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  1. 04WRX

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    Thanks again everyone for all the info it has made my choosing of an optic very easy.
  2. 04WRX

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    Thanks everyone for the welcome. I already have the flat top rail with no iron sights at the moment. I can sleep a bit better knowing how much oil to apply thanks for that aswell. im still on the fence with an optic but i like the idea of being able to use flip up iron sights along with a nice optic a little more info on that would be great. right now i have a red dot on my mini 14 and iron sights on my PTR 91 and to have both for my new baby would kick ass. :D
  3. 04WRX

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    Hey everyone im new on this form picked up a new S&W M&P 15 a few weeks ago its got the police package (barrel, stock, flash hider etc) Yes i am LE i love my job i would not want to be doing anything else. just a few questions about my new rifle. how much oil is required on these things. I have gotten mixed results from friends but am afraid they dont know all to much about it. Also it is an optic ready rifle at the moment i have some cheezy red dot on it but that NEEDS to go. suggestions. maybe you have something that you think is awesome. any feedback would be awesome.