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  1. that is exactly what i was looking for, thanks
  2. I have a 16 inch barrel, I want to remoe the front sight base, and everything from the barrel and putting on a rail system to go all but three inches from the muzzle. Where would my gas block go, would it go inside the rails? I'm thinking so rail system like midwest industries, and something that free floats. thanks for any advice
  3. Well on the Midway review it the guy had both the Rock river and the giessele, he said it was better then his Rock River. So that swayed me a little.
  4. Thank you, my buddy had suggested the rock river two stage. I was looking more along the lines of Giessele, two stage designated marksman trigger. But it's nothing set in stone
  5. I have a DPMS lower, I was wondering if I have small pins or large pins, As i want to put a two stage trigger in. Is it hard to put a two stage trigger in, or should I just go with a one piece drop in trigger? Thanks
  6. I too would put the vote for Harris. I used them while in Iraq, I had the 6-9 inch model with the swivel. LOVED THEM, the swivel is great for getting support off uneven surfaces. i.e. crumbling walls, rocks, uneven ground. I got a rail adapter. I would get a quick attack one, mine had hex head screws. Even when dusty, painted, they worked all the time. They even stood up to 4 IED explosions. Worth every cent! Its an investment you can not go wrong making
  7. I've ordered everything from spotting scoped to saw pouches. It was great, has never let me down.
  8. Oh id go with a Duostock in a heart beat over a sopmod. Just because I'm like the funtion and don't need the storage. I was just looking to make the duostock "perfect" While CAA is not first choice by far, it seems like something add. To try it out.
  9. I totally agree that with the "you get what you pay for". it is something that has to be learned the hard way. I'm just thankful it was a hard way and not deadly way.
  10. I am familiar with its purpose. The weapons mission(s) would be tactical shooting, not past 400 meters. It will not be a 16 inch sniper rifle. But more toward CQB. It will have a zero magnification optic, and vertical grip. I read on the Duostock website that when in the prone, the duostock can be used as as support when shooting. Seeing as the upper part of the stock will be against your shoulder. ( putting the CAA to use with the cheek weld) then when moving through tight spaces, putting it on on the lower lever, reducing the space from face to end of muzzle. And allowing my so shoot were i look. Also I think if I go this way (CAA and duostock) it well run me less then or close to $100. Way cheaper then both stocks suggested.
  11. well the sopmod doesnt have the extra level the duostock has, but I like the cheek weld of the sopmod. Also, i the lower part of the duo stock can be used sort of like a monopod, is that correct? I now understand what you mean about which mission, what would be the point of a stock saddle when the stock is on my shoulder, using the lower lever of the duostock. But I can also see the benefit of it in the prone position. both would offer uses in a variety of missions
  12. This is my first post, This is like the perfect site. Just got my first Ar-15. I hate the Dpms stock on it, I want to switch it out to a Duostock, but I also like the the Sopmod style stock. I saw the CAA stock saddle. I want to dremel of the top sling ring, as I have a single point plate. I wanna mount the stock saddle to the duostock. so i can get the benefit of both stocks. Any suggestions, Pro's cons? Do you have any opinions has anyone seen this? In my head this works works out. I guess i'm just looking to what if it. Thanks. If anyone has pics, or can find them please share them, I'm intrested to see them.
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