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  1. Highest I've seen for regular here in NW Houston area is $4.39 - up ten cents in the last few days. Lowest I've seen is $4.15 for cash-paying customers.
  2. I broke my nose last week. I can't work out for a few weeks, can't participate in contact sports (no sparring for six weeks) - but I can still fish, and fish I shall!
  3. Weird angle but here's a fun one: 7" lure, 12" bass that tried to eat it!
  4. Create a free Imgur account - they give you the BB code link you can just paste into a text box that will insert the image. Easy peasy.
  5. Here's a few of the more recent bass catches, not to take the thunder away from the kitty cats posted above: That's a 5 inch long bluegill bait hanging out of that fishes' mouth. And a couple others caught on the same bait: Not long after getting those fish, I had my main swimbait rod and that swimbait pictured above wrecked by a damned turtle. I saw bait busting, cast into the fray expecting a big bass to hit. Nope. Big ol' soft shell turtle. Snapped my rod before I could land it, absolutely ruined the bait - all in all setting me back about $150 in replacement of those two pieces. I couldn't find that exact bait either, the shop I got it from was out. I got some other baits by the same company (I'm seriously becoming a Savage Gear fanboy, since all my new baits are from them lately) Wound up getting a couple 4 inch bluegill baits, couldn't find *any* five inchers. The fish don't seem to mind though, I think they view them like slider burgers versus a big mac. It does allow smaller fish to eat the bait too, which helps break up the chuck & wind hypnosis you can get throwing bigger stuff. The fish like that bait, and have chewed it up pretty good so far I picked up another one just like it yesterday, because I fear that a few more fish will wreck the one above soon enough. Great little swimbait! I also held my nose and picked up a Googan Squad swimbait - I've not been a big fan of their stuff (its over priced, in general, and their quality is questionable at best) but I wanted to see if their swimbait, which is made by a different company than their other baits, was any good. That guy liked it. I picked up a Savage Gear shad style 5 inch glide bait too, because I like glide style swimbaits more than the multi-joint hard baits in a lot of situations. Usually I'm throwing 7+ inch gliders, but this smaller 5 incher has a great action. It's also caught me a few fish of late, tho nothing huge yet: This guy is probably destined to be a 20lb'er, if it doesn't get eaten by a bigger fish, bird, turtle, snake, gator, or redneck first.
  6. So I've been on a big swimbait jag for a while now - its become my absolute favorite way to fish and catch fish, even though it is a low-percentage bait compared to others. I just got this guy in earlier this week: Its a 10 inch long line-thru style soft swimbait by Savage Gear. I got it because I wanted a stupidly large bait to see if I could get the biggest fish in our ponds to react. Largest bass confirmed to have been taken from our little community pond is 13lb - that's only 2lb shy of Lake Conroe's largest bass on record. I had some time to kill between helping my neighbor out with her zero turn mower, and getting the kid from the school bus, so I gave it a test swim. About 5 or 6 casts in I got my first grab - and boy was it a surprise! I was hoping it was a double digit largemouth. My personal best so far is just over 7lb. Turned out to not be a bass at all, but a big ol' kitty cat A couple neighbor ladies were walking along the trail around the lake and they stopped to talk and one lady wanted to get a picture to prove to her husband there are big fish in the lake / pond. I asked her to send the picture to me, and she kindly obliged. I love catching catfish. I love a well prepared catfish supper (thankfully its a lot easier to find catfish, especially good catfish here in the south than it was up in the PNW) but this kitty got set free, because I wasn't fishing for cats, and I wouldn't keep one that big to eat anyway. She needs to go make babies. I don't do a lot of bait fishing anymore these days, I prefer being active and casting lures or flies vs sitting, waiting for a tip to dance or a bobber to go under. Lure eating catfish? Hell yeah. This wasn't my first lure caught cat, I've caught a bunch of smaller cats on other bass lures, including a bunch on smaller swimbaits, like this one last year: He ate a 6 inch soft swimbait. Part of me wants to really focus on getting the lure-bite dialed in on catfish, just because so few people do it, but the bigger part of me says "nah, focus on the bass and enjoy the occasional by-catch."
  7. Tell 'em your pronouns are "Apache / Attack Helicopter"
  8. You'd think the Republican Party of New York could run a potato against anyone with a D by their name next time and win in a landslide, but New Yorkers seem so damn conditioned to vote against themselves by hitting the D that whoever gets top of the ballot will win.
  9. This subforum hasn't seen much action - last post was in 2020 - figured I may as well try to stir something. Greetings from the Magnolia area. Any armory members local?
  10. The battle of wits between Russia and "the west" isn't much of a battle given our "leader" has no brain. Nor does his successor. Still can't figure out exactly who the primary puppet master is - is it Obama? Is it Bolton? I don't think its the Clintons - they'd probably just off him and find a way to weasel into power. I'm not sure the current administration even has a good diplomat in their ranks - so diplomacy isn't likely to work. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is also a damn commie, so I'm not so sure that even military action is going to work - after all, he admitted that if the former POTUS was going to take military action against China, he'd call them to warn them first - it doesn't seem much of a stretch that he'd do the same for the Russians, or that he'd tip of China who would tip off Russia. Its quite possible that the best outcome for the American people is to let the world take care of itself until January 2025, when the Biden regime is over and done for. The problem is that is 3 years away, and a LOT of bad has already happened in just one year.
  11. No carrier, no air support. If they get froggy, cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles - sink the bastiages.
  12. Nothing huge yet this year, but here's some recent fish... First top water fish of the year - he's almost as big as the lure A few from February / January Yeah, with fishing like this available year-round here, there isn't enough money in circulation to get me to move back to the Pacific North-Wet. Too damn cold in the winters for me anymore. I think the Texas climate has also helped get rid of the webbing between my feet (PNW peoples will understand that) My kiddo caught his personal best bass yet last winter - there's a 0.5% chance of that happening in Oregon. We're coming up on 2 years as refugees to Texas, a couple more years and we can maybe apply to be naturalized Texans
  13. Hopefully - if history is repeating itself on fast forward - Biden is another Jimmy Carter - a one term ineffectual turd who ushered in Regan. It'll take at least 4 years to unwind the damage he's *already* done, and he has nearly 3 more to go. But it isn't just the child sniffer that has to go - its all of the swamp monsters in congress, including the RINOs and anti-freedom R's. We need a strong leader in the white house, but we need strong leaders in Congress that remember they work *for us* and not the other way around, people who put America first and not last.
  14. https://f8x7p3b6.ssl.hwcdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/2022-Walther-Product-Catalog.pdf The PDP is an interesting / weird gun. You can have a "compact" 5 inch with the short gripframe (15 round), plus the venerable compact 4 incher, or a full size 4 inch with the long, 18 round grip frame. They also offer the 4.5 inch full size, and 5 inch full size guns. The PDP Pro is listed as 5.1 inches - I think that uses the slide from the 4" though, because of the threaded barrel on the Pro model. The big issue is the dust cover length - you can put a long slide on a short frame, but you have exposed recoil spring/ guide rod. I don't know if there's an aftermarket snap-on cover for this yet, but it is a functional combination. As is the short slide on a long dust cover frame. This would make a weird combo, unless you run one of the flush-comp setups. I haven't found a video showing the swapping of slides between the PDP and one of the steel frame PPQ guns - but if the polymer PPQ slide works on the steel frame, there should be no reason the PDP slide would not also work on the steel frame and vice-versa.
  15. Even bigger oofs. Honestly if you've got a specific sight in mind - I'd ditch the plate system in favor of direct-mount on the optic. One less failure point to worry about, and the sight will sit lower in the slide. I really wish the manufacturers would just standardize on one damn footprint for open emitter sights, and one for closed emitters. Then they could all abandon the plate nonsense and go direct-mount. Would be really nice if you could low-mount a direct mounted optic, and not have to run suppressor sights for co-witness purposes. The PDP could've really benefitted from that idea, since they cut their plate mount so damn low that it exposes part of the striker channel. Even if they'd cut the footprint for an RMR, and them made the plate system where the plate mounts in an RMR footprint, and the top of the plate mates to other footprints, that would've been good. It's a damn shame you can't get the proper parts for your pistol without going third party. I'm still scratching my head why the other slides won't work, if the 5 inch version works. The PDP slides / barrels are all interchangable on the PDP frame.
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