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  1. Thanks for posting potbellied, I'm glad you're happy with them! ALL TARGETS ARE SOLD!!! Sorry, but I can no longer edit my OP. I hope to do more, probably scaled silhouettes, after the holidays. Thanks guys!
  2. Yup PA Micro on ADM mount. I have 2 and love them. I had a couple T-1's but couldn't justify the cost despite getting them for under $400ea new. I run my PA Micros in local tactical matches and normal range shooting, zero issues. For $166 shipped including the nicer ADM mount they're tough to beat. I'll be getting a 3rd soon.
  3. Man, you have much more self control than I do. When I get new stuff I have to test it out asap haha. Yup, 2 holes exactly like in the picture.
  4. bump I guess I now see why vendors rarely sell 1/2" AR500... it means they'll get little repeat business since the targets can take more abuse than a porta-pot at a chilli convention!
  5. Jerz_subbie

    +1 hwcopela

    BIG +1 for hwcopela. I bought a rear sight from him. This was apparently his first time buying/selling on a forum so we discussed how things usually go and agreed upon terms. He shipped quickly and replied to messages very quickly!
  6. I never thought I'd sell this thing but I've been bitten by the NFA bug There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, it's in excellent condition, no scratches, glass is pristine. It may have light ring marks but I'm not sure as I've never taken it out of the mount. Burris XTR-14 1-4x24mm illuminated scope, perfect for a Recce! true 1x red llumination BDC reticle for 62gr 5.56mm out to 1,000yds Gen1 w/ longer battery life than Gen2(only changed once) lifetime warranty Includes Burris fleece scopecoat, bikini covers, paperwork, fresh battery plus extra new battery Mount not included! PA Deluxe mount available Asking $475 shipped FIRM **SOLD on tos** FTF in Charlotte/Concord is OK USPS MO, discreet pp(+4%), or discreet pp "gift" (no fee) Please clearly specify which payment method you prefer when PMing me ex. "I'll pay with pp gift" or "I'll pay with pp +4%" Shipping via USPS w/ delivery confirmation, will ship following business day No Trades! Feel free to PM me with any questions or for payment info.
  7. Sorry if the picture is misleading, John. I've used it for the previous 2 runs of targets I've done so I just stuck with it. But you have it correct; 1 set = one 10" and one 6" for $83. I have 10" available separately for $62. Shipping is only $11 for however much I can fit in a single flat rate box, which happens to be 2 sets plus a 10" which comes out to be about 55lbs... Your mailman will hate you haha. As for shooting .22lr at 25yds, I've shot handguns(9mm & .22lr) at 10yds on static steel plates as well as plate racks at my range and I'm still here with no more holes in me than I should have. I've received feedback from guys who have bought my targets that they've shot their plates at 25yds with number rifle and pistol rounds just to test the targets and they're fine too. Most ammo will just disintegrate on impact. I shot 9mm at 10yds yesterday and could see the bullet disintegrate in all directions(up, down, left, right, NOT back at me). Lead, even plated lead, .22 bullets are pretty soft and should either disintegrate or bend/mushroom on the target and fall to the ground(I've seen both happen) within a couple feet away from the target. The key is just to be careful and understand that ricochets can happen and that it's easy for jacket material to come flying back at you. For this reason I always recommend people shoot at steel at 100yds+. If you must shoot closer be sure that your target is able to swing and/or is angled downward to significantly reduce the chances of pieces flying back at you. If you look at my target stand picture above, you'll see it all chewed up. That is because my target is angled downward so all shrapnel goes straight down to my 2x4 base and the ground.
  8. Bump. All orders that have been paid have shipped. Still quite a few targets remaining. A little late but here ya go...
  9. I've made a very cheap and simple stand that holds both paper/cardboard targets as well as my steel plates plus it fits in a sedan trunk. 8ft 2x4 cut in four 2ft pieces, form an "H" using two pieces for the horizontal about an inch apart. Use 1x2 furing strips cut to 4ft($1) to staple cardboard and/or paper targets. For steel targets use eye bolts on the plate like redbarron explained and get a 10ft piece of 1/2" conduit ($1) cut into two 4ft sections and a 2ft piece. Grab 4 half circle conduit screw down mounts, 2 for each side, mounted on the inside of the base just behind where the furing strips would go and make them just tight enough to allow you to slide the conduit in and out. Grab 2 90deg connectors to create the hoop and 2 conduit pipe clamps to hand a couple sections of chain connected to the eye bolts. This cost me about $8 and 1hr of time.
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