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  1. Highest I've seen for regular here in NW Houston area is $4.39 - up ten cents in the last few days. Lowest I've seen is $4.15 for cash-paying customers.
  2. I broke my nose last week. I can't work out for a few weeks, can't participate in contact sports (no sparring for six weeks) - but I can still fish, and fish I shall!
  3. Weird angle but here's a fun one: 7" lure, 12" bass that tried to eat it!
  4. Create a free Imgur account - they give you the BB code link you can just paste into a text box that will insert the image. Easy peasy.
  5. Here's a few of the more recent bass catches, not to take the thunder away from the kitty cats posted above: That's a 5 inch long bluegill bait hanging out of that fishes' mouth. And a couple others caught on the same bait: Not long after getting those fish, I had my main swimbait rod and that swimbait pictured above wrecked by a damned turtle. I saw bait busting, cast into the fray expecting a big bass to hit. Nope. Big ol' soft shell turtle. Snapped my rod before I could land it, absolutely ruined the bait - all in all setting me back about $150 in replacement of those two pieces. I couldn't find that exact bait either, the shop I got it from was out. I got some other baits by the same company (I'm seriously becoming a Savage Gear fanboy, since all my new baits are from them lately) Wound up getting a couple 4 inch bluegill baits, couldn't find *any* five inchers. The fish don't seem to mind though, I think they view them like slider burgers versus a big mac. It does allow smaller fish to eat the bait too, which helps break up the chuck & wind hypnosis you can get throwing bigger stuff. The fish like that bait, and have chewed it up pretty good so far I picked up another one just like it yesterday, because I fear that a few more fish will wreck the one above soon enough. Great little swimbait! I also held my nose and picked up a Googan Squad swimbait - I've not been a big fan of their stuff (its over priced, in general, and their quality is questionable at best) but I wanted to see if their swimbait, which is made by a different company than their other baits, was any good. That guy liked it. I picked up a Savage Gear shad style 5 inch glide bait too, because I like glide style swimbaits more than the multi-joint hard baits in a lot of situations. Usually I'm throwing 7+ inch gliders, but this smaller 5 incher has a great action. It's also caught me a few fish of late, tho nothing huge yet: This guy is probably destined to be a 20lb'er, if it doesn't get eaten by a bigger fish, bird, turtle, snake, gator, or redneck first.
  6. So I've been on a big swimbait jag for a while now - its become my absolute favorite way to fish and catch fish, even though it is a low-percentage bait compared to others. I just got this guy in earlier this week: Its a 10 inch long line-thru style soft swimbait by Savage Gear. I got it because I wanted a stupidly large bait to see if I could get the biggest fish in our ponds to react. Largest bass confirmed to have been taken from our little community pond is 13lb - that's only 2lb shy of Lake Conroe's largest bass on record. I had some time to kill between helping my neighbor out with her zero turn mower, and getting the kid from the school bus, so I gave it a test swim. About 5 or 6 casts in I got my first grab - and boy was it a surprise! I was hoping it was a double digit largemouth. My personal best so far is just over 7lb. Turned out to not be a bass at all, but a big ol' kitty cat A couple neighbor ladies were walking along the trail around the lake and they stopped to talk and one lady wanted to get a picture to prove to her husband there are big fish in the lake / pond. I asked her to send the picture to me, and she kindly obliged. I love catching catfish. I love a well prepared catfish supper (thankfully its a lot easier to find catfish, especially good catfish here in the south than it was up in the PNW) but this kitty got set free, because I wasn't fishing for cats, and I wouldn't keep one that big to eat anyway. She needs to go make babies. I don't do a lot of bait fishing anymore these days, I prefer being active and casting lures or flies vs sitting, waiting for a tip to dance or a bobber to go under. Lure eating catfish? Hell yeah. This wasn't my first lure caught cat, I've caught a bunch of smaller cats on other bass lures, including a bunch on smaller swimbaits, like this one last year: He ate a 6 inch soft swimbait. Part of me wants to really focus on getting the lure-bite dialed in on catfish, just because so few people do it, but the bigger part of me says "nah, focus on the bass and enjoy the occasional by-catch."
  7. Tell 'em your pronouns are "Apache / Attack Helicopter"
  8. You'd think the Republican Party of New York could run a potato against anyone with a D by their name next time and win in a landslide, but New Yorkers seem so damn conditioned to vote against themselves by hitting the D that whoever gets top of the ballot will win.
  9. This subforum hasn't seen much action - last post was in 2020 - figured I may as well try to stir something. Greetings from the Magnolia area. Any armory members local?
  10. The battle of wits between Russia and "the west" isn't much of a battle given our "leader" has no brain. Nor does his successor. Still can't figure out exactly who the primary puppet master is - is it Obama? Is it Bolton? I don't think its the Clintons - they'd probably just off him and find a way to weasel into power. I'm not sure the current administration even has a good diplomat in their ranks - so diplomacy isn't likely to work. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is also a damn commie, so I'm not so sure that even military action is going to work - after all, he admitted that if the former POTUS was going to take military action against China, he'd call them to warn them first - it doesn't seem much of a stretch that he'd do the same for the Russians, or that he'd tip of China who would tip off Russia. Its quite possible that the best outcome for the American people is to let the world take care of itself until January 2025, when the Biden regime is over and done for. The problem is that is 3 years away, and a LOT of bad has already happened in just one year.
  11. No carrier, no air support. If they get froggy, cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles - sink the bastiages.
  12. Nothing huge yet this year, but here's some recent fish... First top water fish of the year - he's almost as big as the lure A few from February / January Yeah, with fishing like this available year-round here, there isn't enough money in circulation to get me to move back to the Pacific North-Wet. Too damn cold in the winters for me anymore. I think the Texas climate has also helped get rid of the webbing between my feet (PNW peoples will understand that) My kiddo caught his personal best bass yet last winter - there's a 0.5% chance of that happening in Oregon. We're coming up on 2 years as refugees to Texas, a couple more years and we can maybe apply to be naturalized Texans
  13. Hopefully - if history is repeating itself on fast forward - Biden is another Jimmy Carter - a one term ineffectual turd who ushered in Regan. It'll take at least 4 years to unwind the damage he's *already* done, and he has nearly 3 more to go. But it isn't just the child sniffer that has to go - its all of the swamp monsters in congress, including the RINOs and anti-freedom R's. We need a strong leader in the white house, but we need strong leaders in Congress that remember they work *for us* and not the other way around, people who put America first and not last.
  14. https://f8x7p3b6.ssl.hwcdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/2022-Walther-Product-Catalog.pdf The PDP is an interesting / weird gun. You can have a "compact" 5 inch with the short gripframe (15 round), plus the venerable compact 4 incher, or a full size 4 inch with the long, 18 round grip frame. They also offer the 4.5 inch full size, and 5 inch full size guns. The PDP Pro is listed as 5.1 inches - I think that uses the slide from the 4" though, because of the threaded barrel on the Pro model. The big issue is the dust cover length - you can put a long slide on a short frame, but you have exposed recoil spring/ guide rod. I don't know if there's an aftermarket snap-on cover for this yet, but it is a functional combination. As is the short slide on a long dust cover frame. This would make a weird combo, unless you run one of the flush-comp setups. I haven't found a video showing the swapping of slides between the PDP and one of the steel frame PPQ guns - but if the polymer PPQ slide works on the steel frame, there should be no reason the PDP slide would not also work on the steel frame and vice-versa.
  15. Even bigger oofs. Honestly if you've got a specific sight in mind - I'd ditch the plate system in favor of direct-mount on the optic. One less failure point to worry about, and the sight will sit lower in the slide. I really wish the manufacturers would just standardize on one damn footprint for open emitter sights, and one for closed emitters. Then they could all abandon the plate nonsense and go direct-mount. Would be really nice if you could low-mount a direct mounted optic, and not have to run suppressor sights for co-witness purposes. The PDP could've really benefitted from that idea, since they cut their plate mount so damn low that it exposes part of the striker channel. Even if they'd cut the footprint for an RMR, and them made the plate system where the plate mounts in an RMR footprint, and the top of the plate mates to other footprints, that would've been good. It's a damn shame you can't get the proper parts for your pistol without going third party. I'm still scratching my head why the other slides won't work, if the 5 inch version works. The PDP slides / barrels are all interchangable on the PDP frame.
  16. Keep an eye on CDNN - they occasionally have parts - like slides / barrels etc for various guns. I've seen PPQ slides before - probably won't be long before gen 1 PDP slides pop up here & there. Walther also claims they intend the PDP to have huge after market support (we'll see, its not like we're talking Glocks here) so maybe there will be 3rd party out there who makes a PDP slide that will work on the PPQ as well. I bet when they say "components" they're just talking striker assembly, extractor, and maybe barrel. Since you can mix & match - I mean, you could just get the PDP 5 inch, swap slides around and sell off the franken-gun if you don't like the PDP frame, recouping your costs. I guarantee someone out there would snatch up the PDP frame with a PPQ slide because the PPQ slide allows it to fit PPQ holsters - which are far easier to get than PDP holsters right now. The aggressive texture is really the only big difference from the PPQ M2 frame I can see. Maybe the extra bit around the magazine release button, that is a minor thing tho. C&H Precision is an option for those that wanna drop the cash. They may be the ones actually making the plates for the US sold guns, since you have to order the plate *after* you get the gun. Its kinda bullcrap that you hafta order the plate, I don't think the cost-per-gun is going to be that much more to include two or three basic, common footprint plates but what do I know. I spent MSRP on my PDP, would've been nice for there to at least be an RMR plate in there, since its THE most common foot print for a sight right now.
  17. The thing that kinda pisses me off with Walther - they obviously either had a LOT of feedback on the lack of recoil bosses for the optics plates, or their longevity testing has revealed that maybe the screws that hold the plate in are not enough by themselves - but they've released an updated version of the PDP now with recoil bosses milled in for the optic plate. No word of a recall, or upgrade program to replace original flat-cut slides with the upgraded parts. IF my screws fail and send my optic flying, I'll be calling/emailing/lighting someone's doghouse on fire to get their attention I also wonder - only mildly because COVID prices are already stupid enough on 9mm - when/if the .45ACP version is getting released. I haven't even seen a .40 yet - only the 9mm for the US and Europe, and 9x21 for foreign markets where military calibers are a no-go.
  18. PDP and PPQ slides *are* interchangeable, at least on the 9mm guns. PDP slide is fatter on the outside, but you can mix & match parts. I think it was "Justin Opinion" on YouTube who does exactly this - as he's a Walther fan and showed the PPQM2 slide working on a PDP frame, and a PDP slide working on a PPQ frame. PDP is just a steroided-out PPQ, its the PPQ M3, basically.
  19. Ah I can see how you think that - the pic is mirrored. I'm def not sinister - I'm a righty like 90% of the population The Holosun sights might not be as rugged as the Trijicon RMR - but Aaron Cowen hasn't been able to destroy a 507C yet, or the 508T or the 509. Dude's about as destructive on them as you can get aside from just smashing it with a hammer. I would honestly prefer to throw an American or European optic on it, instead of Chicom - but two things prevented that: I just can't do single, small dots on pistols. My astigmatism does not play nice with it - I see wormy squiggly starbursty blobs instead of a good crisp dot. Of the reticles I've tried first-hand, the circle-dot style like the Holosun has is not only the fastest, but the most crisp. The lines on the circle don't blur for me, and the dot doesn't do the starburst near as bad with this setup. Trijicon refuses to do a reticle other than a dot, or a solid triangle. The ACSS reticles are good, they use an ACSS reticle with their ACOG, but they ignore the pistol dot crowd that would prefer something beyond a dot. The Leupold Delta Point would've been a good option I think BUT they discontinued the reticle that gave the sight its name - literally the delta / chevron. They only offer the sight in a dot. My purpose of adding the dot to the gun was for faster target acquisition and more accuracy in general, so going with a dot that is harder for me to see and be accurate with would be stupid. Literally the only sight worth a damn that offers a non-single dot reticle that I like was Holosun. If I could get an RMR with the same reticles, or if they go with an ACSS chevron in a circle reticle - I'll ditch the Chinesium in a heart beat and put an RMR on there. I try to buy as little Chinesium as possible, but some just seems unavoidable. Holosun at least has innovated and is making a solid mid-tier sight. For a concealed carrier its a good choice. And IF the dot fails then it just becomes a big ghost ring, and I run suppressor height sights that are clearly visible. IF the glass gets spidered so bad I cannot see - I practice indexing off the back plate of the slide for close shots too. Not the most accurate, but inside 7 yards it'll put a hole in a man sized target. Hell, for that matter I could activate the flashlight, and aim with the center of the damned light cone in a pinch.
  20. I make my own, actually.
  21. I'm finally in full happiness with my carry setup. I got some kydex in today, along with a mod wing designed for light bearing holsters and banged this out this afternoon. Some in-progress shots, and a shot how it rides on my belt. Yes, there's "tactical fluff" on the belly. Working to eliminate that - I'd lost 60lb before Covid, gained 40 back. Weighed in today at 260lb (6'4") - last week I began working with a weight lifting coach (I'm super lucky to have a friend and neighbor who is a Texas state record holder for her weight class and certified personal trainer, and she had some free time on her schedule to get me in once a week to start, hopefully we can add a 2nd day soon!) and we're back to a low-carb way of eating. I've been carrying in this rig for a few hours and found its more comfy than the non-light bearing holster of similar design, the light spreads some of the pressure out. I haven't even needed a foam wedge with this yet. Draw is firm but smooth. Retains on the light body. Conceals well, for a saucer-sized setup!
  22. There are "new" guns attached - Smith & Wesson is going to release a .30SC Shield Plus - which will have 14+1 capacity, IIRC. There is also supposed to be a Shield EZ in the new round along with their new CSX is also going to be released in .30SC, Nighthawk is releasing a 1911 in the round - and that's what we know now. I expect .30SC conversion barrels to be available sooner or later for any of the popular 9mm framed pistols - a Glock 17 might wind up having 21 or 22 rounds in the mag. The biggest boon I can see here - are for those who are recoil sensitive. They could go with the lighter "hot 380" loads and probably shoot easier than with a light 9mm round. I don't see it displacing 9x19 or .380 - and its a horrible time to introduce a new carry-caliber handgun round. Seems tone deaf, and like the answer to a question very few people have asked. Its going to be like .45GAP - there will be an initial flurry of buying because of the well-paid articles and videos on it - but give it 5 years and it'll be on Forgotten Weapons. Even the .357 Sig never *really* caught on outside of LE world, and LE has by and large transitioned back to 9x19. Even here in Texas, the DPS dropped their .357Sig P226 in favor of the P320 in 9mm. THe only way its really going to catch fire is if they release this stuff CHEAPER than 9mm and have mountains of ammo available at launch. That said - as a paper punching range toy - a new FN Hi Power in .30SC with a capacity of 20-22 rounds would be pretty sweet. Or a 2011 that would today be 17-20 rounds of 9mm could be a 24 or 25 round gun. For the competitive paper puncher crowd - a flat shooting, light recoiling, high capacity round could be an advantage.
  23. Updating this - got a couple add-ons for the PDP. One is already a full-time piece of kit, the other will be as soon as I get a holster made for it. And naturally - a couple weeks after I picked up the Chinesium 507C for this - SHOT show announcements have new American made sights coming out - though I don't think any of them use the same reticles as the Chinesium Holosun stuff. I'm anticipating Aaron Cowen's testing on the EO Tech pistol sight - disappointed its only coming in a single-dot reticle though, and not the circle-dot that they're famous for on the rifle optics. I must say that I really prefer the 507C over the smaller 507K - I don't know if its a size thing - or the fact that its mounted on the ergonomically superior gun - but the larger sight is quicker to acquire the dot with. I 'settled' for the standard 507C with Holosun's typical reticle choices - the dot, the circle, or circle dot - as opposed to the Primary Arms version. I hemmed & hawed over the decision, but ultimately decided to stick to what I already knew and was practiced on from my M&P / 507K setup - I run the circle-dot reticle with that and find it to be the easiest for me to pick up and get hits with. Likewise I hemmed & hawed over the light selection - it came down to the Streamlight TLR-7A or the TLR-1HL - the 7A is more compact and has half the light output (500 lumen per Streamlight) vs the larger 1000 lumens on the 1HL. Since the light sits flush to the muzzle and the sides of the gun, the holster for it should be quite a bit more comfortable than one that sits proud of the muzzle, or requires a channel that bulges out beyond the width of the gun itself. Another minor upshot - the gap required to accommodate this light around the trigger guard is going to be considerably narrower than on the fatter TLR-1 light body, which means a slimmer chance of something getting into the trigger guard and causing an unintentional discharge. Given the light trigger on the Walther - that's a good thing! Ultimately I decided to let comfort and size dictate the light - 500 lumens is no slouch. I've used the old TLR-1 lights going all the way back to the original which was something like 180 lumens or something, then it got upgraded to 300 on the 2nd gen lights (I've had both) before the HL versions were even a glimmer in the engineer's eye. Prior to that I'd had Insight Tech M3 and the Glock original tactical light - both IIRC were 60 lumen lights. They got the job done back then. From my front door to the gate is 103 yards. Shining the light, with the porch lights off - I can see a fair amount of detail at that distance. Not as much as my hand held PolyTac, or the light mounted on my AR - but I could at least identify a man shaped target vs an animal at that distance. In a more practical setting - with all the lights off in the house, standing in my office, I can fully illuminate the visible area of the room on the opposite end of the house and clearly identify objects, with no other light sources turned on, a distance of 20 yards. That's a much more important thing honestly - because any likelihood of having to use the pistol light is either going to be in my home, or another building, or in a close-up engagement if I happen to be out at night. At 20 yards, 500 lumens is quite unpleasant to be blasted with. Another benefit of the 7A over the 1HL - I don't have to remove the light from the pistol to change batteries - the bezzel comes off and you put the batteries in from the front, unlike having to remove the light and put the batteries in thru the aft of the TLR-1 / 2 lights. This gun is quite comfortable to carry, being lighter overall than my M&P. Just comparing the two guns - my M&P with a loaded 15 round magazine and the 507K sight weighs more than my Walther loaded with a 15 round magazine and the 507C mounted. I don't find the dot causing the gun to print anymore than it did wearing just irons either.
  24. I don't have experience first hand with shooting a gen 5. Felt em up a lot, but not shot them. Haven't felt the burning need to buy one. I have owned every prior generation of Glock though, 1 thru 4. Leaving out the optics-ready versions and focusing just on the gun, I think over all the gen 4 guns are the best - for me. In my earlier generation guns, I came to a point of needing to do things like stippling the grips, swapping the controls to extended mag releases and slide releases, besides adding good sights. On the gen 4 guns I've had - I added the GripForce beaver tail, and a good set of sights, and that was all I really needed to do. The larger mag release on the gen 4's and later is far, far more useful to me than the tiny button on the gen 1 - 3. I don't have issues with Glock triggers, and while the Gen 5 has a nice trigger on dry-fire, I don't see it as a massive improvement over the earlier guns. With enough rounds thru, they all slick up and smooth out. Or you can spend extra and put a drop-in trigger in any Glock if you must. I *have* played with factory connectors before, and will say if you get a gun with a factory "Minus" connector, it does ease the trigger a bit and make it a little more fun to shoot. Not an absolute must-have though. I just don't feel a burning need anymore to own a Glock. I've owned more Glock pistols than any other maker, but *for me* there are better, more ergonomic, better shooting guns. Until I bought my Walther, I was comfortably settled on the gen 1 M&P 9mm as my preferred carry gun. I've owned the M2.0 compact, and found the lack of the beavertail and the stiffer frame to actually make them shoot worse for me than the older guns. I modded my gen 1 full size to take the 2.0 Compact 15 round mags. What I got was a gun almost identical in size to the 2.0 Compact - the slide & barrel are 1/4 inch longer, but that's nothing. I got the carry-comfort of the shorter grip. I got the shootability of the gen 1 full size. I had my slide milled for a direct mount red dot, so I don't have plates to play with on that gun. It shoots nicely, it carries nicely. Like Glock triggers, I don't have real big bone to pick with M&P stock triggers. I have never felt a *need* to buy an Apex trigger. They're nice, but not necessary. I might put one in some day, but maybe not. My Walther PDP though - that is replacing my M&P as my daily carry gun. The ergonomics, for me, are even better than the M&P (which had been king, for me, over other guns) and the Walther is a tad lighter, even fully loaded, making for a little more comfort to carry all day. I still haven't added a red dot to the Walther, but that'll come after Christmas has taken its financial toll. I love both guns, but my M&P is going to be more of my backup or secondary bump in the night gun (my primary bump in the nigh gun being my AR) It just comes down to ergonomics AND reliability for me. Walther is known for making reliable guns. M&P's have proven themselves to be very reliable guns. Glocks are reliable. I'd be glad to have any one of them in a gun fight, but if I were able to pick the gun first - the Glock would be at the bottom of that list of three guns just based on ergos and the fact I shoot the other guns a little better. If Glock were to release a model with a factory extended beavertail, reduce the "Glock hump" or or otherwise recontour the grip to be more comfortable, I'd give them a try again. I also wouldn't pass up a good deal on a Glock. I don't hate them, they're just not my go-to pistol anymore after 20 years of trying to find my "perfect" gun.
  25. Granted the facts are not yet in, and we're relying on early reporting which could well be wrong, but this incident reminds me a LOT of the shooting at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon back in 1998. I was a Sophomore myself in high school, in Oregon when this happened. The shooter in that case, Kip Kinkel, had shown some "issues" - and his parents thought that getting him involved in a hobby would be a good outlet. His outlet was shooting, and his parents bought .22's and eventually a 9mm Glock for him to practice with. He went on to murder his parents with the .22's, IIRC before loading up with the Glock, a .22 pistol and some knives like a little teenage Rambo before going to school and murdering 2 or 3 (IIRC) and wounding a few dozen others before he was taken down and held by other students until the police arrived. Kinkel was 15 years old when he did his evil deed, just like this kid in Oxford. It really seems like there are similar undercurrents here. My initial take is yes, the parents probably should face charges. This kid didn't just wake up that morning and decide to kill people and snap. The parents bought the gun for him. They should've taken him home that morning when they met with school officials. It wasn't just the parents that failed though - it was the damn school administrators who didn't push the parents into taking the kid. They should've suspended him. They SHOULD have searched his damn back pack on the spot - from the info that has been released - neither the parents NOR school officials searched the kid, despite the reasonable concerns brought up. I think the school administrators bare some responsibility here for their failures to take reasonable precautions. The shooting could well have been avoided if his backpack was searched, or if they had made the parents take the kid home that day. Of course the later could just have been putting off the inevitable, but *maybe* if the kid went with mom & dad, and they told them he couldn't return until he'd been evaluated by a mental health professional - maybe the kid wouldn't have done it. That's a big maybe. I guess we can say its a political issue - would the parents have been charged if this kid pulled a Waukesha and just drove a car thru a crowd of people? At 15 the kid is old enough to drive (permit) so its entirely possible he could've taken a car without permission and used it as a weapon. Would the parents have been charged with involuntary manslaughter for not securing their vehicle in that scenario? I don't know. Would it make a difference, if, in that scenario a teacher had seen a drawing of a car smashing into a crowd, with dead people on the ground? Would there have been the same level of concern? I think its a little telling that 1.) mom texted the kid saying "please don't do it" after learning of the shooting. I don't think its a stretch at all to believe she had reason to think her kid had the potential to be the shooter, and that suspicion was probably there before their meeting that morning, and 2.) dad immediately went to check for the Sig they bought for him after learning of the shooting, then calling the police and telling them he thought his son was the shooter, and reporting the missing firearm. Seems reasonable to think dad might've had some thought in the back of his head there was something wrong with the boy before that too. Maybe the parents were blinded by hope for the kid that he was just going thru a phase - its been reported by a lot of places that the young man was the victim of bullying. That doesn't justify what he did, but it wouldn't be the first time a bullied kid with mental problems snapped and committed an act like this. Its speculation, yes, but I don't think its far fetched speculation. This kid is going to be locked up for the rest of his life, that's pretty much a given. He'll either be in a mental institution, or a prison. I don't know if the parents should face 60 years each, necessarily, but what is a reasonable punishment for the role they played if the jury finds them guilty? 10 years? 20? They certainly don't have the money to pay for the survivors medical and mental health treatments going forward, and you cannot adequately compensate someone for a loss of life so a financial burden could never be met. They'll probably never see their son in person again after the trials are over. The state is going to have a much harder time convincing a jury the parents are guilty than the kid, if the kid even goes to trial. If there are parents on the jury, those parents may well ask themselves "what if this was me on trial for something my kid did" which could make them hesitate to convict. If the parents don't talk with investigators and admit to foreknowledge and suspicion there was something wrong with the kid, the state is going to have to rely a lot on things like text messages, social media posts, communications with the school, maybe the kid's doctor (then delving into privileged medical information), etc to build their case. Its all going to come down to what did the parents know, what SHOULD the parents have known, and if the actions they took in regards to that knowledge were reasonable. I don't think its entirely unreasonable to try the kid as an adult, because of the nature of the crimes committed and the fact that at his age he should know better, and know the consequences - yet also hold the parents accountable for their inaction, or their actions. We've set the age of adulthood at 18 and determined, generally, that anyone under 18 is generally still under the care and custody of their parents and the parents are responsible for them. The parents are still required to make the kid attend compulsory education, they're required to house him, feed him, clothe him, etc. Its their responsibility to make sure the kid knows right from wrong - because if that doesn't fall to the parents, who does it fall to? If you say "the state" by way of schools, or other government, then you admit that children are property of the state and the parents don't have any legal rights or obligations to the children, and then you can't complain when the kids turn into little sacks of useless crap or become little indoctrinated drones. If you say its the parents responsibility - then how do we determine, aside from the hard age of 18 as is typical now - where a parent's responsibility for their child ends? Is it a spectrum? Where and how does responsibility and culpability phase away from parents to their child? Should a very mature 12 or 13 year old be allowed to enter contracts, leave home, and make decisions for themselves? How about 14 or 15? It is not an easy question to answer. I just hope we see *all* the responsible parties in this scenario held accountable, not just scape goat the parents for their part, while ignoring the government actors who failed.
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