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  1. I prefer metal framed Rugers over any of their polyguns. That said... I have owned just about all the Ruger P series except a P90, and the P94. Had no use for a .40, and the P90 is a second string wish list gun. Echoing Pepper, the P89 is a damn lazer. Its a gun tgat proves bore axis does not necessarily mean a thing in felt recoil, accuracy, or balance. And Hogue grips are a must for metal Rugers. Stock grips are slipperier than a piglet covered in Astroglide when wet. So are polymet P gun frames. Stippling or an innertube grip sleeve are a must. Triggers are long, not horribly heavy. I have had a Sig with worse trigger. I carried a P97 for a time whilest doing armed alarm response security. The P95 is a good gun, my preference would be the last generation, that the Army adopted for tank crews. It had a less slippery grip, and a rail for a light. Add a light to a Ruger P series and you may as well be shooting a .22 - theres no muzzle rise. They are great beaters. They were even better at $289 NIB with 2 mags. Now Ruger p guns go for $400+ regularly.
  2. So this is a hot button topic and has generated 20+ pages of discussion on a local firearms forum. After reading the back and forth I came up with a thought, which got me into a pissing match with another fellow even tho we are pretty much on the same page on most things. Heres my idea for safe storage: throughout the discussion on the other board poibts were brought up about what is considered secure - does it need to be bolted to walls or the floor, what about well hidden guns that are not readily accessible, like with tactical walls, furniture that doubles as gun storage etc. Good points, and I don't claim my idea is perfect, but IF we had to have another damn law, I would much rather live under my propisal, rather than draconian shat like Oregon's ballot initiative proposal 44 - thats a secure storage law that mandates individual guns be locked up individually in locked containers, and makes a gun owner liable for any wrongdoing with a firearm they sell for 5 years after its sold. Yes, its insane. So my idea of voluntary safe storage, with a reward of legal shielding for safe storage and allowing civil or criminal charges in a very narrow set of circumstances would be far more preferable. i grew up in a house that never had a gunsafe. We had a wooden rack with a Winchester 94, a Sears 20 gauge bolt action shotgun, and an occasional .22 hanging on the wall. Old man kept a .38 J frame smith and a Beretta Jetfire .22 in his dresser drawer. i never played with them, touched them, or went near without permission. I had bb guns and toy guns aplenty. I knew if I touched a real gun without asking, I would get whipped, literally. Old man had an 8 foot long bull whip with leather cracker strap, and he used that leather strap on occasion as a disciplinary measure. I wanted no part of that. me - I keep my guns locked up. I keep my edc on the nightstand when I am asleep, otherwise its on me or on the table/desk within arms reach. I take it with when I get up to take a crap. i have tested the boy before without his knowledge, and he's never touched my gun when I was not looking, or without asking. He's starting to learn to shoot. He's shot a .22 and a couple rounds (with help) from a 9mm. He has his own bb gun, but times are different, and we don't live in the sticks like I did as a kid. I felt like schitt when an AR lower was stolen from my locked trunk - I don't want to know what it feels like to have a complete gun taken and used for criminal use, or my kid hurts himself with it. I do not want any more laws, but realize they are coming, so if we have to have them, I would rather we get in front and craft laws that protect our rights vs selling them away or just trampling on them. secure storage laws are only enforcable after a tragedy has happened. More laws rarely prevent crime, especially those by motivated criminals. i would rather we fix our broken society, than to loose more freedom. I wish we could fix things without more damn laws.
  3. Eh. Doom and gloom aren't all there is, but I'd rather watch Bill Dance flip a jig into a brush pile and catch a 12 inch bass, or watch Minions with the kiddo than anything to deal with our distant Brit cousins, especially anything with the royals. Except Top Gear / Grand Tour. Those brits are A Okay Pomp and circumstance are boring, I would've skipped out on my own wedding and gone straight to the honeymoon, if it weren't for the wife insisting upon it. We had like, 30 guests total, catered it ourselves, and got hitched in a public park, by a circuit court judge. 2nd best part was watching Pepper escort Shrek (wife's 300lb tomato red haired former friend, who wore a green dress) down the 'isle' Best part was getting out of Dodge and heading to the Oregon coast for a week, before heading into the mountains to camp for another week of the honeymoon.
  4. 0 fornications given. Bunch of goofy spoiled rich people stroking each others egos on the tax payers dime. Our ancestors threw the yolk of Brit oppression off 243 years ago, I don't get how any Americans care so much about royalty that has nothing to do with our lives.
  5. Sniff it, if it smells like tuna, soak it in bleech. If it smells lime trout, soak it in gas and burn the cooties off. Hose down with carb cleaner. Soak in 10W40 for a day or three. Reassemble, wipe down, give to the wife as a hideout piece
  6. Ohmygod you can't be that naive to think the Russians wanted Trump in office, when Hildabeast was far more sympathetic to their cause and far more politically aligned. The media and lefties - and many republicans - cannot decide if Trump is a Russian puppet or a Russian agent, or is going to start WW3 because he provokes them. Can't be both. They are throwing crap against the,wall to see what sticks. The best they can come up with is an affair that happened with a porn star a decade before he ever thought of running for office. Not illegal. May not even be breaking the bond with his wife - they could be swingers or agree that shagging others is OK. Attacking his lawyer is showing desperation. Funny that the porn stars lawyer just got outed for his own evil deeds. Shawn Spicer was right, if Trump ate Russian salad dressing, he's colluding with Moscow. Here's a crazy f'n thought - 60 years of Russia being Bad Guy No 1 has not worked great for world peace and economic prosperity - if we make nice with them we can make allies, and team up to crush the march of the political cult known as Islam which is trying to take down the western world. They are invading Europe and trying here in our own borders as well. The GWOT could go a lot better if two of the most formidable powers on the planet joined forces rather than poking at one another. McCain is a war hawk, he'd vote to go full scale against Russia if Putin sent him a nasty meme. Hillary sold out our uranium to Ruskies. She was flapping her gums about war with Russia. Putting it simply - There is NO Russian influence in the US Government, Mueller's investigation is a McCarthy style witch hunt. Trump should squash it, Fire Sessions, and move on with fixing the damage his predecessors left.
  7. Bless this man, he's a living history book. I'd love to pick his brain about what he thinks of this country and the direction it's taken over the last century.
  8. Yes, the Justice Department should get to work doing their job. They should investigate and indict McCain, both Clintons, Obama, Mueller, Comey, Holder, Lynch, McCabe, and everyone they associated with that colluded to undermine the security of the United States, violate the Constitution, and conspire to commit multiple felonies including treason. You are fixated on McCain's veteran status and age - the only relevant bit being his age. He's old and he has cancer. Millions of other people are old and dying of cancer, and they haven't done the evil deeds that this man has. They didn't sell out their countrymen, violate their oaths, and work with enemy agents. Not everyone deserves respect. Respect gets earned, not automatically awarded. Living a long time doesn't wash away one's actions or give them a pass or magically make people like or respect them. Donald Trump has lived more than 7 decades on this planet himself - do you respect him? How about Dick Cheney or papa Bush? George Soros is pretty damned old, does that entitle him to respect and happy thoughts too? Eh, you're probably a Soros fan. Nope - Johnny Mac doesn't deserve respect. He's a traitor and a scumbag, he shouldn't get an honor guard, shouldn't get a state funeral, and his remains should be cremated and put in a little unmarked cardboard box, then thrown in the trash and forgotten. The sooner we can forget about him and move on as a nation, the better. Lets hope that Arizona's governor or legislature picks a far better replacement. Neither of Arizona's senators are worth two squirts of milk from a meth-mama's teets.
  9. As big a Star Trek nerd I am - I recognize it's pure fiction. It depicts humans in essentially our best form, sloughing off most of our greed, doing away with the need for a capitalist system because technology has advanced to the point of 'free' energy, the ability to synthesize anything you can imagine, world hunger is a centuries old memory, and people stopped killing each other over things like religion, skin color, and political affiliation - for the most part. Of course Star Trek uses alien races to depict humanities worst traits and cliche's. Humans are too diverse a group - ethnically, religiously, politically, fiscally - to ever agree on one system of government. Here in the US, we do not even live under one single government - we are a federation of individual states, with their own governors and law making bodies, and within those states are further subdivisions with law making bodies and enforcement agents. And among those varied layers of government there is division, infighting, pettiness and pure unadulterated greed, stupidity, and malice. We cannot have a government that even 50% of the populace likes or agrees with. To think that we could somehow get 5.5 billion other people to agree with us on how things should be? No thank you. The Romans, the Brits, the Mongols and the Germans all attempted world dominance at one point, and they couldn't make it work. One world government and a globalist agenda are antithetical to individual liberty and freedom and simply would not work without the "cleansing" of undesirable people who do not agree with The Party. If we became full on empire builders - we could not pull it off. We can't even get the goat humping farmers in southwestern Asia to stop killing each other over minor interpretations of their holy books and implementation of religious law, to think we'll all come together in human harmony even 500 years from now is fantasy. Thousands of years of human history are a good predictor of the future. No government in the world has ever lasted. We're witnessing the slow, managed decline of our government, the British empire, the German people - and the people pulling the strings have the goal of a totalitarian one-world regime. Bush Sr ran his flaps about it 30 years ago. It's as scary now as it was then. As for alien contact, and becoming part of a greater galactic neighborhood...again, Star Trek is a Utopian view of the future. Starship Troopers or Enders Game is likely a more accurate indicator of how we would react to alien life. We are, at our core, conquerors. IF we get to the point where we have ships capable of faster than light travel, and the ability to seek out new life and new civilizations, we'll probably come bearing gifts of zero point energy or antimatter bombs, high energy particle beam weapons, or even just plain old thermonuclear missiles and we'll find a way to F things up and start a war with the Ewoks AND the Klingons. Nope - not on board with any one world government nonsense, and don't see it as ever being a realistic "accomplishment" of the human race, not without exterminating a large part of said race, and brainwashing the rest anyway.
  10. If you wind up not liking the rear sight that comes on yours, AmeriGlo does sell this rear sight individually, IIRC it's less than $30. You said one was supposedly coming with the plastic sights, right?
  11. I got a swinging trade deal for my Sig 220 last month, and wound up with a Gen 4 G17, my first Gen 4 glock. I think, had I jumped on the gen 4 a few years ago, I would not be the M&P whore I am today. This is the first Glock in a long time I don't ferl the need to sand, stipple, or change out mag release on. I still don't love the slide stop, but am not changing it. The gun came with crappy Glock poly sights. Blech. I ordered a set of AmeriGlo Protector sights, which pairs their Pro Dot front sight with a blacked out ledge style serrated rear sight. Less than $60 from eCop supply in Texas. I had just enough time to install them before heading to work, but wowza they are nice. A few mins of quick presentations, the neon green front sight is stupid fast to pick up, and the rear sight was totally non distracting. I like these more than XS big dots, and those are quick to pick up. The green dot also seems easier to pick up than a white dot. I will get pics of the installed sights tonight when home, but these seem to be a winner. The rear sight did take about 100 laps on a flat file before it fit far enough in the sight channel to drift it in. I wish M&P sights were as easy as Glock sights to install. I also wish AmeriGlo made comparable sights for the M&P but the closest combo I can get is a thin U notched rear with the Pro Dot front sight. Will probably just put I Dot Pros on the M&P as they are cheaper and have a wider rear notch.
  12. Having used paddles extensively once upon a time, I decided I'm not a fan anymore. For open carry, the gun tilting out is OK, but not for CC. And for OC, the gun should be anchored to the belt so a guy can't just rip holster & all off the belt in a gun grab. Does Galco have a belt slide or pancake to fit your blaster till a custom rig shows up? Or can you find a kydex holster for it?
  13. With tinnitus, you are never alone. That 'friend' the ringing never leaves you. Makes enjoying peaceful quiet times difficult sometimes, because the ringing is worse when theres no background noise.
  14. Agreed. Look at the BS that happened in UK with Alfie Evans. How much goes on here in states that allow "Doctor Assisted Suicide" - I thought docs took an oath to do no harm. Killing someone is the ultimate in harm. Planned Parenthood has its roots in eugenics, trying to exterminate blacks by killing them before they are born. Every outraged mom that demands we disarm, but has a "I Stand with PP" Sticker on their car needs slapped. A customer of mine last week was a teacher and mother, and had one of those damned stickers in her rear window. Didn't seem like a good plan for job security to me...
  15. Gunshops are like whorehouses where you can fondle the goods before you buy it, but most counter monkies would be the equivalent to a 16 year old virgin. Maybe I want the tall vivacious redhead in the corner, plus the brunette sitting next to her. Kid tries pushing the ditzy 18 year old blonde instead. When my wife was shopping for carry guns, we would go and ask to look at specific guns. When they found out it was to be the wife's gun, they would push micro 380s and make bullsjit claims that you can't conceal anything larger. How many times these oblivious idiots said that, while I stood next to her with a Glock 17 or M&P full size, or sometimes a Glock 21 under my shirt, I wanted to butt in and lift my shirt saying "Really dude, then whats this?" But thought better of it every time. Those fools lost out on a sale each time. We wound up buying her shield from a local general store. When she wanted a full size pistol for general uses, same type of countertards pushed micro 9s because girls can't handle larger guns. Same idiots don't grasp the notion that the larger the gun, the lower the muzzle climb and less felt recoil a pistol has. We bought her a pistol through a local shop that treated her like they do guys. Was sad to see them go under a few years ago. She works for Sportsman's Warehouse now, and gets to fondle anything she wants without comments from the peanut gallery. They have a few idiots behind the counter, but more old guys with real knowledge. There are guys who don't love semis, but can give you details on guns made of blue steel and wood. Theres a couple benchrest shooters up on chassis guns, and enough dudes versed in modern tactical guns to choke a chicken. They also have a couple ladies who are fairly knowledgeable on handguns, which is helpful for lady customers since most guys tend to ignore their needs.
  16. Looks good. Looks to be vaccuum formed, if its not Kydex its probably Holstex or Boltaron, which are very similar. The .093" thickness of the material probably has something to do with the sound, and .093 is a lot stiffer than standard 0.080 material. You'll likely never break it. Lots of makers are using Raven's add ons, and hole pattern. Raven makes excellent stuff, and lots imitate. On my holsters, I use RCS injection molded struts and spacers. I have tried the clone stuff, but RCS struts are more durable and stiffer. I use those exact same snap straps on my rigs too, I like them far more than the rubber straps I used to use. Looks like a good, basic, simple holster.
  17. It sure seems the typical mouth pieces in DC a d the media WANT a nuclear Iran. But those same 'people' hate Israel, hate the US, and welcome "refugee $" from the same region. They gave aid and support to the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS/AQ, and are in love with the idea of an Iran that can make good on calls to destroy Israel and drive the jews into the sea. I am not the biggest Trump fan, but the man has done more good in less than 18 months for the US and the world than any President in the last 30 years. Still waiting on Hillary to be thrown in a dark hole, but we have time. And despite allegations of Russian collusipn (and allegations he will start WW3 with Russia) - he has ended the Korean war and started them on the path to peace and maybe even one day a unified Republic. Obama caused division, strife, and hatred at home and abroad, but Trump is the evil one. Mmmkay.
  18. You need a couple young bucks with good backs bucking that wood, whilest you supervise! Looks like you had a fulfilling if butt kicking weekend.
  19. John, I got to feel one of these guns up. They are indeed easy as pie to work the controls, work the slide, load mags. The grip safety is easy to depress, and the slide can be operated without depressing it. Its not like a 1911s or XDs that requires a just right grip to use, the fulcrum being at the bottom makes it just...easy...to depress and use. I am anxious to shoot one to see how it is. So is my wife. Shes hinting at wanting a new carry gun - this gun, and the Sig 365 are topping the list. The Sig is voodoo magic. In some ways the 380EZ is too. Both very well made guns.
  20. Not at all John, making the point that no one in teality is equal, and despite lofty platitudes, none of us are worth the same. I did not once call for euthanasia. Gmor seems to be under the false notion that people deserve the same amount of respect and their lives are as valuable as anyone elses, which simply is not the case. We make value judgements on the daily. In fact, if you carry a gun you make the statement that your life is indeed more valuable rhan that of someone that would seek to cause you harm. Which is a true statement. While I extend a very basic level of courtesy and respect to strangers until they prove to be worth less or more, I do not delude myself with the notion we are equal, we are all one big happy homo sapien family. Nothing in nature is identical, God gives is all different abilities, gifts, faults, challenges and expects us to deal with them in our own way. Man created the notion of equality - likely it was a lazy man who envied something a more prosperous man had. And in relation to this topic, John McCain, through his actions, attitudes, his support of this policy and lack of support for that, had made me determine his value as a human is rather low. If anyone should be euthanized, its power hungry politicians that betray their oath of office, trample liberty when it suits them, and enriches themselves on the backs of the people who put them there to represent us while actually working against us. But we can't do that, so the next best thing would be term limits so that no one can consolidate power and suckle on the public teet for 15, 20, 30, or 50 years. Politicians, if prohibited from insider trading, and if made to volunteer their services rather than drawing a substantial paycheck and pension, would find something better to do with their time.
  21. He's a public figure - he put himself out to be criticized, called out, ridiculed, mocked, and disrespected. His actions speak for themselves. Common decency to fellow humans is something this man has failed to demonstrate on multiple occassions. That he has a painful form of cancer that will take his life may just be proof that Karma exists, and he is getting a tast of what awaits when he dies. Not all human life has the same value or worth. We are not equal - no two people are ever an exact match in any catagory that matters. Intelligence, wit, reasoning, speed at which thoughts process and ideas flow, or physical prowess or lack thereof. *editing for clarification* - I am not advocating for mistreatment of people based on these differences or inequality, simply pointing out the truth thst we are not equal, and not all worth the same. Mr. McCain is an example that embodies that inequality and capitalized upon it to the detrement of others, and this nation, and deserves every bit of anger and disrespect he's showed as he earned it. Politics aside, he's a terrible person, and its nice to see someone like that get whats coming to them. Like it or don't. Some of us are genuinely happy to think our world will get a fraction better, and we will have a rare opportunity to further improve, (or unfortunately) further damage the nation and world when he finally leaves office or dies. Hopefully Hillary is next on the Reaper's list. We may never see her in prison, but she's got her own VIP room awaiting her in hell.
  22. McCain is no hero, he is a lying, filthy traitor who has worked to undermine your freedoms, our nations safety and security, and stifle prosperity while enriching himself. He is a swamp monster. Had it not been for his daddy the admiral, he'd be a nothing, a nobody. He showed his true colors in Vietnam, and now going on 30 years entrenched in Congress. He embodies why there should be a lifetime cap of two terms for any elected Federal office. He is a less attractive Nancy Pelosi. Arizona is a nice place, but I wonder, is the heat cooking their brains when it is time to vote? Neither senator from AZ is worth a crap. They are just as bad as the idiots Oregon keeps electing, and one of our illustreous senators lives in NYC. If he has a shred of honor anywhere in his body, he would resign, apologize to everyone he's failed, everyone who he sold out, and everyone he stepped on to attain power, and go quietly live the rest of his days thinking about his life and actions. God may forgive him, we don't have to. Just because you served in the military does not make you a hero free from criticism, nor do you get a pass for being a turd or a traitor. If putting on a uniform entitles you to hero status, Chelsea-Bradley Manning is a hero too. Like Joe Biden's son. Or John Kerry. Or Al Gore. Or George W Bush. Shall I go on? Serving in the armed forces does not automatically make someone's opinion or actions more valid, or make them above reproach. People like McCain do disservice to those who ARE heros and served honorably, and sacrificed for us.
  23. To expound on my carry method and why I do what I do... I have been carrying a gun for going on 16 years now. I have done the evolutionary stages of cheap to useable to custom. Tried most types of holsters, have owned over 30 different pistols searching for the unicorn carry gun. Same with holsters. My body shape has changed in those years, and so has my preferred carry placement. Until about 4 years ago, I carried behind the hip, or right at 3 o'clock. To limit the discussion to concealed carry, 90% of the time was at about the 4 o'clock position. I have done OWB and IWB, leather, kydex, neoprene, mesh and even a tube sock once as an experiment. I resisted jumping on forward of the hip carry when it became widely popularized, thinking there was no way it concealed as well, could not be comfortable, and was inherently unsafe. All of that was untrue. Forward of the hip carry is no more dangerous thsn behind the hip. It conceals better, and is actually far more comfortable for me in most situations. I cannot pull off true centerline appendix carry. My gut gets in the way and the gun may as well be sparkly neon green and wearing a feather boa screaming look at meeee! Move that lil bugger to 1:30 or 2 o'clock though, and its a whole different story. My body has a natural pocket there between my gut and side which the holster nuzzles right into. I call this modified appendix. Using a holster that pulls/pushes the butt into the body, the gun disappears under most cover shirts. Using a holster that does this, and keeps the gun from shifting while being worn makes for all day comfort. I make my own gear, have for years, refining the designs, my process, playing with sizes, spacing of attachment points, etc. I have developed a shape / style of AIWB holster that works best for me. Twin belt loops that use one way snaps is the key to anchor the gun in place. I have tried clips, because I thought I knew better than people who said clips don't work. They were right. Clips suuuuck. My biggest problem, when seated, the gun would have pressure exerted from the muzzle end, and the clips would unseat. They likewise would pop off the belt when moving/bending or if I was working and rolled onto the gun, or onto my back. That is no good. Clips suck, period. Snap straps rock, they do need replaced occasionally as they wear out. They are inexpensive, and it takes thousands of reps to wear one out. Another key in comfort is balancing the holsters load. One belt loop is attached directly over the trigger guard. This gives a few benefits - this is essentially the fulcrum point in balancing things, you can run a single loop system reasonably well by positioning the loop over the trigger guard. Additionally it created a natueal index point for the trigger finger. The middle finger snugs up on one side of the strap, the trigger finger extends on the other side, and places it along side the slide as the gun is drawn. To further balance things and bring the whole gun close to the body another attachment point is located out past the slide. This offsets the pull from the full magazine, and does help pull the gun into the body. A foam wedge can be glued to the back of the holster the push the muzzle out a tad, and lever the butt in, but thats more important for comfort than concealment. A foam wedge helps prevent hotspots from the edge of the holster. Suede covering on the outside of the holster also adds comfort, and gives the holster more grip on your clothes, which can be good and bad. It will keep the holster almost locked in place if you wear a t shirt and undies. Pepper can attest, I have not always done so I do now though, so no more free peep shows. The modified AIWB position is the most comfy for someone who drives, crawls, kneels, squats, or finds themselves on their back or side a lot. I can also have my hand on my gun, under my shirt when I have to stop near sketchy people while driving, without drawing attention. Its a highly defensible position from a weapon retention standpoint, the gun can be quickly accessed with either hand too. As I have aged and lost flexibility, getting a gun carried behind the hip, with the wrong hand was not always easy or possible. A thing I like about kydex besides being easy to DIY - its rigid, non pourous, and requires nothing in care besides the occassional rinse or scrub. I can rack the slide off of it, step on it, cinch my belt extra tight, the holster always holds shape. The gun comes out and goes in one handed. Kydex does not soften or rot. It will eventually crack, but by that age, thats AOK. I have some gear pushing 5 years old, abused the hell out of it, its scratched up but functionally like new. Still holds retention like day 1. I hate soft backed holsters because retention is not positive, especially Aliengear and CrossBreed. Expensive junk, in my not so humble opinion. That they also use clips vs straps does nothing to redeem them. IF the leather were tightly boned and shaped like a good leather holster, and the kydex shell was formed equally as detailed, maybe. Buuuut I have yet to see a hybrid I like. Hybrids are thicker, bulkier and have less retention, if any, and they use clips The drawbacks of cheap leather, without the redeeming quality of attracting a hungry cougar that likes leather and steel. Nylon holsters, neoprene holsters and tube socks are only good as make shift sperm recepticals on those nights the wife has a headache. For serious defensive pistol use, they are garbage, and belong in the bin. Pocket holsters for backup guns are the only possible exception, but again, kydex is better there too, as is leather. When it comes to carrying spare ammo, I have likewise tried many solutions. I settled on three situation dependent solutions. Most often, I carry a single spare in the magazine/nokia phone pocket on my work pants. Its the perfect size for a 17 round mag, and its one less thing in my front pockets, or on my belt. Second most common, an OWB kydex clip on mag carrier. Wait, haven't I railed against clips non stop? Yes, yes I did. But for a mag, and how I use em, they are OK. I borrowed the idea from Jon Hauptmann / Phlster holsters. Using a thick injection molded clip riveted to the carrier body's back side, it becomes a paddle. Only supporting the weight of one mag, the clip tends to stay put. Easy way to add extra mags to the loadout if necessary as well. The third most used spare mag method is employed by a pocket carry mag pouch, which uses a paracord lanyard attached to the belt to pull the carrier off as the mag is drawn. This allows you to orient the mag in your pocket for a consistent, easy draw, and it keeps lint out of mags. Again, its quick and easy to add or subtract mags this way. I never leave home without a spare mag, with my M&P I carry a standard 15 in the gun, with a 17 rounder with the grip sleeve on as a spare. I did the same, sans grip sleeve, when I carried a Glock 19. With a CZ P-01 I carried the 14 round factory flush fit, with a CZ75B 16 rounder as my spare. With my P220, I often had 2 spares on body. I have Taran +5 basepads on a couple G17 mags (came with the gun, I would not spend $40 on a basepad, I'd buy 2 more 17 rounders...) - they won't fit in my mag pocket, and are kinda long and heavy for concealed belt carry, so they live in my emergency preps truck bag. The G17 still has the crummy stock plastic sights, so it does not get carried, yet. I also will say, I don't generally like micro guns. They are backups to me, or best left to nonpermissive environments, people of small stature, or freaks of natire. Short muzzled guns suck for IWB carry, they tend to flop over the belt. As it is, if the gun rides at a height to get a full firing grip, i found a gun must have no less than a 4 inch barrel, or it tends to flop more readily. The gen 1 M&P9C was not carried much by me, unless I carried in a holster for the full size (leverages the butt in) or carried OWB. If you wear a holster for a full size gun, you may as well fill it up. Longer sight radius, faster muzxle velocity more energy, more rounds - the only thing going against it is more weight. But that means you burn an extra calorie or two, and fat guys like me need exercise anyway. My wife has a Shield 9. I rarely, but occasionally, will carry it. It'd have more intetest in a long slide 4 inch model with an 8 round one piece grip, and a safety like the one on the new 380EZ. Safety on the shield is so small its dangerously useless. Either have a nice paddle style safety, or skip it alltogether! The other thing I will say, is I carry everywhere everday. It is as natural a thing as breathing, and its become a routine. The gun goes on when I get up, only comes off when I get home and start undressing. If you are going to carry, carry everywhere you can. Don't know when or if you will need it. If you need it but its on the night stand at home, you're screwed. Thats like leaving the rubber on the nightstand while that chick with the itch gives you a ride. You'll wish you didn't.
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