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  1. I've shot a couple thousand rounds of Fiocchi 55gr .223. It is the only 55gr I will buy. Very accurate and consistent. It groups well. And it is relatively clean compared to many other types I have tried in the past. $289 is a very good price.
  2. I have shot over 2000 rounds of Fiocchi 55gr FMJ. It was far more accurate and consistent in my Daniel Defense DDM4 and Rock River Arms 20" Varmint than any other 55gr round I have tried, including the PMC Bronze. It is also cleaner than PMC. It is now the only 55gr round that I use. I just got a case delivered from Dan's Sporting Goods for $329.99 + $30 (for delivery to Kalifornia). LINK
  3. Don29palms, I like the look of the fore-end on the rifle in your signature. Who makes it?
  4. Check out ammoengine. Select the caliber you want from the drop down menu and it will list ammo prices from all kinds of sources. AmmoEngine
  5. I live in Kalifornia. I can't have a 50 BMG in this state. According to the gun control advocates, terrorists could use a 50 BMG to blow up oil refineries, so therefore they must be outlawed. It is amazing how they come up with all of these evil uses for a simple tool. And they call us "gun nuts".
  6. I bought it through Bud's Guns for $1452 (including 3% markup for using a credit card). My FFL charged $100 for DROS and fees. MSRP on the rifle is $1742.
  7. Here is the newest member of the family. So far I have gone through the break in procedure and shot about 200 rounds total. I have a couple of 3/4" 5 shot groups at 100 yards using Fiocchi 168gr Sierra Matchking. With that muzzle break, the recoil is greatly reduced and is not at all unpleasant. The Vortex Viper is a great scope. It is clear, sharp and bright. Now I just need to practice, practice, practice. I want to try some longer range shooting out to 500 yards, but there aren't any places near me to do that.
  8. With a magnified scope you won't even see the front sight. I use a Burris Timberline 4.5-14x32 and the sight post has never been an issue. I like my scope, but if I had more to spend I would have bought a Nikon Monarch. Their clarity, brightness and sharp image are hard to beat for the money.
  9. You can look at dozens of websites looking for the best price for what is available, or you can look here: LINK
  10. I have shot 1500 rounds of Fiocchi .223 55gr FMJBT. It is my favorite 55gr ammo. I highly recommend it.
  11. I don't reload either. However, I also don't like to throw away money. I have sold 2500 rounds of brass casings since Christmas to people who do reload. I think of it as my contribution to recycling.
  12. I bought one of these tools after seeing it demonstrated at the Reno gun show. I was amazed how quickly and easily it cleaned up the exterior of the bolt. Highly recommended.
  13. If you want to order on line, look here first. Link It doesn't have as many listings as for other calibers, but .380 is available if you want it.
  14. I have two Burris Timberline 4.5-14x32 scopes. They are clear, sharp, hold zero and are repeatable. Because they are compact, they don't look out of place on top of an AR-15. I liked my first one so much I bought a second one. You get a lot of quality for your money with Burris.
  15. Check ammoengine for sources of ammo. Select the caliber you are looking for and scan the results for the specific ammo you want. It shows the vendor and the price and provides a link to the vendor's site. This saves a lot of time searching countless websites for in stock ammo deals. LINK
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