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  1. RocketCowboy

    Home-made B-29 bomber

    The X1 was cool. The pilots ejecting was pretty cool too. That whole video was pretty kick ass.
  2. RocketCowboy

    firs time AR owner

    Welcome to the site, welcome to the addition, and damn glad to have another motorcycle rider over here.
  3. RocketCowboy

    DD Omega vs Troy Drop In Rail

    If only I could find all that MOE gear in stock somewhere. I'm looking at doing a hybrid setup. Use the MOE stock and grip ... DD rail, and am currently undecided on the BUIS. At the gun show today they had an MOE decked out M&P sitting on a table alongside a Colt 6920 very similar to mine. The weight difference was incredible. Granted, overall weight would depend on what you mounted on the quad rail, but until I know what I want to put on a rail the MOE handguard might be the way to go.
  4. RocketCowboy

    Bike rack for Motorcycles

    But have you seen the Goldwing "tow truck"? I like the idea of the bike rack. It makes dropping the bike off for service so much easier when you can just pedal yourself to work/home after dropping off/picking up.
  5. RocketCowboy

    Honda 919 "touring" project

    Ugh ... I don't have pictures of my friend's bike after all. He's also got Givi bags, but a different model from what I can tell of the pictures. I had a Givi topbox on my ST1300 ... it's good gear and at a much better price than buying Honda's hard bags for the bikes they make it available for. That 919 still looks like a fun hooligan bike to me. Add bags like you've done and you can take it long distance, so that you don't have to be a hooligan just at home. Nice scoot.
  6. RocketCowboy

    HEY ! ! ! gotm4

    Woot! Congrats!
  7. RocketCowboy

    .40 caliber Ho-Down

    Add me to the XDM crowd. I've got several Glocks in different calibers, but for .40 it's the XDM for me.
  8. RocketCowboy

    Magpul Dynamics

    I need to get Vol 2 ordered as well. I have Vol 1, watched it probably 3 times already. I'd really like to get into a Magpul class, but I need to knock out more training around the basics first.
  9. RocketCowboy

    Honda 919 "touring" project

    Which bags are those, oak? Friend of mine has rigged up his 919 similar. I'll see if I have any pictures ... might give you idea on windshield options.
  10. RocketCowboy

    Why Texas is growing on me ...

    God bless Texas.