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  1. Vod

    Hey Vod

    Thanks, was busy yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to stop by.
  2. Should till sue them for 20 lost years, even after they fix it.
  3. Vod

    Iran just torpedoed 2 oil tankers

    If it can be proven without a doubt that Iran is responsible, then they should be punished. It could also be a false flag by certain warmongering parties in our own government/allied govts, intended on drawing us into conflict with Iran. Any conflict with Iran could involve Russia, and I would not like to see that (although we would probably crush them as well).
  4. Vod

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    5 years ago there was news that broke, which stated that exact mosque had produced a bunch of "radical" muslims, two of which were kids who grew up in the area (not imported from 3rd world shithole). Apparently they were high up enough on the list, and while they were in the sandbox, Obama gave the order to dronestrike them.
  5. Vod

    I've been banned! UPDATED!!

    Gab has a new browser extension and service that allows you to comment on any webpage, regardless of if the comments are disabled, or you are banned. The thing is though, that the only people who can see it are others who use the extension. You need a gab account, but I just made one myself to use this new extension, so I can comment on places without their mods being able to do anything about it. The extension is called Dissenter, and it's new, but I figure I will give it a shot. Edit: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/02/27/gab-launches-dissenter-platform-to-add-comments-section-to-every-page-on-the-internet/ https://www.dissenter.com/
  6. Vod

    Leather Holster Owie.........

    Not really much point in arguing with Rampy. He gets offended super easy if you don't take his word as gospel truth. You can tell this, by the fact that he projects his feelings onto you. For example " People who live in glass houses should never throw rocks........ " I saw no rock throwing, personally, and just because you disagreed with him, he got mad. It's common sense that a weapon with a safety would be more safe than one without, because it takes more steps to make it discharge. That isn't saying ND don't happen with them, but that is more the fault of the user, and not the weapon itself. Also, with the 1911 being a single action weapon, it has to be cocked to fire it, which imo is inherently less safe than a double action weapon, like say, a Beretta M9, which also has a firing pin block while on safe, to keep the hammer from striking the round. I think using the 1911, is a poor example to prove that safeties don't work.
  7. Vod

    I knew it. That raid in Houston was total BS.

    From what I have read, the officers were not wearing uniforms. Sorry, but even if you shout police, while not wearing an identifiable uniform, I am going to shoot back. Anybody can shout police as they invade your home. I feel bad for the officers just doing their job. However, the guy who set it up with false information, needs to be charged with two counts of murder, and 5 counts of attempted murder.
  8. People took that as as serious bomb threat? I've heard that expression used as taking a giant shat, for decades...
  9. Vod

    SOTU Tonight. Will there be drama

    I wish that Skeletor wasn't sitting behind him. I don't want to look at her ugly mug for an hour and a half.
  10. Vod

    FLASH! Nearest Caravan Headin' to Texas

    Now we need to stock up on lead lined clothing, similar to what the doc puts over your junk when you get an xray done.
  11. Vod

    Weird phone call

    I just thought it was funny that the first thing I ask, and the guy is "welp, I'm outta here". Guess he figured he could make more money making faster phone calls or something instead of trying to bullshat me. I also get that student loans call, even though I have mine taken care of, and I get "your auto warranty has expired, and we are giving you final notice". I get calls about a credit card that I don't have as well, lol. "We have been trying to get a hold of you, and this is the final notice before you lose out on a lower interest rate".
  12. Vod

    Weird phone call

    So I just got this phone call, where the guy tells me about the good things the police do for us, and how they need our support. He then says "if we send you an envelope, can we count on your support?" So I ask him "what kind of support?" I am thinking to myself that it could be thank you letters, or he could be asking for money. He immediately says thank you for your time and hangs up. As he was hanging up, I told him he could at least answer the question, and he wasn't interested. Possible scam?
  13. I should stop coming to this part of the forums and thinking there is serious topics, lol. I was excited, until I clicked the thread.
  14. I use my normal glasses and no other eye protection. I don't think it would be too hard to aim properly without them though, as long as you can see the front post and locate center mass of your target.