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  1. HS101

    Which company's press are you using?

    I jumped straight into the BLUE end of the pool. Love my 550. However, HATE that it is in my cold garage. Waiting on the weather to turn nice to start reloading again...
  2. I just ordered mine..... I'm going to use it to compliment my RRA National Match upper... That way I will have a good (long distance) iron sights set up, and a good optic set up too... Both will be used in 3 gun competitions... And I'll be initially setting it up with my Vortex too! Eventually I will look into getting some good midrange optics (I have been looking at the Leupold custom shop shotgun scope 1-4... with a custom reticle, still under $300) However, I love other suggestions
  3. HS101

    AR15Armory.com Hats

    SWEET My melon can't wait...
  4. I have one too.. They are sweet!!
  5. HS101

    Are you spreading your share of lead around?

    I went through 150 today 90 in my AR, and 60 in my Glock. I try to make it to the club at least once a week... Between "practicing" for IPSC and 3 Gun (and competing!!), I have a great excuse to feed my little friends a lot of brass...
  6. HS101

    AR15Armory.com Hats

    I'd be interested in one of the gray ones...
  7. HS101

    Gun Ranges / Clubs

    Cool... Thanks for the info. That looks very interesting. I will totally have to come over there and take a look, but it is about 2 hours away from where I live... I could do a little recon of the area so I have a better idea where to stay when I go to the 3 gun competition in December... I sucked up the price and joined South River Gun Club. The longest range is 300 yards, but there are several "action pits", as well as a bullseye range and several trap/skeet ranges... I like the fact that there are lots of events there, including a GSSF shoot.
  8. SWEET!! I just got in I was # 107 Once the elation fades, I know I will have the "what in the hell have I gotten myself into?" moments... But... what a better excuse to buy some new "utensils" and lots of ammo? Time to suck it up and join the gun club I have been looking at as well... Damn... tonight is going to end up being a big$$$ night.
  9. HS101

    Shot my first match tonight...

    I am hopelessly bit by the competition bug... The BRD gets worse every day.. It is spreading to interest in the 3 gun competitions now...
  10. They had a website that went "live" at 9:30. (fb3g.com) Kind of a first come first served thing... You either get a sign up code or a wait list #...
  11. I've only ever been to 1 competition in my life, and it was a USPSA on Tuesday... I need to look for a 3 gun event locally so get an idea of what to expect. Still have my fingers crossed on getting in... I hate the idea of trying to sleep while I am waiting on yes/no confirmation email... I have always believed in the "throw the kids in the pool to teach them to swim" style of learning... I 100% practice what I preach Anyone have any 3 gun experience??
  12. This waiting for confirmation is terrible. Over 600 people tried to submit in the first second... for less than 200 spots (I think). I will be sleeping with fingers crossed all night... I had no idea where the BRD would take me...
  13. I just did a completely impulsive thing: I just submitted to get my code to shoot the Fort Benning 3 gun Challenge... I got the link to the application and am waiting on the email confirmation... Time to go buy a shotgun and get to practicing
  14. HS101

    Shot my first match tonight...

    I have been thinking the exact same thing. But, I think I need to work on the pistol part first... The scores were finally posted and points wise (accuracy) I did really well, but my times were pretty slow... I felt like I was flying through the stages. I definitely need to work on shooting on the move, quicker draws and reloads, and quicker trigger pulls. Up until the other night, I had always been a "range baby" taking it slow to get as accurate as possible (and to avoid blazing through hundreds of rounds in an hour). But, I am completely hooked! The best way to learn is definitely through competition (IMHO).
  15. I went and shot in a USPSA match tonight... Damn! it was fun! I've always just gone to the range, but I see a fun new hobby brewing up... It was a "fun match", and not a qualifier, but I am hooked! I can't wait to find out the scores/times and how mine compared to other people's... I have to say it was about 10x the experience I had hoped to have... totally blew away my expectations... I have been grinning like an idiot for hours