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  1. I have a G20SF and would like to get a drop-in .40 S&W conversion bbl. Now Lone Wolf seems to be far and away the best seller ,BUT are they the best? I remember the one on here that split. Opinions please.
  2. Aw geeze, I just heard the shooter is originally from a town about 15 miles from me, here in Jersey.
  3. I think I've bought from them in the past.
  4. BIG WHOOP, I don't eat at McDonalds, if I can help it. + I don't do ketchup.
  5. You wave an airsoft around, without an orange tip on it around here, you'll get a bullet....or six. I'm gonna have to agree with the cops here.
  6. I was in the burial vault business, I've see 1000s of stones. Some Gaudy enough to make you Puke, trust me this is nothing. I say if they can pay for em' (I understand they were quite expensive) let em' stand . If they offend you, don't look
  7. PayPal takes a flat 3%(there are ways around that for non Ebay Stuff) Ebay fees are a complicated mess. (not originally) Their fees vary greatly, depending on Item, starting bid, buy it now, make an offer. Type of ad, layout, amount of pictures, size of print, etc. Selling a vehicle, is a different fee structure. Hope that helped.
  8. My friend this is caused by the Crap that passes for GASOLINE....... Use Stabil, it will help.
  9. At ALL the indoor ranges around here, you CANNOT go beyond the bench.
  10. Those are garbage, my friend had 2 of them in .40, they both broke.
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