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    M-1s aren't blackrifles?

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    History military and economic. Rifle Gas operated M1. Using a 8 shot enbloc clip. <br />Ar 15 building and DPMS LR10 building.<br />Bowling pin and steel plate shooting. Any-<br />Thing you can use to punch a hole in a target.

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  1. pzkwV424

    Armory B&G.

    Time to go to work.
  2. Unreal....... Just plain stupid. We know you can't fix stupid, well you can nueter it.
  3. pzkwV424


    The K-Bar is a good buy. Any idea how old?
  4. What"s the point? The M-1, yeah I drink the Koolade, was the reason we got away with the Bar and the 1919 machine gun. The American rifle squad could keep up a better sustained rate of fire than any of the axis armies.
  5. Just lay there and whimper. Then buy a new gun and find a younger better looking woman. I find that the best cure.
  6. During operation you have metal on metal contact. You get wear. As several have mentioned most of the Youtube experts are not quite all that expert. I'm being polite to the morons. Some of the stuff makes me just turn it off. As for polishing I have a small cast iron surface plate that is level to about .0005plus/minus. I measure to see where I am to print with a micrometer. I use tool makers blue on my work surfaces. Most of my work is done with ceramics and fine hard stones. I will use diamond polish. Injection mold and die polishing back ground. As far as springs go from several years of makeing them, Automatic Spring in Grand Haven Mi, I've learned that bending springs is useless. Spring have to be made thinker material or longer or shorter or thinner material to effect preformance. Or a different material.
  7. Some guy was raceing a bike rigged with a 327 chevy engine. Purely a drag racer. Called himself the Michigan Madman. V-8 would not be radical just nuts.
  8. The lie of the Holocaust. Hitler killed Catholics, Communist, Slavs, Gypsy, to name a few. Most of the Jews died of disease. You want me to post more absurdities. I've been in The Temple with people who wore the Tattoos. I've met the some of the men that liberated the camps. You could smell them long before you got there. One guy fought for three years never had a nightmare about killing or fighting the Hun. Dreamed of The Belsin camp until he died. I've talked with several of the guys that were there. Some said they saw men break at the sights. Even Patton was shocked and disgusted. We will forget because they will rewrite the history. Will it be Christians or Muslims the next time? I'm not nearly as eloquent as TJ or G but I'll say this. Those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it.
  9. I used to work with a Haitian woman. The one thing that blew he mind was fat poor people. What I see in the Hack is people reeking of smoke. When the SSI checks come out I get to tour the the drug houses. I don't see why people one the government aid don't get tested.
  10. Well I still miss my old cat. So yeah I think you are on the right track. Losing a pet, even though they are animals, and I don't believe the only animal line, is tough.
  11. If we develop Bolos before we get to the Stars we might make it. Joking. I'm of the belief it's not the Peace loving nice guy races that make it to the Stars. It will be the aggressive races that aren't afraid to take it to other races. I believe it's going to be fine lower tech civilizations that fall to higher tech races. Hopefully there is a Federation type group instead of Darth Vadar or worse. MaybeBolos aren't such a bad idea.
  12. The Old TTs are no joke. They are rude, crude and no joke. The 7.62 round they eat is serious medicine, a harder punching round than the old 7.63 Mauser. Yeah they are heavy, and I like the CZ-52 better but for the money the TT is a good pistol for a low priced backup.
  13. That explains why he is so combative. Some relatives of mine like Smoked Fish, Olives, Mayonnaise some times Tomatoes. Me I'll break Kosher Canadian Bacon or Smoked Beef Slices, or Buffalo Chicken slices, Onion, Green Peppers, Italian Sausage, (Sliced Links all beef) and Double Cheese. :oh yea:
  14. A guy here was in Africa, where I don't know, they got is a toyota truck drove out. Walked up to an old Elephant and shot him with a .500 Nitro. Jumbo was an old bull whose was blind and his teeth were worn away to nothing. The other guy got a younger Bull, they discounted the permit because it was a nuisance and would have been culled anyway. They also witnessed three Cape buffs being culled with medium Machine guns. They liked the locals maize (corn) crops.
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