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  1. Thanks , I will give that a try.....
  2. I am looking to start shootng some hotter factory loads with my witness match. I do not see any wolf springs listed for the 4.75" barrels . can you steer me to the correct springs. The 1006 has been taking all the abuse , time to let the match share the load.. loads...
  3. I never fully load any mag I own, except the 1006 mags, they seem to have no issues fully loaded. Of course I always carry a second mag.
  4. I am looking at trying some of the SF ammo. Are there any known issues with the 1006 and high pressure ammo. My other 10 is a eaa match but was not planning on using it for high pressure ammo.. Thx
  5. At the present I Have a 1006 I puchased new in 92 or 93 ( not sure) and a witness match. I am thinking of getting a witness polymer fullsize again, have they gotten any better in the reliability area...
  6. Real drag to see the double tap is no where close to its stated velocities. I always expect there to be a difference sort of like the MPH on my motorcycles speedometers, But he is no where close. shame shame....
  7. Did I hear ( see you say there was an 6" barrel for the 1006.....
  8. Greetings 10 fans. I am wondering if any one has and experience with efk fire dragon barrels. I called them seeing which model the barrels fit. they werent sure. I am thinking about buying a 357 sig barrel to slide into my 10mm poly frame . ANy 1 have any idea which frame weapons thses efk dragon barrels fit
  9. Looks like I need to pull out the dremel and get to work. havent used it since my last 1911 a few years ago. Motorcycle have been taking up alot of my spare time in the last five years. and shooting became something I did just to make sure I could hit the bad guys when needed. Last 4 months I have really been enjoying throwing bonded lead down range. even pulled out the reloader and loaded 10 round of 10mm. didnt do anything for me. I would rather buy ammo and spend the extra energy shooting!
  10. thanks did you ever try different recoil springs in your 10? And what mags are the most reliable!
  11. I ordered 200 rounds of double tap and a assortment of wolf springs. Went to the range and wanted to find out which was the best weight spring for my gun. Well after trying double tap 135 and 165 and remington fmj and 20 lb 18 lb and 16 lb and the factory spring. the only spring that functions well is factory. every other spring weight gave me ftfs . I do not plan on using dt ammo for practice .will use whatever practice ammo I can find .blazer remington etc. But with the factory spring I am concerned this gun will not last long. ANd to cap it off the mag that came with the gun, The limited cap with the cut in the body of the mag, lock open with the last round still in the mag. Any thought philosphies encouragment critics etc are welcome. I want as many thoughts fact and opinions as I can get. I am starting to think maybe a trade for glock is in order or maybe not.
  12. Just have the stainless 1006 and a full size polymer witness.
  13. Hello have been a 10mm fan for along time although my 1006 has not been used much in last few years. recently purchased a full size poly frame 10mm witness. Good looking gun and now I have a 10mm I can carry CCW with out leaning to one side from the weight. Does any one know if the 6" match barrel will work with the full size slide in order to up the velocity a bit. The witness That is.
  14. I hand loaded some hot 300 grain jacket bullets and shot them out of my redhawk. Wow he must have double compressed a triple load/ or something like that
  15. A old thread? Hmm My Taurus 24/7 isnt on the list. or my millenium pro. none of the above I guess
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