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  1. Thanks for all the responses and advice! If I could add on another newbie question without starting another thread...do you guys use stainless steel cleaning rods for your bores? That is what I've been using in the 2-3 times I've cleaned the bore, and I've been noticing scratches on the rod, presumably from rubbing against the rifling. Also, it takes some serious elbow grease to force the bore brush down the bore. Should I be using a composite bore rod, so as not to damage the chamber throat or rifling? Also, is cleaning after each range visit of 50-100 rounds too frequent?
  2. This is my first AR15 - I assembled the lower receiver myself, and purchased a completed flattop upper (a factory-built RRA 16"). I put on a Yankee Hill A2 rear sight, but the gun shoots quite low even with the rear sight dialed down all the way. I'm talking several inches low from 30 yards, shooting Remington factory 55 grain ammo. I let a more experienced friend shoot it, and he got the same results. Does anyone know if this is common with YHM's A2 rear sights? Any potential fixes with the current sights, or should I get a different rear sight?
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