharing the same gun with two other individuals that are in different classes during the week. (We get them issued only at the range, and have to hand them back in at the end of the day.) So, I went and bought a G17 9mm today. It's a 4th generation, with a double recoil spring, and a few other new features. I paid 419 NIB with my LE credentials. Pretty good I thought, as it came with three magazines. I went and bought some cheap Monarch ammo from Academy and headed out to the range. Monarch was all they had. After shooting 200 rounds, I must say I am thoroughly impressed with it's accuracy, and relieved, yet disappointed that the problems I was having with the Witness are not related to my habits and shooting skill. I just can't believe the difference. I understand that shooting a 9 vs. a 10 is a lot easier, but should it be that big a difference, or am I just experiencing a quality difference in the guns? Could it be that I have been metering 800x through a powder throw, and the charges are too inconsistent? If it's quality in guns, then I'm done with my Witness, and I will get me a Glock in 10mm. Hopefully, the Bren Ten I ordered will be even better quality, but I won't know that until they ship in late July. (Crossing my fingers) Any thoughts here?
  8. I went to the range today and was 5 magazines into my shooting when I noticed my last round in the magazine didn't lock the slide back...it just didn't feel right in the recoil department...I thought it might be a bad primer cooking off, so I kept it pointed in a safe direction for about 30 seconds and waited for the smoke to stop seeping out of the back of the slide...when I racked the slide, the case popped out and was all black. I still don't like the idea of looking down the barrel of a gun to see if there is an obstruction..., so I disassembled my weapon, pulled the barrel, and the bullet was logged about 3/4 of an inch from the feed ramp. I used the eraser end of a pencil to force the bullet back toward the feed ramp. One firm hit of the pencil on the table, and the bullet popped right out. So, I obviously screwed up at the loading table and didn't drop a charge into this round right? Does this sound like a primer only round? I am very grateful the slide didn't cycle the case out, but I am even luckier I guess that it was the last round in the magazine. I Hate to think What could have happened if the slide did cycle the case out, and it wasn't the last round in the mag. I wasn't rapid firing or anything, but I was running through the mag pretty quick at that point. Fired 6 more mags after that until the range closed, but things just didn't seem quite right. I think I need to really clean my gun well at this point.
  9. I finally got the press I bought off of craigslist last week configured this evening. I was waiting on a number 10 shellplate. The directions left something to be desired however, as they were not very clearly outlined or detailed. After getting it assembled I configured all of my old 10mm dies. I have all my 10mm brass currently loaded so I couldn't set them up for that, but I did order some 10mm Magnum brass from starline that I got in last week. They were supposed to be on backorder for 3 months, but I got them in less than a week. It didn't take too long to get it all setup, but it took me a good 60 rounds to get a rythm going. Once I got going, I figured I did 40 rounds in 12 minutes. I love it already! I can't wait until I get the automatic case feeder in as it is a pain in the butt now to have to add a case, add a bullet, and prime, before cranking the handle all the way down. Funny how a hundred rounds with a progressive press can spoil you! Heck it took me hours last week to do 170 rounds on my single stage. I can't wait to get out to the range and try these new Magnum loads in my custom 610, but I don't know when that's gonna happen.
  10. I was reading through the older posts last night and came across the discussion about Progressive presses. Thus far, I have been reloading via a Lee single stage press, and it tends to take me a week or more to do 1K rounds. So I was very interested when I read that some of you could turn out a couple hundred much faster. Don't get me wrong, I take pride in the rounds I create, but I don't necessarily like all the repetition. So I got on Craigslist last night about 2 am, and looked to see if they had any reloading equipment and I only found one listing. Hornady AP Progessive Press "never assembled, not used" $350.00 So I called him this morning, and he noted that it was a negotiable price....I'm thinking I could get it for 275 or something. I go to meet the man, and he lives in a 3/4 million dollar home, (cardiologist), and he had bought the press off of Ebay for 400, but the original buyer had redeemed the upc for the 1000 free bullet giveaway from last year. He had bought it because he wanted to reload 223. So I ask him what else he shoots, and he told me that he intended on reloading 10mm as soon as he bought a delta elite, but now he has changed his mind. So I was negotiating with the guy, but he kept throwing in stuff to go with it....still in the packages, never used mind you. I walked out with the press, a Hornady cam-lock case trimmer, a 223 shell plate, and 3 10mm dies. Cost was $300. All I need is an expander die with a powder feed opening, and a 10mm shell plate....wooohooo!
  11. Generally, since I put in wolf 22lb springs in my witness, the only time I ever get a failure of the slide to return to battery is due to an imperfection in the round being chambered. In a glock, I wouldn't understand this though, I thought they were more tolerant of these sort of things. If the shooter has had good success in other platforms, I would blame the gun and not the shooter. Have a fellow veteran shooter run a few magazines through it and see if the problem rises. Shadow, are you available?
  12. +1 Keep quiet if something ever happened, and tell them you need to go to the hospital because you aren't feeling right (chest pains, racing heart)...give your statement later once you are calm and collected. That was the advice given to me. I pray I don't ever, nor do intend on ever needing that advice though.
  13. Actually, if you guys want to get nit-picky...the saying is "It's better to be Judged by twelve, than carried by six." Juries don't try the accused, that's the job of the prosecution, and the role of the Judge is to preside over the procedural process. :-) All that really matters is the justification in the elevation to lethal force. After all, the ideal is to disable and stop an attacker, never to kill. I could understand a prosecution of someone however if you dipped your bullets in poison...but who the heck would do that? Suicide bombers dip their projectiles into rat poison because it stops coagulation of the blood, but of course their intent is to kill as many as possible....absolutely cowardly in my opinion. Next time, ask those range retards which caliber they would rather be shot with...when they say a 9mm or whatever other round, tell them that's why you shoot a 10... then just walk a way and let them ponder that...
  14. I'm interested, and I live here in S.A. Let me know ASAP!
  15. The agents in Florida made a series of mistakes if I remember correctly. One of the officers had laid his revolver on the seat and when he arrived in a hurry or stopped, it fell to the floor, and became unavailable to him. It's been a long time since I have seen a documentary about it, but I remember this as one of the mistakes. The other factor was that although they had struck the suspects in critical areas which eventually killed them, they fired shots at the officers for another 30 seconds which killed the officers. This was the driving force for a more potent caliber.
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