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  1. RIP I doubt there is anyone who can fill the vacuum left behind.
  2. Gonna have to call him Dildo Operator from now on, instead of Donut Operator.
  3. I hope they catch these criminals, but I don't think it will happen. The people who are in charge of law and order, have abdicated their positions. I bet as soon as retaliations happen though, the govt will all of a sudden step in to protect their Communist footsoldiers.
  4. So let them all die from overdose, maybe Oregon will go red next election.
  5. I refuse to believe that a corrupt corpse received this many legitimate votes.
  6. Welp, I went to bed and Trump was ahead in MI by 300k with 95% reporting. Now Biden is winning by 30k with 96% reporting. Trump was also ahead in WI, by over 100k with 93% reporting, now Biden is ahead by 25k at 95% reporting. Seems every single vote tallied since I went to bed, was magically for Biden. I am pretty livid right now that they push ahead with this obvious fraud, and they think they can get away with it.
  7. They stopped counting the remaining states, hours ago. Trump is ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes, so if they keep counting and making the data public, it will be harder to fake a Biden win. They are claiming "technical difficulties" and Biden will magically gain hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of votes when we all wake up.
  8. I heard about this a few weeks ago. Seems pretty dumb if you ask me, lol. I believe it's the same info covered by this guy on Youtube; Language Warning. (Added by Joel74)
  9. Vod

    Trump donators

    It's all good. I mostly posted the donation search engine, so people could see if their name shows up, and take appropriate measures, because that website is for the sole purpose of finding "racists", which is a false narrative. If some donations are missing, then I think that's a good thing, because it really is a breach of privacy, and a form of intimidation to use against people who donated. Donation names should be available for legitimate reasons because there should be some transparency, but not searchable by everyone online, IMO.
  10. Vod

    Trump donators

    Of course it's public knowledge; https://www.fec.gov/introduction-campaign-finance/how-to-research-public-records/individual-contributions/
  11. Vod

    Trump donators

    Some people have already found themselves and relatives on the list. The info comes straight from the election commission, so I'm not sure where you get off saying it's fake. Even if it was fake, but your info, or a family member's info appears on the list, the Commies won't care. It's better safe than sorry.
  12. Vod

    Trump donators

    I've heard the website doesn't work for some people. It was probably made by the same guys who did the Obamacare website, back when it first launched.
  13. Vod

    Trump donators

    People who donated to Trump, have had their names and addresses put on the internet here; https://donaldtrump.watch/ If you donated, be careful, especially if you live in or near some antifa shithole. Also, members of the media have been talking about going after Trump supporters once "Biden wins", so if he does happen to win, they may start using this info to disappear people. There are a lot of people near me who donated, including some in my apartment building. One woman donated 57 times for a total of around 1600 bucks. I may head over to some of them and let them know as well.
  14. Even if 200k have died from covid, it's way less than the original projected 2 million. Obama and Biden allowed 60 million Americans to get sick with H1N1 vs only 7 mil for covid. If H1N1 would have been more deadly, we would have lost millions.
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