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  1. Swift and FedEx drivers have to go somewhere after they get canned from Swift or FedEx... And @towtruck has described exactly why we'll be seeing driverless or automated trucks on the road sooner, rather than later. If companies can stuff any warm body with a CDL in the truck to meet the requirement, but have the computer handle the bulk of the work on the long stretches - that reduces their probability of human induced wrecks. Give it two generations of the tech, and we'll see trucks without drivers at all - the trucks will probably also be long-range hybrid diesel-electrics or something at that point. Or possibly have gotten to a point of having easily swappable battery packs and be entirely electric. A truck that rolls for 24 hours straight (give or take) could afford a 30 minute down time for the battery to be swapped at a company facility, and the truck back on the road and be way further ahead than current humans, even team-driving, since the truck won't need to take bathroom breaks, or breaks to stretch the legs, eat, or sleep. The other option would be massive increases in rail infrastructure, but I don't think we'll see that. Trains could be a good solution though for eliminating a lot of truck traffic when it comes to long haul. But building new rail lines is expensive.
  2. My guess - vs gen 3 / 4 - the Dagger doesn't have the finger grooves, and the hump on the backstrap is shaped a bit differently. I dunno if they played with the grip angle at all, but that's a popular thing to do on aftermarket Glock clones. After not owning or shooting Glocks for a couple years - when the wifey & I went to the range last weekend to break in her brand new G43X I understood why. I've been shooting M&P's, Walthers, Sigs, and Berettas almost exclusively since 2020 and they all had more natural, comfortable grip angles. Picking up the wifey's G43X - just the first few dry presentations with it - the base of the front sight was sitting even with the top of the rear until I pushed it down. Took some reps to remember the muscle memory of Glocks. A Glock with a 1911 grip angle is a nicer beast - its why I tend to shoot M&P's better than genuine Glocks, I'm pretty sure. Lord knows that it isn't because the M&P stock trigger is anything to write home about.
  3. I might be Beretta's newest fan-girl. Might. The 92X RDO had to come home with me yesterday. Even better, it's a G-type - which I was / still am going to convert my 92FS over to. Just out of the box though - there's a couple things I really like about this one over the vanilla 92FS: The sights - black, serrated rear sight + a bright orange dot on the front - way easier for my eyes to see, didn't have to black out the rear like I do on 3-dot stuff The decocker - as mentioned - its a G-type. No worries about inadvertant safety activation. Grip texture - ooooh boy did they get it right on this one. Excellent checkering front & back straip, and the grip panels. Also comes with extra grips that add the hump in, if you prefer the OG backstrap shape. Nice touch. This one is destined for a good weapon light, and eventually a Holosun 509T. It also fits in my Safariland 6360 - I wasn't sure if it would, given the light rail - but my holster is new enough that it was molded for a railed dust cover, it seems. That was a nice surprise. It will *not* fit my kydex concealment rig for the 92FS, obviously. But that's not what this gun's role will be.
  4. Your pix aren't showing up, Rampy. Says thy no longer exist on imgur.
  5. This may be heresy - I *liked* my X-Macro, I loved some things about it - but I didn't love how I shot it vs other guns its size - namely the Shield. Wifey and I spent the last couple days trying to hunt up some Beretta mags and peruse some of the local gun shops to us. I put the X-Macro up for sale (it went quick) and wound up bringing home a Beretta 92 X RDO and wifey got herself a Glock 43X from the proceeds. If I need deep concealment offered by a slim gun - I'm just going to borrow her Shield or her 43X. I can't explain why, other than the little exta heft of the Shield maybe, but I shot way tighter groups with her Shield than the X-Macro. Similar grip sizes, similar angle - similar barrel lengths (with the Macro having more slide obviously) I think I'll probably wind up with another Sig in the future - but probably after disposable funds allow for spending equal amounts to the gun on an Icarus grip module and a non-ported XL slide, and maybe an aftermarket trigger. That turns an $800 gun into a $1600 gun real quick tho. Which is 2/3 the way to Staccato's new little slimline blaster.
  6. Kimmel was never funny. Others on his old show were, but Jimmy Kimmel has never been funny, never will be funny, and its clear that ABC / Disney is far more concerned about politics and a political agenda than acting in the interests of their shareholders and partners.
  7. Maybe they should draft prisoners to go fight in Ukraine. Earn their freedom by fighting. Arm them like they did conscripts in WW2 - they might get a rifle, but don't necessarily need ammo for it.
  8. He's a tool, a puppet. His usefulness goes as far as his corporeal existence, like Sniffles. IF they can voter-fraud him into power - either he goes and serves as a puppet, or he goes, gets sworn in, then immediately resigns and then the governor / legislature gets to appoint someone to take his place. If Penn's governorship goes Dem (who knows, but the GOP candidate I think has a slight edge at this point) or the legislature does - they could slap another Dem in to fill his 6 years and it keeps one seat held by the Dems. That plan could well backfire though, if the state flips red but somehow Lurch gets elected.
  9. I'll betcha those tarps were freshly stolen from Home Depot or Lowes. Shop lifting is pretty much decriminalized, and has been for a long time, in Multnomah County.
  10. Too little, too late Teddy! Time to fix that nonsense was when he sent Portland PD + their assisting agencies into Springwater Corridor to clear out the homeless camped there years ago. They found out it was thousands - not just a hundred or so - thousands of homeless people tucked away in there. THey pushed them out of the park and into neighborhoods, into downtown, onto private property, into other city parks. Then like flies to a big ol' pile of crap, more appeared. Then the scabby zombie fleet of busted, broke down RV's everywhere. And yet the city "leaders" let it all happen. Hamstrung the police - not allowing the wrecks to be towed away or the camps to be dispersed. Now the city of Portland is facing a lawsuit against them for the camps on the sidewalks because allowing them to be there violates the ADA - disabled folk cannot travese the sidewalks. Now they have to crack down on the camps for fear of looking like they don't care about disabled folk (they don't - until they need them to pander to, but that's beside the point.) The solutions they've floated to "fix" the issue are nightmarish in themselves - demanding commercial property owners let the city use their buildings as "temporary" housing at a rental rate the city sets, essentially seizing private property for at that point. Probably a 3rd amendment violation, but the Bill of Rights ain't real big in Portland or Oregon State government. After they cleared out the Springwater Corridor to impress all the damned yuppy joggers for the Hood to Coast run a few years ago, I started seeing the results immediately when I'd handle service calls in Portland proper. I'd roll into nicer neighborhoods - higher end middle class places that had been clean, green, and generally well taken care of. Hardly ever saw homeless people, crackheads, tweakers, or gang bangers in those areas. Now suddenly you roll up to a nice house or apartment complex and you're finding needles, seeing tent cities or big strings of tent-shanty things on the sidewalks, and having to keep one eye on the half-naked tweakers while trying to work on the car I was there to get going. Or God forbid I went downtown, and you'd be tripping over the block long homeless camps and dealing nonstop with the nutters. Got even more fun after George Floyd OD'd and all the virtue signalling professional protesters came out and terrorized the city. Portland is a goddamned hell hole of their own creation. The voters keep voting in the most lefty, most insane candidates who openly supported allowing this to happen. They never recalled the mayor, or the city council members. They never got together to demand meaningful action. No - the voters in Portland get to eat this one. Unfortunately, so do the people in the surrounding suburbs who did NOT vote for that crap - at least in the same measure as Portland does. The area I lived in before escaping Oregon is now under democrat control. And homeless camps have popped up there too - including one right across the street from a lower-middle class neighborhood and a pawn shop / FFL that was just robbed. I haven't heard if there were updates yet - but I'd bet that some dreg from that camp has a hand in that break in - which got something like 20 semiautomatic pistols for the thieves. That was the shop where I did the bulk of my gun transfers (thanks to Oregon's implmentation of stupid UBC nonsense years back) - its a small shop and 20 guns stolen no doubt put a big hurt on their business, even if insurance pays the bulk of it eventually.
  11. Wait, didn't they lose their crap when Skrelly jacked up the price of a "much needed" drug? I guess since its a different drug company, and the cronies in DC are benefitting via stock prices, this is just hunky dory. Hang them all.
  12. Its 2022 - a biological man was woman of the year, right? More proof men are better at things than women?
  13. Weird. In Oregon CJ's was my go-to fast food burger. Flame broiled, seasoned beef. Fresh vegetables. Buns typically fresher than McD or Bk's. Their fries are about the best chain restuarant fries, next to Five Guys, though I tend to lump Five Guys in with sit down eateries, not fast food, due to the lack of drive thru, and the fact that it takes a little while (usually) to get your food at Five Guys. Carl's also for a long time had "The Green Burrito" in a lot of their stores, and their California Burrito or Burrito Especial - if you got none of that nasty guac or sour cream - was damn good. A Chipotle size burrito, grilled shut, with decent ingredients for a fast food burrito. A Steak Burrito Especial with a side of fries was a favorite meal for me. Carl's also used to do chili cheese fries - proper beanless chili topped with shredded cheddar-jack cheese blend served over a large order of fries. That, plus the entire Green Burrito menu were purged without warning from their menu. Most Whataburger establishments I've tried have been good - there's been a couple though where the burgers were too greasy, or cold, or the kitchen monkies can't read "no mustard" or "dry" - mustard is the only condiment that comes on most Whataburger burgers by default, you have to ask for substitutions or additions. I've yet to try the In and Out. One opened in Katy not long after we arrived to the Houston area from Oregon. Took a year for a damn lines to *not* be spilling onto the roadway whenever we'd pass by. Still never felt the burning urge to stop in. The Whataburger in our town opened the same week we moved here - damned lines for that were also blocks long. They stay consistently busy too, pretty much year round. The Texas Ren Fest is going on right now - so weekend nights, especially after 9PM - are stupid if you want to eat there. Drive thru will be 50 cars deep, all the parking taken up and the dining room packed. Funny enough - the BK next door is never busy, Sonic also next door is usually as busy as Whataburger. McD's driveway situation is trash, its really only easily accessed from one direction of the main roadway it sits on, and their food is just above BK in my opinion. There's a foo-foo burger joint that opened up a block west of the Whataburger - but they don't have a single damned regular cheeseburger on the menu. Everything has a...flair - they're all damned oddball things like a peanutbutter and banana burger, the peanutbutter and jelly burger, etc. The closest thing to a regular cheeseburger is the grilled cheese burger - they use two grilled cheese sammiches as the bun. I've had a burger like that before in Oregon - a food cart in downtown Portland does what they call the "Cheesus" - a double bacon cheese that has two grilled cheeses for the bun. Yes, my fat-gurl self ate one. I was still hungry after leaving Little Big Burger. THAT place has amazing fries, but the burgers are smaller than White Castle Sliders, yet cost what a quarter pounder with cheese does. Not impressed with the burger. Their fries are treated with truffle oil and sea salt. I don't usually get fast food onion rings, because they all tend to suck. Got spoiled by a place in Portland called Roake's - I know @Pepperknows of them, and I'm sure he's eaten there. Their beer battered onion rings were the best I've ever had. Burgers are pretty good too.
  14. Wasn't there a similar deal in Missouri some years back, where a guy died who was either running, or had been elected to the Senate but hadn't been sworn in, and they put his wife up in his place? Seems to me that either the state legislative body should be appointing someone, or a special emergency election called to replace a senator who cannot fulfill their duties.
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