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    I am a US Marine. I enjoy military activities such as Map Reading, Call For Fire, Sniper Training, Fast Roping, Humps, Rifle Cleaning, and Duty, all along being a POG. I am an Armorer, 2111. Hear my war cry. AHHHHH. Anyway I also enjoy working on my BMW and building custom AR-15 for other Marines.

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  1. jefferymarine

    'Vietnam' Music

    My brother is over in Iraq and I just sent him a playlist with alot of Nam' music on it, and he sent me this reply. "MUSIC THAT MAKES YOU LOVE DOING WHAT YOUR DOING, AND MUCH MORE" I read this and thought, damn I love this site.
  2. jefferymarine

    Teen punks murder American hero's dog

    I hope they get more punishment on the inside then what they will get from the judicial side.
  3. jefferymarine

    New Members Please Read!

    Well I just completed reading through your rules and love this site already. Ohh Rah, Keep Up the good Work
  4. jefferymarine

    Ode to a Marine

    I am a proud Active Duty Marine and love this.