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  1. It's probably the hottest 10mm load manufacturer out there. The company was built around the 10mm/G20. Very expensive, but well worth it....when they actually send you what you order. I suggest calling and asking what's in stock before placing an order on line. DH
  2. Thanks! Can you point me in the right direction? I'd like to learn some more about this configuration. THANKS!!
  3. Those are some real sweet pics! And thanks so much for that link. I've fired an AR pistol before, I wasn't all that impressed to be honest. It felt awkward. I've held an 11" and it felt amazing in my hands. Felt very normal bringing the rifle up to my shoulder with great ease and speed. I didn't shoot it, but it just felt right. My girlfriend is also now starting to get more involved in this lovely hobby of ours, she's petite and struggles with a 16". So, she'll be using it as well. There are a few complete uppers on GB that I'm looking at. Man, I sure do have a nasty case of BRD! Thanks so much for your help and input guys. Harry
  4. Thanks! Can anyone tell me where one would find a large array of different complete SBR uppers? Most places I've checked are out of stock. Thanks!! Harry
  5. Thanks! Great info! Having read that, I'm going to go with 10.5". What barrel twist is recommended for a 10.5"? 1/10, 1/7? I'm looking to buy a complete upper, if anyone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again for all the help! Harry
  6. Much obliged! And thanks for the welcome.
  7. Hi Guys! I picked up a new RRA lower (.223) today and I want to begin my SBR project. I'm torn between going 7.5" or 10.5". I'd like to know how much of a difference 3" will make at different distances (effective ranges as well). I have not had the chance to experiment with either lengths. If you have any advice for me on building an SBR on an AR platform, I'm all ears. Also, if you have any SBR pictures, I'd really like to see some. Thanks in advance gents! Harry
  8. Looks sweet!!! So does that Gixxer with the stomp grip!
  9. Can anyone tell me more about the above rifle? I know it's a pre-ban, what's it worth? Fired one 20 rd. magazine through it. Harry
  10. Thanks for the help guys! So you think I'm better off leaving this one as is. I was told it was worth a little something something because it was a pre-ban rifle. I'm going to pick up a new RRA. Thanks again for all the help and warm welcomes! Harry
  11. Some pics, the front pin looks larger than the rear....so I'm guessing I can't? Thanks. Harry
  12. Ok thanks guys! I'll take some pics later on today. Thanks so much for the help, I really appreciate it. Harry
  13. I'm going to def have to take a trip there, thanks so much for the info!! Harry
  14. I'm rather new up here, I grew up in NYC. My GF and I recently moved up here (she went to school here). On a side note, who here in VT has the largest selection of black guns? If I had the funds, I'd just buy a new RRA .223 and simply throw the short upper on it. I got the "black gun bug" a few months ago and I've purchased too many of them in the past month. Wait...who am I kidding, one can't have "too many"! lol I picked up 2 RRAs and one DPMS SASS (all in .308). I'm still going crazy trying to pick out optics and quad rails for some of them. So instead of buying a new rifle or lower, I thought I might be able to use the lower from my Colt and just buy the upper. My collection is missing an SBR, it's great that I can own one here in VT. I do like the idea of building it from scratch like you said, I think I still have a lot to learn about the AR platform before I attempt to do so. I was actually looking for an instructional DVD that would help me do something like this later down the line. Harry
  15. Hmm...I don't have an RRA to compare to (well..in .308 I do but that's totally different). If I take some pictures, would you be able to tell?? I'd hate to order an upper and later find out it doesn't fit. Thanks! Harry
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